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@officiallittletikes Playhouse ➡️ Gingerbread House! ⠀ ⠀ I completely forgot to take a before picture (what’s new, right?) but I’m sure you’ve seen these little plastic playhouses before. A few cans of Rustoleum Spray paint, white stuffing, pompoms, and a few foam board peppermints and it’s totally transformed! ⠀ ⠀ >> Check out my stories for the details of the Christmas party it’s going to! << ⠀ ⠀ #Christmasdecor #playhousemakeover #christmaspartyonabudget #christmasdecoronabudget #littletikesplayhouse #diyonabudget #diyplayhouse #gingerbreadhouse ⠀ ⠀



My lovely wife got Violet X-mas gift here early so I had something to do while I’ve been stuck at home sick. Wife did a fantastic job decorating. #playhouse #az #arizona #playhousemakeover #diyplayhouse #kidsplayhouse #gilbertaz


🎄Do you have a favorite room to decorate in your house for Christmas? Mine this year has been the girls room! I teamed up with some friends to show you how we decorated our homes for Christmas in stories, visit their profiles and follow the loop in our stories to see what everyone did! 🎄 . . @ashleywbrickner @sugarmaplenotes @thebabblingblondes @athomewithnatalie


Christmas at the playhouse 🎄 . . . (And yes, little M does move the trees around and yes, she does take the stockings down and wears them around the house at least once a day 😂) . . . クリスマスバージョンのプレイハウス🎁 . . (ちなみに2才の次女は1日に何度もツリーを動かしたり、ストッキングを履いてみたりしてる😂)


One of my favorite holiday pictures of my babes 🎄This tiny house that dad built for them holds so many memories that i will cherish forever. As the years pass i get sad thinking about how the time will come when playing make believe, family, kitchen and coffee shop won’t be the jam anymore. and i remember all the dance shows tens put on for us from this porch. And the family dinners we had on the floor when they invited us over. Some days they would play hours at a time and be out here till the sun went down ✨ But this little house has served and still does every purpose I had envisioned and I know that when they grow up they will always remember the time spent in here. Growing , learning , having fun and creating childhood memories. Click hashtag #growingupinfrontofourplayhouse for all my sweet memories ❤️❤️ . #wolfcubbyhouse #kidsplayroom #kidspplayhouse #christmas #holidayseason #christmasdecor #playhouse #childhood #joannagaines #cubbyhouse #playroom #diy #target #sheshed #backyard #backyarddesign #kidslookbook #hgtv #hgtvmagazine #diyplayhouse


New westside coffee shop open for business. The name changes every ten minutes. #diyplayhouse #upcycle #buildlikeagirl #solarpower


When Nonna buys something BIG you turn it into your own playhouse! #bryndlebailey #shesmyeverything #love #diyplayhouse


Do you entertain for the holidays? I don't normally host but I held girl's night at my house last week and it was so fun that I wanted to share the details with you! #ad It's rare when our group of mom friends can get away for an evening, and I wanted this night to be a fun break from our normal stress filled days. We wore Christmas pajamas, ate tacos, played board games, and sipped on mocktails made with our favorite @cocacola products! Coke is the first thing I think of when planning a winter holiday party, it always sets the mood and brings back feelings of nostalgia for everyone! Also, Coca-Cola's seasonal flavors like Coca-Cola Cinnamon are perfect for this time of year! Recipes for my two mocktails are on my blog, along with tips for how to throw your own Christmas girl's night in party! #jointhefizztivities


Windows are framed out and the inside frames are made complete with small windowsills. 🤗 #houseofkahns #diy #diyplayhouse


Have you heard of the fairytale of Hansel and Grettel? Well this is one way to recreate it using our very own Whacky Ranch or Crooked Cottage playhouse! I wonder how many biscuits it took to make this...? ... This wonderful creation was found hiding at the tower hotel in London @thetowerldn #notforeating #handmadecreations #gingerbreadcottage #gingerbreadhouse #christmasdecor #christmasplayhouse #christmascottage #diychristmas #diyplayhouse #customplayhouse #christmas🎄


#3#30개월🐽 나도 참여했다는 부분에서 더 더 더 즐거움💙💙💙 . . . . #유재영의30개월 #diyplayhouse #woodenplayhouse #플레이하우스 #우리집놀이터


My kids got an early Christmas gift, this loft bed my husband made himself 👏 . It was the perfect finishing piece for our playroom backdrop with this amazing Chasing triangles design wallpaper by @coloraydecor . I love having a fun little space where the kiddos can hang out and let’s be honest destroy 😂...for those with kids where do you keep your child’s stuff? . . #decor_for_kids #decorforkids #decorforkidsroom #playroom #playroomdecor #playroomideas #playroominspo #playroominspiration #kidsroom #kidsroomdecor #playhouse #diyhomedecor #diyplayhouse #instagramhusband #modernfarmhousestyle #farmhousestyle #farmhousechristmasdecor #farmhousechristmas #ind12319s #kidsdecor #kids #kidsofinstagram #kidsofinsta #childrendecor #childrensdecor #christmasdecor #decorinspo #decorinspiration #kidsroomstyle


What do you do when the only day you have to do Family Photos is the day after Thanksgiving (Yeah that’s a looong, but fantastic day, ending in food coma), it’s freezing cold outside and the outfits you got for your kids are meant for a spring Well, you get up at 8.30am and start re-arranging your entire backyard, move and paint a playhouse that was half done, and turn it into a Christmas Treat Popup Shop, serving real hot cocoa to try to trick your kids to come outside for a few minutes. After running out to get some fake snow, and borrowing a friend’s red @hunterboots, we were ready to take on @sharonwaiphoto’s lense once again. How it turned out remains to be seen, but once again my husband and I proved to be a perfect team with a 3.5 hours deadline and taking care of three little ones at the same time. We turned our soaking wet and cold backyard into a cozy holiday #popupshop, hoping that it would be a good background for our Christmas Cards. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Do you think we pulled it off? Did we get a few images needed for a fun Christmas Card, or did it all turn into a freezing mess with screaming kids? #ToBeContinued


Cheers to a super fun Monday! We went to look at (but not buy 😂) real Christmas trees, talked to parrots, turtles, and kitty cats, donated three chickens at the #givingmachine in downtown Summerlin, had pizza for lunch, and met Santa! Talk about a packed day 😅 then we ended the outing with car naps for the girls and a Diet Coke with lime for me. We head on a surprise trip to Disneyland tomorrow morning so send sleepy vibes to my kids tonight! . . Our playhouse has gotten so much use since I decorated it for Christmas! My IRL blogger bestie @lydialouiseblog is showing off her girls play kitchen all decorated for Christmas on her feed, go check it out!


"Oh By Golly" It has been a Jolly Holiday Season already! I am 100% living vicariously through my girls and I am not one bit ashamed of that! I will go all out for them for as long as I can! My IRL blogger bestie and I decorated our girls’ play areas this year and it has been so much fun! There are a bunch of my favorite shops hidden here, so tap to see them all and then go check out @caseyeanderson and her girls play house!


We’re decking the halls of the Storm boys’ playhouse exterior today! Can’t wait to show you how we sprinkled some Christmas magic on this baby. It’s like it’s part of a mini Christmas village and my heart is a flutter! 🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼🤩🥰. Sully’s excited...can you tell? 🤪😆 #christmasplayhouse #boymom


Playhouse has a '2nd floor' haha! Going to put a big net to fill the space. The girls will owe me big time when I'm done:) #mikeharveygardens #diyplayhouse