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One girl swaying alone


Note to parents ; Part two. - when your ward spills out the truth that she thinks she may be depressed, listen to her. Don't tell her the scars on her body she wears is part of the sad girl culture aesthetic. do not simply tell her to get over it, do notwake the next morning and assume that just because she is eating her cereal. do not visualize that last night she didn't make a detailed plan on how to kill herself. you never took a flashlight to the darkest parts of her mind, later will be too late. depression hollowed out her bones, and weighs a thousand pounds, it pushed her underwater and she might be dead by tomorrow if you don't help her. help her. please. when you notice that your kid has stopped going out with friends, and stopped trying in school, do not yell at her for being a lazy kid. Try to predict what she might stop doing next. Parents, you do not get to watch your kid hyperventilate under a bed on a school morning and get angry. Parents, Don't tell her she needs to behave properly, when you've never asked her if she's okay, if she's happy. Don't tell her this when all you've shown her is the anger contaminated in your veins because she wasn't the perfect kid you desired. do not say things like that she is “upsetting  your mood”, "you're so ungrateful to me", "are you doing this for attention", "this makes you cool?" statements like that make it very clear in the head of your daughter that the house she lives in is not also hers, and that you do not want her around. do not make careless statements in front of your kid, those careless statements might drive her careless while she draws lines with a cold metal blade on her pale wrists. take her to a psychiatrist. make an appointment, do not cancel it. take her. though you may not know that the most common word in all of her google searches is suicide, death, and depression. start to notice how her eyelips droop, her stomach rumbles, how her skin have several tally marks. she was sitting in math class and she was supposed to be learning about integers but all she could think about is everyone's reactions if she didn't wake up the next day. depression stole the very essence of who she is. Help her.


Silence isn’t empty. It’s full of answers. - @conscious_collective #faithlovehope #unity #awakening #iamenough


Feeling nostalgic #WBThroughEurope at Barcelona, Spain


Tentang bahagia,aku mengalaminya lewat luka dan berubah didalemnya,"


The only cup to have my first cuppa of the day in on this Sunday Snow Day in Devon....☕❄️ We'll obviously building snowmen today ☃️. Have a safe snowy Sunday peeps xxx . . . #devonlife #snowdays #penguin #tealover #sundaystyle #mycreativelife #mumboss #WomeninBusiness #littlebitsof_life #snow #colourcolourlovers #myunicornlife #flashesofdelight #creativesontherise #hygge


Sometimes you're all you have, and sometimes that's all you need


Ein Jahr ist unser Roadtrip durch Schottland nun schon her. Verrückt. Das Gefühl,das ich dort gefunden habe, trage ich immernoch in mir. Die Weite, der raue Wind, die lieben Menschen - ich mag das alles irgendwann wiedersehen. Gibt's in Eurem Herz auch ein Land oder einen Ort, der Euch auf Reisen erobert hat? 🌹 Eva // Isle of Skye, März 2017 #christinavetesnik #littlestoriesofmylife #passionpassport #agameoftone #dailyinspiration #magic #portraitsociety #roadtrip #girls_creating #femalephotographer #finditliveit #femalephotography #creativesontherise #portraitmood #isleofskye #lifestyle #fernwehcollective


I am currently in Banaras for yoga and meditation.I am also collaborating with two photographers for travel/fashion pictures. I was telling them that I am tired of posing for them,at the same time I am excited to share all the pictures soon. I am looking forward to getting behind the camera and start clicking. This is a picture from Bhutan...I am still a little hung over on Bhutan😀


Hello to my new followers! 🙋🏼‍♀️💕 . . 📷 @punyakhurana @punstudios at Westminster


Today we want to tell you about Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Paris ❣️ . For goosebumps and chills...😰👀 Are you ready to confront your own fears? Welcome to “The Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures”! 👈👈 . The merry clutter of art, literature and popular myths... The museum is a pure delicacy for the eyes, replete with a vampire killing kit, Dracula toys and antique books. . ✔Who? Jacques Sirgent, an eccentric but highly knowledgeable scholar opened Le Musée des Vampires as a visual manifestation of his dedicated research on vampirism, esoterism and occidental folkore. . ✔Where? The museum is located in Lilas, just on the edge of Paris, and is  accessible by the Paris Métro; it's just a 15-minute from the center of town. . Come explore the cryptic history of Paris in this unique museum. ☻ . . .   #wearetravelgirls #girlsborntotravel #radgirlscollective #sheisnotlost #girlsmeetglobe #dametraveler #darlingescapes #femmetravel #destinationearth #mytinyatlas #huffpostgram #visualsoflife #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #FlashesOfDelight #ThatsDarling #SmallJoys #abmlifeissweet #thehappynow #myunicornlife #makeyousmilestyle #WHIHeart #peoplescreative #visualauthority #portraitpage #fotodome #quietthechaos #darkmornings #creativesontherise #parisphotographer at Puente de Bir-Hakeim



Доброе утро!!! еле ̶з̶а̶с̶т̶а̶в̶и̶л̶и̶ уговорили Ксюшу сделать семейное фото))) ❤️ И я сразу хочу написать супер новость, потому что уверена, что после одних только вчерашних сториз многие захотят побывать в этом супер месте! Всем моим подписчикам Отель предлагает скидку 20% при бронировании через сайт отеля ( по коду LOVEENOT20 ❤️. Локация : Отель Holiday Club Saimaa @holidayclubrussian . Огромный аквапарк, басики, Детские игровые, боулинг, ледовый каток, парк развлечений Angry Birds (в него пойдём позже, все покажу в сториз). Мы не знаем с чего начать и куда бежать) первым делом прибежали, иссесно, на завтрак ))) Доброе утро, и крутого воскресенья . Или что сегодня, воскресенье же?))🤔😹 at Holiday Club Saimaa


the dinners were nice til your diamond words melted into some ice


at Omsk, Russia


a little sad that senior portrait season may be ending soon. subject: @monet_tam


But what does it taste like


art #35mm


@mainlandnyc at the @moroccanlounge last night. at Moroccan Lounge


Portrait perfection 😍 love your work Oscar and Gabby 🖤 #moodyfilm . 〰️ ✴ Photo by @sotahboy . ✴ In frame @gabbycthomas . ✴ Selected by @lapposnaps at Minneapolis, Minnesota


The orange pekoe tea that my grandparents drink, fuck me up more than coffee. Time for bed.