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Už zítra!!! Proběhne v Náchodě finále soutěže @muz_roku a můj nejmilejší a nejkrásnější kámoš @jan_solfronk má velkou motivaci vyhrát! Nejen, že jsem mu za vítězství slíbila, že ho po dlouhé době zase vyfotím, ale pokud se neumístí, zveřejním fotku, účesu, který mu @ondra_purehair vytvořil ještě před tímto, prďáckým! Mnoho z vás to jistě pobaví 😄 Jdeme mu pocitvě fandit s @petrachyt & @dominikalukasova držíme všechny palce! 👑 · · · · · #bnw_addicted #ig_global_bw #bnw_creatives #show_us_bw #bnw_mystery #bnwtones_flair #bnw_lumeilio #big_shotz_bnw #bnw_diaries #bnw_lombardia #pr0ject_bnw #bnwmood #bnw_international #edits_bnw #bnw_calabria #igworldclub_bnw #bnwtones_flair #bw_divine #ir_bnw #noir_shots #ig_baoli #bnw_rose #bnw_workers #bw_mania #muzroku2019 #haircut #cityports #menportrait #malemodel


I'm a little bit unholy. So what, so is everyone else! 🛀 Model: @shaunasmith27 🧼


Thank goodness I don’t have to hunt for my own food. I don’t even know where tacos live. . . . @light_goddess_model MUA: @sataradyse




la dolce vita




Every green turns brown lately


Muy tarde


Eyes talk


“Sometimes you just have to let people love you.” 🥀 #777luckyfish Photos by @levefimov_official




// @michaellavallee_ 01/2019 ~ diese shots haben uns $20 gekostet. der parkhauswächterdude droht mit der polizei und verriegelt dann die einzige tür ins treppenhaus mit einem metallstab. it was fun tho 🥳 bei shootings erlebt man immer die kuriosesten sachen 💁‍♀️ geht dir das auch so?! . . . . #dtla #canon_photo #rooftopphotography #postthepeople #pursuitofportaits #portraitvision #tendermag #portraitmoods #identity #urbanoutfitters #documentaryphotography #unposed #portraitphotography #portrait_shot #freelancephotography #commercialphotography #kodiakboots #cityports #taintedmag #portrait_planet #editorialphotography #losangeles #jackwolfskin #hmman #liveinlevis #nowherediary #radstorytellers


Beauty of.. ☀ ☀ #shadows #lines #portraitvision #cityports #art


Instagram really needs to update the app where they allow full size pictures. 💁 Keep swiping to see the before of this photo of @isabel.saavedra99 ❤ In frame: @isabel.saavedra99


Bliss💜 • • • 》 @magnusdiv


Let’s move to California they say it’s just a state of mind.


Obrigado @drunkinhappiness por estes registos!



Haven’t posted in a while because life is f*cking hard sometimes and that’s okay. On a good note, I finally get to kiss my baby @bonnejourney_ after over a year without him in exactly 2 weeks from now. Excuse me while I go exfoliate and pack, unpack, then repack my suitcase again.💆🏽‍♀️


Min Bror, @mrfriberg. Tänkte på en låt: ”Hade du svårt och hitta mening Och va kändes bra Med blicken fäst i fjärran var du likadan som jag Vid horisonten, kommer vita segel in. Där kommer det en båt Kaptenen är min vän Och han ska ta mig hem” Nu har vi den lilla båten som ska ta oss hem på benet. De känns fint :) 😘


Modern Sisyphus, 2018


five minutes with @ollieclubb


stuck in the elevator photo by @spacelmonkey


If you don’t follow my stories on here, here’s a recent recap: The Amazon Rain forest is on fire—and has been for around 3 weeks, worst of all, the President is for these fires. You can see the fires from space. The Helheim glacier in Greenland recently had a 10 billion ton chunk of ice (about the size of manhattan) break off. Ice is melting all over the Arctic posing huge issues for Polar Bears that hunt and live in these ice areas. Bumblebees along with a few other really important pollinators are now endangered...and the Trump administration just set up a series of changes to the Endangered Species Act which will end up weakening it and making it easier to remove certain species from the “endangered”, and “threatened”. This past July was the hottest on record, followed by the previous four. GLOBAL WARMING IS A FUCKING THING and scientists are saying we have about 10 years, if that, to actively combat it. Be the change! Start a revolution and use your voice. You might not think you can make a difference but if we all make little changes—carpooling, choosing to fly lower emission flights (most airlines offer these btw), driving lower emission vehicles, having “meatless days”, choosing to buy organic in the times you can afford it (less pesticides help out all our pollinator friends), cutting out as much single use plastic as you possibly can, cutting soda/beer rings before they end up in our oceans and harming our sea friends, recycling, thrifting, buying local and for the love of god please stop littering! We have one planet—one planet that provides us with everything with need to thrive. Please, please, please make the changes while we still have time because ten years will come and go before we know it. If not for yourself and the people around you, think of the future generations—your future children, don’t leave them to clean up our mess. We have the power, YOU have the power. Small changes, big impacts—be an example. We can do better guys. ❤️ Sending love to everyone this am. Photo by: @drewbuckler


📻Patrick Swayze feat. Wendy Fraser - She’s Like The Wind


Wales 3/3 (the end)


I call this particular style shepherdess-chic. Cuz it’s very practical for running around tending the flocks during the day. And transform seemlessly into the night, if you wanna grab some ale with the local farmer. . . 📷 @wsbonitalife . . #VSCO #photocinematica #portrait_ig #portraitphotography #localwolves #portrait_shots #artclassified #ourmag #subjectivelyobjective #cinematic #moodygrams #searchandfilm #makeportraits #portra800 #kodakportra #metonthehub #cityports #peoplescreatives



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