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#Repost @oscarealvarez • • • • • • Had a great time with the @cityscapeboston crew yesterday morning for sunrise, always a great time... #csbmeetup004 • • •


📸: The silhouettes of the three tallest buildings in Boston standing proud on this beautiful Saturday morning. This is from last weeks sunrise #csbmeetup004. This is also the last weekend that I will be able to sing 22 by Taylor Swift and have it apply to me😂. Enjoy the weekend! . #igersboston #cityscapeboston #bostondotcom #boston #followingboston #ignewengland #boston_igers #bostonusa #igersboston25 #iheartboston #bostonsworld #followingnbc10boston #massachusetts_igers #exploreboston #newengland_igers #agameoftones #moodygrams #ipulledoverforthis #igboston617 #ig_unitedstates #usaprimeshot #artofvisuals #scenesofnewengland #bostoncitynights #citykillerz #raw_newengland #shotzdelight #cityscapeboston


#Repost @drbodkin • • • • • • 144mm, f/11, 45s, 100 ISO, 6-stop ND filter; #csbmeetup004 #cityscapeboston #canon5dmarkiv #teamcanon #igersboston #igboston


I don’t think I can ever get tired of discovering different areas in which to shoot the Pru. Post #csbmeetup004 finds in the morning with @kevintangy - be sure to check out his feed and his shot too! • P.S. This with my Nikon (not Fuji)! • • • #city_features #cityscapeboston #igboston #igersmass #igersboston #igersboston25 #boston_igers #massachusetts_igers #followingboston #followingnbc10boston #bostondotcom #prudentialcenter #blueprintboston


“Violet Skies” Shot 4/4 #csbmeetup004 @cityscapeboston I hope everyone enjoyed all the stages of my sunrise. From the soft beginning of dawn up as the night transitions and the cool navy blues and purples start fading until the radiant sun peeks its head above the horizon, cascading an explosion of warm light over the landscape. I want to wrap up my set with a shot of the other side of the bridge. At this point, the sun was already high in the air and I felt that the light was so hard to shoot anything. So, I turned around and saw this beautiful violet gradient on the other side. Various hues of pinks and purples like a world of cotton candy. I’m honestly surprised that most people didn’t turn around to shoot the sky. The colors were so soft, like a blanket, and the gradient was so dynamic. The warm orange light of the sun reflected off of the windows, its vibrant light creating a sense of warmth against the cool colors of purple and magenta. Traffic was zooming by and the buildings were creating abstract reflections in the river below. While I don’t think it’s my best shot of this shoot, compared to the other three, the gradient of the sky, the large reflections, and my propensity to always try long exposures when I see moving traffic made me shoot this. Commentary: So this shot was sort of complicated, not as complicated as my birds or my pano but it still had a few steps. There are 3 shots you should keep track of. 1. Base image 2. Exposure stacked 3.day trails. I took a base image so the trees at the bottom would remain sharp. Then, because the light was so hard that the highest shutter speed I could shoot was 1s without overexposing, I shot 40 (just to be safe) 1s shots and exposure stacked them to give a precieved exposure time of 40s to smooth out the water. I then took those 40 shots into starstax to get day trails. I worked with starstax when I did my Charles River star trails and gained an understanding of it to the point that I can tweak some settings and get day time trails like the one you see on the bridges. I took all 3, layered them and used masks to brush on to the base image so everything was sharp, the water was smooth, and trails.


“Morning Coffee” SWIPEABLE PANORAMA -> • In addition to everyone I’ve already mentioned, shout out to @corey_mcfeeley and @iamfirstmehta for showing up as well. Happy to have been able to shoot with you guys again :) Shot 3/4 #csbmeetup004 with @cityscapeboston I love a good sunrise. As the sun peers over the horizon, the entire landscape explodes. What was once a cool and calm atmosphere with a soft orange gradient explodes with light. The strong orange hues of the sun wash over the landscape, creating dynamic pockets of shadows and highlights. The air turns warm as the radiant heat of the rays hit. The entire vibe of the landscape shifts. I had to slap on an ND filter and look through the live view of the camera just to see what I was shooting. Just like the morning coffee that warms the soul and awakens the senses like an explosion after the first few sips, the rise of the sun livened the sleepy landscape up from its groggy slumber. Enjoy this wide panorama of the Boston skyline as the hard rays of the sun cascades over the landscape and warms up the world, shifting the world from the realm of dreams to the realm of reality. Commentary: So this panorama is actually 60 shots stacked and stitched together. The panorama itself consists of 6 frames that were panorama stitched to form the wide shot. Each of the 6 frames were shot 10 times at 0.4s then exposure stacked to give a perceived exposure time of 4s. Each of the exposure stacked frames were stitched to form this image. In terms of composition, just make sure nothing is cut off and capture everything you can.


Here’s my entry for #csbmeetup004. Getting up for early for sunrise has been hard the few times I’ve done it, but it feels easier to do when you know others are out there joining you. Sorry not sorry for the orange and teal edit. Haha. Check out all of the amazing photographers tagged! • • • #cityscapeboston #city_features #igersboston #igersboston25 #followingboston #followingnbc10boston #igersmass #blueprintboston #boston_igers #massachusetts_igers #bostondotcom #igboston #sunrise #bubridge


“Getting the Worm” My second shot of 4 from the #csbmeetup004 with the @cityscapeboston crew. The sun had been rising for a few minutes now and the sky had turned into a warming orange blue gradient. Any trace of that cool and myserteous vibe of night was washed away by the early morning rays and the warming colors of the sun. The world had started waking up. The first boats hit the water, creating small ripples as paddles broke the calm, reflective surface. Flocks on flocks of birds appeared out of what seemed like nowhere and circled us for what were minutes but what felt like hours. They flew every so often and returned to the same perch on the bridge. Normal traffic finally started crossing the bridge. Silence was broken by the sound of early morning commuters as cars, runners, and bikes whizzed by behind us. Stillness was broken by the flocks of birds and boats in front of us as the calm waters and skies welcomed life. If a sunrise represented the phases of waking up in the morning, my previous post would represent the groggy feeling as you transition from the realm of dreams to the world of reality while this post would represent the awareness of consciousness, the initial yawn and stretch as your senses awaken to take on the world. Commentary: This shot is actually around 15 shots shot over 10 minutes all stacked on top of each other to emphasize the plethora of pigeons that were constantly circling us. I’m pretty sure the 2 closest pigeons you see on the left are the same 2 pigeons you see on the right. I also added in the little boat at the bottom right. The boat adds an interesting element and contribute to the disruption of stillness. In terms of composition, none of the major skyline elements, birds, or even the boat are cut off. I still have part of the tracks as a foreground element and I love the angle they’re positioned because it portrays them as a dominant presence even though they aren’t the main focus. Apart from that, I didn’t think too much on the frame. It was handed to me on a silver platter.

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📍: Boston, Massachusetts 6:00am, September 21, 2019 📷: #sonya6000 Had a fun time trying some minimalistic photography at my first photography meetup this weekend! Looking forward to getting more involved with the photography community here in Boston. Thank you @cityscapeboston for hosting 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #csbmeetup004 #boston #bostonphotographers #igersboston #igersnewengland #cityscapeboston #usaprimeshot #followingnbc10boston #cityscapephotography #visitma #beautifulmassachusetts #moodygrams #gramslayers #minimalistphotography


Next summer I want to be the person in the boat for sunrise. . . . #csbmeetup004 #cityscapeboston


“Golden Equinox” Thank you so much for hosting this #csbmeetup004 sunrise event @cityscapeboston and thank you @mattmacphersonphoto , @jackdarylphotography, @oscarealvarez , @simpleworkszach, @stacydimapelis, and @kevintangy for making breakfast memorable. Regarding Matt, Oscar, and Jack, you guys have brought me real inspiration and the high standard that you hold your work has helped motivate me to do the same. It was a pleasure to finally meet you all in person and I’m looking forward to shooting more with you guys in the future. This weekend was so hectic for me. A 20 mile bike ride on Friday, my friend’s 21st birthday on the same day, a 6am sunrise shoot on Saturday (I’ll let you decide if I slept), as well as a 5pm shoot soon after at Jamaica Pond, plus all the homework I had to do. Definitely one of the busiest but one of the most enriching weekends of my life. Kicking off my equinox sunset set with my favorite wide angle lens and the iconic shot of the BU bridge. The sun was just peering over the horizon, its rays turning into soft light, illuminating the backs of the skyline in the distance. Purples, pinks, oranges, and yellows layered the sky like Neapolitan ice cream. As I was scouting and walking across the bridge at around 6, the black void of night slowly lightened up to a blend of navy blue and deep velvet purple. The water was calm and the air was cool. The world felt still as the city still slept. As the sun slowly stretched its arms over the horizon, the tranquility and cool elegance of twilight fell away to the soft, warm explosion, similar to that first cup of coffee in the morning as it awakes the senses and warms the soul. As I post the phases of this sunrise, I hope to convey the world as it wakes up to the day. Commentary: The composition is pretty vanilla. Anyone who’s taken a shot of the skyline from this bridge has this composition in their camera. It fits every element of the skyline in the distance and has such a cool foreground element with the tracks. The portrayal of depth and use of trees to provide a color and textural contrast and define the boundaries of the frame is perfect.


Does this count for #csbmeetup004?? Some of us started heading to breakfast, and while crossing Commonwealth Ave, @stacydimapelis and I pondered for a few seconds whether to snap some shots or obey the walking signal... Definitely worth the 2 minutes to stop!⁠ ⁠ #igersboston #igersboston25 #igboston #bostondotcom #igersusa #FollowingBoston #igersnewengland #igersmass #citybestpics #uas10k #gs10k #usaprimeshot #visitma #ignewengland #traveling_boston #igboston617 #urbanromantix #seemycity #heatercentral #mkexplore #rsa_streetview #guardiancities #ic_thecity #1stinstinct #FollowingNBC10Boston #beautifulmassachusetts #ipulledoverforthis #cityscapeboston #ig_captures_city⁣⁠ ⁠


📸: Sunrise yesterday with the @cityscapeboston crew & friends. Shooting the sunrise is difficult with my work schedule, but being able to share these moment with people who share the same passion makes it easier to get out of bed very early in the morning. Check out the other amazing photographers who are way more talented than I am using #csbmeetup004! You won’t regret it 👌🏻. . . . #cityscapeboston #bostondotcom #igersboston #followingboston #boston #visitboston #boston_igers #bostonusa #iheartboston #igersboston25 #igboston617 #ipulledoverforthis #newengland_igers #bostoncitynights #moodygrams #citykillerz #cityscapephotography #followingnbc10boston #hey_ihadtosnapthat #agameoftones #ig_unitedstates #usaprimeshot #dji #dronephotography #dronestagram


Had a great time with the @cityscapeboston crew yesterday morning for sunrise, always a great time... #csbmeetup004


Thanks everyone who came to #csbmeetup004 today including @drbodkin with this amazing shot. The photo under that tag with the most likes by 7pm Oct-12th wins a $100 Visa gift card! _____________________ Hashtag: #cityscapeboston _____________________ Selected By: @mattmacphersonphoto _____________________ #moodygrams bostonusa #citykillerz #visitboston #agameoftones #igersboston #longexpoelite #illgrammers #long_exposure #scenesofnewengland #boston #houseoftones #amazing_longexpo #theimaged #longexposure_shots #igersnewengland #ourcortones #instagood #beautifulmassachusetts #moodygrams #landscape_captures #gramslayers #ig_mood #ignewengland #uas10k #streets_vision #artofvisuals ______________________


144mm, f/11, 45s, 100 ISO, 6-stop ND filter; #csbmeetup004 #cityscapeboston #canon5dmarkiv #teamcanon #igersboston #igboston