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Sweet, spicy, minty BIRCH OIL 🌱Provides a soothing massage 🌱Promotes healthy-looking skin 🌱Stimulating aroma promotes feelings of strength, warmth, and vitality 🌱Massage into back and legs for a cooling sensation after exercise. 🌱Place a few drops of Birch on a cotton ball and place in your gym bag to mask any odor. 🌱Apply to skin to help reduce the appearance of blemishes. Limited time offer from last year’s convention kit! Who is going this year!!!? #doterraconvention2018 #doterrabirch #birchoil #blissbabes at Big Sur, California



Are you ready for the 1-2-3 Giveaway?!? I have 6 days of AWESOME giveaways coming your way! You can enter ALL 6 DAYS by donating $50 today, or you can enter each individual day by donating $10. NOTE: You must send me a screenshot of your donation dated TODAY to be entered. I appreciate all past donations SO very much, but only donations given on these next 6 days specifically count for the 1-2-3 giveaway. To donate, go to, scroll down to "Crower Trade School, Crystal Garvin & Clearly Essential," make your donation, and don't forget to send me the screenshot. If you'd like an extra chance in today's drawing you, can give $20. Each $10 increment gives you another entry! If you give $50, I will assume you want to be entered 1 time into each of the 6 days' drawings. If you can give more ($100, $150, etc.) I will give you additional entries for all 6 days! Let the giving and the giving-away begin! I'm pulling out all the stops and hope you'll join me!


Only for non-dōTERRA Members and my team members!! Only 13 left so act fast before it is gone!! Claim in the comments or pm and say if you want lemongrass or birch in your diluted 5ml rollerball! . Did I mention that you can’t even buy birch?! Birch is only available to those that attend convention in Salt Lake City and buy a convention kit 😍 Your welcome;)! Haha Closing out this month with grace and thanksgiving!! . This combo is perfect for tired achy muscles that need some rejuvenation ♥️ #rollontheremedies #thedailyessentialco #healthyliving #bogosale #doterradeepblue #doterrabirch #doterralemongrass . ✨Share for a chance to earn this BOGO for FREE!! ✨


Today with my beautiful dōTERRA sisters I pulled this card!... it’s about support and I get so much support from them with every step I take💗...... a great oil for supporting u is birch, if u have any questions or feel this might help u please msg me 🤗..... the moon deck by Aaron’s Ganesan an Andrea Keh.... gorgeous deck😍.... #essentialoils #themoondeck #doterra #doterrabirch #doterrafamily #oilswithshelly #oilylove #bottlesofmagic


If you are not diffusing in your home, I highly recommend that you start. 🤗 Reasons to diffuse: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ▪️Naturally cleanses and purifies the air. ▪️Helps to lifts mood and balance emotions. ▪️Supports healthy respiratory function. ▪️Helps minimize the effects of seasonal threats. ▪️Safe Alternative in adding a inviting aroma in to your home.


FREDERICTON: who wants to have a sniff sesh with me? Our brand new oils are out & not even up for sale YET. Rose, jasmine, birch, neroli & moreee😍. Who wants to smell? You're all invited & your friends! 1pm Friday, msg me for location)🎉 #doterrawellnessadvocate #motherearthmedicine #conventionkit #doterra #doterrarose #doterraneroli #doterrabirch #nativewomen #momboss #ilovemycareer #fredericton #moncton #stjohn #woodstock #tobique #oromocto


Laced up all weekend with these ✨Magical✨ Blends @jeninchiostro whipped up for our TRIBE retreat. Two full days of our team of 💧oil loving - 🤸🏼‍♀️yogi bending - 🌈 Dream dreaming souls. .


Have you ever wondered why there are so many different tree oils to choose from? Well here is something to ponder. Trees are rooted deep in our earth to build a strong foundation. That gives the plant strength and stability. All in all these oils offer us a feeling of balance, grounding, and strength. What's your favorite tree oil?


🌿 BIRCH 🌿 Birch is a rare and hard to produce oil created from steam distillation of the wood. This beautiful oil is only offered once a year by attending convention and I’m yet to get my hands on it! I cannot wait to add it to my collection next year. . • THERAPEUTICALLY• Birch is an analgesic/tonic oil that is similar to Wintergreen for combating pain of all kinds, muscular, arthritic, hypertension, tendons and inflammation. However, it has the ability to increase physical tone and strength. It is also cleansing for the integumentary system and equalising oily skin. Birch is a known stimulant when diffused by elevating the sensory system with increased awareness. . • EMOTIONALLY • The Oil of SUPPORT - For those struggling with a lack of courage, feeling alienated and unsupported. It allows one to feel into their roots, specifically the connection to fail and ancestors. Similar to White Fir in its ability to break generational patterns, and bring healing to relationships. The feeling of rejection is not one we want to become familiar with so Birch allows you to see a different way, through strength, connection and the ability to stand firm. Weather the storm with conviction in the face of adversity. . • HOW TO USE • Diffuse to clear the airways Apply to feet during meditation Add to your cleansing/moisturising routine Rub over sore muscles and joints Apply to wrists when feeling unsupported #atoz #birch #mumlifeessentials #reclaimlife #doterrabirch


For this Sunday talk: From your personal experience, for what have you used BIRCH essential oil? What are the common uses for this particular oil? #birch #doterrabirch #letstalkaboutoils #letstalkaboutdoterra #doterra #doterraliving #doterralove #doterralife #doterraessentialoils #naturalremedies


Want to try @doterra Birch essential oil? Check out the giveaway my friend @prettyprettypineapple and I are doing a couple posts back for details on how you can win a sample! 🌿Birch essential oil~ a soothing, calming yet stimulating oil with a cooling effect when applied topically to tense or sore muscles. Also known as the 'oil of support' birch promotes feelings of strength, warmth and vitality as well as peace and grounding.


Not only did we get amazing new singles and blends at the Doterra convention, but we got the amazing Birch!! So happy😃. #doterrabirch #doterrarocks #sohappy