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Wow! I went from not having a ticket to getting a free pass to finesseing a young lady for her VIP pass to getting a pic with @bigkrit #4evaisaMightyLongTime #Mississippi #Returnof4EVa #Cadilliactica #LivefromtheUnderground #TheReadyRoom #missionaccomplished✔️


Now this has that #ReturnOf4eva feel mixed with #Cadilliactica sprinkled on it!! Im anxious to hear the rest!!! "Rollin round on....4 vogues and chrome...candy 2 toned....GETTIN MY HUSTLE ON!!" #CantStopChoppinBlades @BigKRIT


5. Big K.R.I.T -"Cadillactica" Alright y'all, we're at the halfway point. Coming in at 5 spot, is Big K.R.I.T with "Cadillactica". I've been waiting for this album since K.R.I.T dropped "Live From The Underground". A good but underwhelming debut LP... Not only is "Cadillactica" a big improvement from his debut album, but it's also K.R.I.T claiming his spot as a major player in the rap game. Songs like "King Of The South", "Cadillactica" & "Mt. Olympus" are show K.R.I.T at his lyrical best. Proving that he's more than just a southern rapper talking about his bass & subs. The best thing about "Cadillactica", is seeing how much K.R.I.T has improved as both an artist & producer. I truly believe that if K.R.I.T keeps improving at this pace, he can be the best rapper/producer since the great Kanye West. & trust, that's no hyperbole. My favorite tracks on "Cadillactica" (aside from the ones I already named), are "Mind Blown" feat. E-40 & Wiz Khalifa, "Third Eye", "Soul Food", & "Pay Attention" feat. Rico Love... "Cadillactica" has that old Southern, Outkast feel. It's a great album that you'll have in your rotation for a good while. Seeing K.R.I.T take that next step in his bright music career was one of 2014's bright spots in hip-hop. I'm anxiously waiting to see what he comes out with next... #TheCountdown #Top10 #RatedClassicReviews #BigKRIT #Cadilliactica #LiveFromTheUnderground #MICrookedLetterHoe #HipHop


The struggle has been oh sooo very real but I finally got my Big K.R.I.T CD at Best Buy!! It was the last one left so it must have been meant for me! @youngkrizzle #Yaaay #BigKrit #Cadilliactica #Gobuyit #itsbumpin


This album and this workout 👍👍 #greatearlyvibe #bigkrit #cadillactica #sweatingforthewedding👙 #053015 at Amberly Park


HOW IM STARTING THIS DAY OFF!!!!! @youngkrizzle #Cadilliactica !!!! #Lac #Lac #Lac !