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Enjoyed the beach with my little love. It was so beautiful yesterday ❤️🌅 photocred : @nickikendra at Coronado Beach


What do you want to wake up to every morning? Tell me in the comments 👇🏻 ....Photo by: @alenaslastena


🍂🍁🕸Just when you think your day isn't going to be that great, you get a parcel, open it and cannot do anything but smile. Just because you got a gift you absolutely love. Thank you @aaakotkidwa . . . Do you like surprises? . . . Have a lovely afternoon, My Sunshines 🍂🍂🕸 . . . 🍂🍂🕸 Weszłam w tydzień spóźniona. Chciałam zacząć o świcie, ale udał mi się falstart tak klasyczny, że nieunikniona była dyskwalifikacja. Bo jak to jest, że kiedy zakradam się cicho do komputera, ONI, siódmym zmysłem ze snu wybudzeni, są przy nim przede mną, krzycząc: mamo, zrobisz siansiankę? A jeśli nie potrafią jeszcze owsianki nazwać, to chociaż: da, da, da i to, to, to. . . . Potem następuje cała seria zdarzeń, które wykonuję na autopilocie, myśląc, że zaraz znów dzień się skończy. I że mogłabym teraz spać. . . . A gdy dom na chwilę cichnie, siedzę z bólem brzucha na fotelu i spisuję te wszystkie rzeczy, które muszę dziś zrobić: . . 1. przestawić się z trybu słonecznego na pochmurny i dość żałosny . 2. założyć drugą parę wełnianych skarpet, bo w jednej mi zimno . 3. zrobić ciepłą herbatę . 4. wziąć się wreszcie do pracy . . . Dalej robi się nieciekawie, bo wymieniam, co NAPRAWDĘ muszę zrobić. I okazuje się, że nie ma szans, bym zdążyła, bo już po 10, a jeszcze przecież nie zaczęłam. Tymczasem marzę tylko o tym, by móc się położyć. Bo oczy podkrążone od niespania przez trzy noce. Bo zęby Gustawa. Bo Stasiek też chce leżeć obok mnie, a ja się boję, że spadnie, jeśli położy się od skraju, a od środka leży jego młodszy brat. I kończy się na tym, że Stasiek kładzie się na mnie. Bo nie, on nie chce obok taty. Obok taty to on chciał, kiedy taty nie było. . . . Zamykam na chwilę oczy i liczę podskoki Wiktora, który, gdy jest w domu, albo czyta, albo bawi się w bakterię. Nie pytajcie, odpowiem niepytana (...) . . . Ciąg dalszy na blogu (link w profilu 🔝) 🕸🍂🍂🍁 . . . P.S. Ta cudna makatka to prezent od utalentowanej @aaakotkidwa - uwielbiam takie niespodzianki. A Wy? Lubicie być zaskakiwani? ❤❤❤


I don't mind the Porsche blocking this pretty façade at all at London, United Kingdom


I’m totally in love with this gel moisturizer from @origins ✨👌 It’s super light and hydrating, smells divine and keeps my skin looking fresh and smooth all day long!✨💁🏼💛 I will be sharing my all time favorite beauty products on the blog this week, so stay tuned for the upcoming post 🙊💋✌️ #origins #beautyproduct #beautythings #beautyessentials #morningroutine #moisturizer at Munich, Germany


Today we went pumpkin picking. 🎃🍂


a color scheme


Starting off the week with some energy💪⠀ •⠀ What's your favourite breakfast item?⠀ at Toronto, Ontario


Nos lundis doivent être pleins d'enthousiasme, d'énergie, d'espoir et de...matcha! 💚 Happy Monday.


Monday morning’s looking ⬆️


I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of loving others more than I love myself. Chances are you do it too. ⠀ ⠀ I am not trying to be a contender for the 2020 self-loathing Olympic games. I will never earn a medal or badge for my efforts. So why do I do it? ⠀ ⠀ I do it because it's easier to love other people than to accept and love my own flaws and come to terms with my insecurities. It's easier to fluff another person's feathers than to dig deep into the dark, ugly self-love stuff. ⠀ ⠀ Loving yourself is hard. But as the wise prophet Beyoncé once said "I'ma keep runnin cause a winner don't quit on themselves" at Traverse City, Michigan


When he sees his bride for the first time... 💕💕 at San Diego, California


This past week was my birthday-the 4th birthday we have celebrated here in Louisville. 🎉 Because I love celebrating and traditions, moving somewhere new cause me to feel so lost in both of those things- and birthdays felt so strange. Well, after 4 years I can say that I think I have a new favorite Louisville birthday tradition....breakfast with family. 💗 The past two years I've had breakfast/brunch with my mom and it has filled my heart! This year we celebrated at a favorite local breakfast spot and I have to say it was one of the best birthdays ever... 🍳🥓🥞 I feel loved, celebrated, and full from this week of birthday fun.


Good Morning! It’s Giveaway Time! 🎉🎉🙌🏼I will be giving away two YSL All Hours Concealers 😁❣️Here are the rules to participate: 1. You must follow my page 2. Like the picture 3. Comment below why you would like to win and tag 3 friends The winner will be announced tomorrow!! Tuesday October 24th at 3pm (est) Your account may be private. This giveaway is open internationally 🌎 Best of Luck!! 😘😘 at Miami, Florida


Add some fun fall color to your wardrobe! Pair this tunic with leggings and booties and you’re ready for the new season ✌🏽🍂 Tap the picture to shop! at Tennessee


Znaleźliśmy się wśród jesiennych umilaczy na blogu @ekstrawagancka 🎀 Chodźcie poczytać więcej o "planerze idealnym dla blogera" 💕👉🏼 www.ekstrawagancko.com 🍂🍁🍄


Camouflaged #iloveanimals at Masai Mara National Park KENYA


Эта осень - вся о пирогах и булочках. О тех, что я покупаю и не пеку сама 😂🙈 Но иногда, очень-очень редко, я всё же что-то пеку. Что-нибудь лёгкое, вроде этого бананового кекса. Тот из меня пекарь бы получился бы👨‍🍳 😂


I used to quit every time I started trying to get fit or healthy because i didn't see the results I wanted quick enough. ⚡️ A few days in and my body would be sore and tired and that cellulite and jiggle was still there so I'd be like "what's the point!" 🤦🏼‍♀️ We live in a society that wants instant gratification. 💥 I failed to see the BIG picture + that working out and eating healthy was so much more than just getting abs. My mindset was totally in the wrong place. And I'd even feel guilty for taking time for myself because "my kids have to come first right!!!" Wrong. I love my kids so much but if I don't put on my oxygen mask first...they'll die. It's the same concept with my health....both mentally and physically. If I'm overweight out of shape and always depressed and anxious how can I love them right, how can I take care of them right? I can't. So two things to remember today! #1...this is not a quick fix. It's consistently doing the boring mundane unsexy things compounding every day to get you your results. Getting up early and getting your workout in 🏋🏻‍♀️⏰ it means eating healthy with balance 🥗🍓🍫 it means growing your mind 📚 it's not always going to be easy. But it will always be worth it. I promise👊🏻 So...I know there are other mamas out there like I was who have been looking for that quick fix or feelin guilty for even thinking about wanting to invest in themselves and I'm talking to YOU. I see you 👀 I totally understand. But it's time to let those limiting beliefs go. I'm here to help you. My next wellness group is starting November 6! I'll help you learn about all the tools I use daily that have allowed me to stay consistent on my journey for almost 2 years. We'll do it TOGETHER👯‍♂️ Reach out like this post message me leave an emoji below 💕 and let's chat 💭 all about you and your goals! Can't wait for you to join us!!!


closet goals 👐🏼🌟 at Selfridges


This girl lifts and carries me at times when I need a little extra and sometimes I even get to return that simple kind of love. I like this photo, it was a nice date day yesterday. As long as we’re on this journey together, there’s nothing that we can’t do and for that, I love you. 💛✨🍂🍁


Slow mornings are the best mornings.☀️ #welcomemonday #latergram


I had the pleasure of finally meeting this handsome wee guy. He was born whist I was away on my disneymoon and I've been itching to get back to get a cuddle of him. Isn't he gorgeous 💕💕💕


let’s start the week🙋🏻 #fmcteam


My face says it all. It’s just another monochromatic Monday. Wish it was Sunday. #styledwithstones #vincecamuto #monochromestyle #mondayface #greenismyfavorite at Yellow Dog Eats



THE SECRET INGREDIENT IS ALWAYS LOVE ❤️Baking again, this time it's all about team work between sisters. They've made fudge which is chilling in the fridge and now they are whipping up a batch of chocolate brownies 🍫 and much to my delight they've kept the mess to a minimum. Question is are they going to let me lick the bowl clean? 😂 #lifecloseup #momentsinmotherhood #myhappycapture


my @erincondren planner was one of my best purchases of the year! Just adding things to the calendar and checking off to do list items feels productive in itself! Brides-to-be I recommend finding a planner you love to keep track of all those appointments and pre-wedding events and tasks! 📒🖊🗓 📸 @afogartyphoto #productive #motivationmonday at Portland, Maine


Ho sempre odiato parlare davanti ad un pubblico, mi inbarazza tantissimo. Poi ho iniziato a farlo per lavoro, ho scoperto, infatti, che insegnare ai corsi è una cosa che mi piace un sacco. Di certo è che avere una platea di persone che hanno prenotato il posto per ascoltarti è veramente pazzesco. Ho lo stomaco aggrovigliato da ieri. Domani ti aspettiamo allo SMAU alle 10.00 nell'area digital Trends per il nostro pannel sul blogging. In c... alla 🐳 me lo dico da sola perchè ne ho proprio bisogno #ad #canadiansportsandfishing @canadiansportsnfishing #OURCOLORLIFE . . . #darlingmovement  #humansofjoy #nothingordinary  #thepuresuitofjoyproject #livauthentic  #peoplecreatives #lifeofadventures  #persuepretty #flashofdelight  #liveunscripted  #wonderlast #bestofmom  #mytinymoments #our_everyday_moments  #instamamme #motherhoodthroughtinstagram #ohheymama  #bestofmom  #ig_motherhood #candidchildhood  #uniteinmotherhood #humaneffect  #littlestoryofmylife #thatsdarling  #thehappynow  # #darlingmoment  #wanderlust at Koper


I hear this week we might be getting some fall weather here in Florida. I’m super excited because the closest thing I have to fall going on right now is this $1 velvet pumpkin I found at Target. 🙈Tell me what’s your favorite fall soup! Mine is definitely Zuppa Toscana. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #joyfulmamas #imsobloggingthis #toddlermom #diy #fall #pumpkins #momtribe #blessed #thatsdarling #darlingmoment #toddlerlife #modernmotherhood


“I get my spontaneous performances out of knowing exactly what I’m supposed to do.” ~ Lucille Ball . . I love Lucy. Smart words on the value of prep. #BeautifullySaid by #lucilleball #comedian #actor #pro #quotabelle




And how do you see me? As a mistery! That's the strangest compliment anyone has ever paid me. It's not a compliment. It's a threat. What do you mean? Mysteries must be solved, one must find out what they hide. ° 🌞🍁 #autumn #autumnlover #autumncolors #sunshine #goldenhour #nature #naturelovers #darlingmoment


Temple 2/2 at Wat Si Saket


Tutti a Tavola! 🍜🍗🍽 Il migliore rimedio al Lunedì: piatti unici, semplici ma sorprendenti, e che parlano Taiwanese 🇹🇼 Che dite? Lo fate un salto qui da BAO HOUSE? Vi aspettiamo a pranzo e cena, 7 giorni su 7! *** #baohousemilano at Bao House


Siamo ritornati su IG con un profilo tutto nuovo! Qui troverete tutte le novità, curiosità e sorprese che abbiamo in serbo per voi. Venite a trovarci e, se avete piacere, condividete con noi i vostri momenti made in KANJi. Il nostro hashtag ufficiale è 📲 #kanjimilano at Milan, Italy


Feel cozy this foggy Monday morning with my alpaca oversized sweater 💕 · #mistymorning #cozysweater #ilovefall🍁 · Cardigan is available in 25 beautiful colors ☺ link in bio


I'd like to think of us as perfect pair whilst twinning with olive breaths but to be honest, I'm already afraid of the teenage years! 😝 #myperfectmatch #whpperfectpair


Still on the search for your dream gown? Look no further!! This weekend is the last weekend before Halloween and we’ve decided to create some fun when you say #yestothedress !! Purchase your gown during your appointment and you’ll get a chance to pick your discount anywhere from 10-20% off your dress! Call us today at 614-791-2600 to reserve your appointment!!! We can’t wait! 🍂🎃👻


Do something today that your future self will thank you for 🌸⠀ ⠀ Monday’s are the best day to set a good time for the week. Take some time to think of what you need and what will be a kind gift you can give to your future self. ⠀ ⠀ Cheers to you and a great week. ☕️☕️ #livethelittlethings #flashesofdelight #theeverygirl #livecolorfully #realsimple


Hawaiian sunsets 🌅 at Four Seasons Resort O‘ahu at Ko Olina


Hello Monday and a new fresh week! It's half term this week so I am trying to go a little more slowing and work less to balance mummy life. First up is a small wedding in a pretty local venue and some shots on the beach. Then I can have so me fun with the kids, go pumpkin shopping and get outside. What are your plans this week? Do you find the balance hard? at Gweek


☞ Have you ever wish to live the hotel life? Follow the link in bio to find out how you can get the look of this brilliant hotel we have all seen this summer on instagram ☜ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⚬⠀ ⚬
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Cine are deja Cutia Rubbiz? 👀 Să înceapă joaca! 🤗😁😄 ____________________________ Mai multe despre universul magic RUBBIZ în linkul din bio. :) . . . . . #ig_romania #romania #carrefourromania #childhoodunplugged #livethelittlethings #letthekids #kindermoments #letthembelittle #childhoodeveryday #lifewithkids #feelfreefeed #simplepleasures #thatsdarling #darlingdaily #simplethingsmadebeautiful #thehappynow #seekthesimplicity at Bucharest, Romania


So happy to be back in SoCal for the next two weeks 🙌🏻 I started my trip off with this amazing and fun session tonight!! Keep up with my feed for the next little bit! I have some really exciting news // announcements coming about Indi Soul + where I'm headed next!! at Los Angeles, California


from yesterday 🏃🏃 at Orihuela


Relighting >> Knock those loose black bits off the top of the wick with your fingers and then strike that match.


B e f o r e we did anything today, we had coffee. So interesting how I couldn’t stomach coffee this whole pregnancy, but as soon as the feeding frenzy + late nighters kick in, coffee is the new black 😉 We are obsessed with our little chubba + happily will stay in this newborn bubble for as long as we can. Hubby + I thank you all so much for your beautiful comments + dms. We are so appreciative. Watch this space for baby spam 😝 •📷 via @namely_co . . . . #blog #blogger #bloggersau #fblchat #mum #mom #momlife #flashesofdelight #pursuepretty #darlingmovement #thehappynow #petitejoys #mumpreneur #mompreneur #momboss #mumsinbusiness #bosslady #entrepreneurlife #creative #ff #instafollow #l4l #tagforlikes #followback #palmtrees #trip #tripstagram


Dzień dobry 🍁


Scarier than Frankenstein, WE HAVE FRANKLY-STEIN! 👻👻👻 Cos'è? Un nuovissimo drink targato FRANKLY a base di Matcha latte, tapioca pearls, e reso ancora più WOW da panna montata e Oreo cookie chips! Lo trovate solo per un tempo limitato, da oggi fino al giorno di Halloween! ➡️ Hot & Cold versions available *** #franklybubbletea at Frankly


All the essentials needed for a day of crafty wedding prep 🍂☕🍪


One of the conversations that came up over last weekend, was knowing what's "right", how to quell the inner voice and not be worried about leaping into the unknown. It's one where we have been ourselves many times, and aside of surrounding ourselves with our biggest and most fearless supporters, it's also worth considering the 'what if'. . What is the worst that could happen? When was the last time that you tried something, and it didn't work? Do you regret trying, are or you glad of the experiences it gave you? Would the 'what if' of not trying, be worse than if it failed? . So grab the idea, the passion and the inspiration, jump in with both feet, and say yes to adventures! We're saying yes to all the things this week, just to see where it takes us!


efterårsferien gik lige så hurtigt som dette billede er sløret


"All the little things matter." 💐 I'm writing this with the perspective of sudden appreciation to all the minor creative projects and pieces I've worked on, that at one point seemed so pointless to the larger path I wanted to take on. Im at a point, where I now know all those things build up to the bigger picture, so woo I'm thankful for them! ✨🙌 Side note: how do you like this new piece? I usually do the actual writing on paper and later blend and layer it on top of the photo. But, I did the writing this time on my tablet and the look of it kinda erks me (maybe it's just me) 🤔 But if you're also erked lemme know (I have to stop using that word.)




A week left til Halloween and I still haven't watched Hocus Pocus or any of the Halloween favorites. It's only tradition 😝🎃