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Put your hands on the wheel Forget the risks and drive into the dark We'll forget how we feel Let the lights dissolve and leave them In our path. And I can't describe this hate for you And I don't know why, but I still want you to Pull me back, let me in Tell me everything that scares you What keeps you up, what brings you down Can I be the one, to turn this back around? at Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Into the surf. 🌊 at Bathsheba, Saint Joseph, Barbados


Sophia just asked me, “Did dad’s friends really used to call him Whiskers?” 😂😂 at Vancouver, Washington


Pagi terlalu hitam. #broguejalanloh


Shadow in The Morning . . .


No chance of rain today in my matrix ☀️ at Little India Brickfields


A poet looks at a cloud the way a man looks at a shrub


🛫 at Ontario Intl Airport


Protect and defend at Logan Square, Philadelphia


She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by moonlight. -Janet Fitsh


“A caterpillar who seeks to know himself would never become a butterfly.” — André Gide


Gardens By The Bay in B&W #travellingwithnanci #chancitravels at Gardens by the Bay


Still I Rise . BY MAYA ANGELOU . You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I'll rise. ........... ▪ ▪ #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhitephoto #bwphotography #lumix #lumixgx1 #silverefexpro2 #noiretblanc #bw #bnw_societyl #bnw_life #bnw_globe #monochromatic #monochrome #architecture #architecturephotography #highrisebuilding at Jekardah


Last Wednesday @emmerz.point.of.view challenged me to take a photo of my life every day for a week - each one black and white with no people. Of course I accepted, forgetting that this was midterms week and also the week of the case study test for the Business College. Still, I managed to get six photos, and because that’s an achievement to me, here they are! Oh and I got a new iPhone. at Black & White



Disfruten su viernes! Vayan a donde quieran mientras yo trabajo. Al cabo que ni me importa ni me interesa ☹️



07.30 Jangan memandang dari penampilan , liat lah dia dengan hati . - at Bali, Indonesia


Masih sepi 🌥😀


at Wiesbaden, Germany


"Don’t fight with narrow minded people; be determined to compel them to change their mindsets about who you stand to be, not by arguments, but by focusing on what you do every day. If they change it, fine; if they don’t, fine. The good news is that you are pursuing excellence!" - Israelmore Ayivor. Today is all about keeping your head above water. Sometimes, it can feel as though you're on a sinking ship, waiting for the liquid to consume your boat. However, today is the day to climb up the mast and do whatever we need to keep afloat, for today marks the day we grow wings and take flight. I'm going to keep today's post short today, because I wanted to give a quick thanks. I hit 10k followers last night, and I'm honestly so stoked. However, I owe it all to you: my Dozycubs. I see your comments, DMs, and kind words. They mean the world to me, and propel me towards wanting to grow and inspire others. I've got big things coming, one including a website for prints and such. I cannot say thank you enough, because I love y'all so much. Keep being awesome, and share with your friends so we can keep the Bear Den growing! Thank you to everyone who has been here from the beginning, and welcome to everyone we have picked up along the way 😊 Anywho, I'll see you all tomorrow for the animal post ❤🐻 #bwstylesgf #bnw_captures #bnw_universe #insta_bw #bwmasters #igfotogram_bw #excellent_bnw #igblacknwhite  #blackandwhite_perfection #bnw_demand #bnwmood #bnw_planet #bnw_society #bnw_magazine #bnw_globe #bnw_of_our_world #top_bnw #bw_lovers #bw_photooftheday  #bw_crew #bwstyleoftheday  #noir_vision #transformationtuesday #flair_bw #rsa_bnw #bnw_life #bnw_guru #fall #jj_blackwhite #bwsquare at Connecticut