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Wild thing You make my heart sing You make everything groovy, wild thing Wild thing, I think I love you . . . ootd: Amethyst collar @muttcloth: RIKKI @dogonthemoon RIKKIMOON


↠There’s beauty in simplicity↞ ᨏᨏᨏ I think I have a new favorite photo! And it is such a simple photo. First, I didn’t like the background, the rails and the sky but on the computer it looked so much better and after editing this photoI jus love it. And how good does the @monslupus “Siberia” bandana look on him?! I love how the yellow matches his eyes and the blue emphasize the dramatic sky. It always makes me happy when a simple photo turns out being gorgeous and just amazing (in my opinion)! Also, say good bye to my autumn feed. I enjoyed taking photos in this season but autumn is now over and everyone started posting Christmas or winter photos but you probably won’t see any Christmas picture here and it seems like we won’t have any snow this year, so, yeah. This is how my feed will probably look like for the next month. ↟↟↟ Code @blackforesthounds JLFOREST 15%


I couldn’t wait to post this, even though I’m totally ruining my theme. WE GOT SNOW YESTERDAY!! . . Even though it was gone last night, it was so beautiful. I’m so jealous of people who live in snowy areas. . . Another update on Lexa: She is feeling bad again. She woke me up at 2am this morning and then again at 7am to go to the bathroom. She wouldn’t eat her food this morning. I’m going to have to take her to the vet as soon as I can because I know she’s not feeling well. It’s been a day since I started doing what the vet says. I’m going to continue to do that until I can get her to a vet. . . Also, notice anything different? She doesn’t have her ecollar on! I’ve begun to trust her a little bit more. She ran off into the woods yesterday, but immediately came back after a couple of sprints.


“For it is in giving that we receive.” Francis of Assisi ♥️ . . My family has always loved Christmas for all the time spent together. We go caroling, make Christmas cookies, eat wonderful food, and laugh together curled up by a fire. However, we are also big on sharing with the less fortunate. We always pick an organization or a charity that we can help out! This year we are putting 50 stockings together for the children at our local orphanage. I’m not looking for praise, I don’t do enough good deeds during the year and hope to change this...BUT this has been one of my favorite parts of Christmas..all the giving and the priceless gifts of thankful hearts and warm smiles. . . What are some of your Christmas traditions?! 🎄🎄🎄 . . Coat & Bandana: @billywolfnyc Collar: @hydeandhound


You looking at us? 👀 treats?


The fluffiest pillow 🐶 Does your furry baby have lots of hair?


Where are you, snow? There was so much of you on the local mountains this time last year. But alas... this year, what little fell has since mostly been washed away again. Here is hoping that it gets a bit colder this week, or we shall have to go on a little field trip to find some. . . . #snowdog #winterwonderland #dogsonadventures #dogsloveadventure #adventuredog #adventuremutts #explorerdog #explorewithdogs #dogsonadventures #hellobc #adventuredogsofficial #pnwonderdogs #pnwonderland #hikingdogsofinstagram #explorebc #backcountrypaws #thenorthwestdog #wanderlustpet


BEHOLD! The happiest polar bear in all the land! » Nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes Dexter as happy as a fresh snowfall. The joy on his face as he makes the first tracks on a trail is just illuminating. The only reason I still live somewhere that winter lasts 8 months out of the year, is because of him. » Do your dogs like the snow? What’s their favourite weather? » Sony A7iii 50mm ISO 80 f/1.8 1/2000


Happy #tongueouttuesday everyone! . . Update on Lexa: I think she is feeling better. I didn’t have to take her out as much yesterday. Instead of whining that she had to go to the bathroom at 3am like she has the past 2 nights, she started whining at 8am. I took her out to the bathroom and she immediately went potty. My vet called me back this morning and she gave me some instructions to help her out. I went to PetSmart this morning to get her a pumpkin topper for her food. I also gave her @naturaldogcompany probiotics this morning. She isn’t moping around as much and ate her food this morning. I’ll keep everyone updated. Thank you for all the kind wishes on my last post!


Being reunited is the best feeling ever. . 36 hours without our Bear dog felt like forever. The emotional rollercoaster took its toll, but this morning December 10th, Bear found his own way home. . Dogs are smart, dogs are resilient, dogs are family. If he could talk the adventure he had would be something to hear. . But this very moment seeing our pack whole again, seeing my daughter smile again, seeing my husband shed a tear as our Bear walked in our door, was the best thing. This girls heart is full. My family is back together again. . . . . . . . #dogsloveadventure #dogmom #beingreunited #myheartisfull #mydogsarefamily #ourpackiswhole #thisismystory


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I’m going on an adventure!!