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OMFG! good afternoon everyone! I just literally have smashed some pretty big achievements to myself in the last 3 days! First of all i wanna share with you guys that today i pushed my workout to the absolute limit by myself. I always have struggled on bikes for as long as i can remember and ive probably only rode 2ks in like an hour and a half as my record. Lmao TODAY I RODE 7.84 in 30 freakin minutes!!!!!! I was in sooo much pain and i can barely sit down now but holy hell do i feel proud of myself for being able to push myself that hard! My other achivements have been my consuming of 4 WATER bottles a day! My PT is gonna be so happy!! Annnnnnd i am now having BANANA in my smoothies! I fkn hate Banana!! Also my food planning has been quite on point considering i went to ballarat and had 3 work sleepovers in a row. I have surprised myself so much with what my diet has been like. I EVEN WENT OUT FOR DINNER AND HAD CEASER SALAD AT SNITZ! It absolutely killed me to not have chips or a white roll burger but omfg it was so worth it! I am trying so many new foods and tonight i am even having CAULIFLOUR SOUP! LOL like what? I never ate cauliflour in my life! And as of friday i have managed to cut out ALL WHITE THINGS! (potato, sugar, salt, ect. ) Pretty happy and proud of myself and yes ill admit that ive had two days out of 2 weeks so far where i just broke and got fish and chips & ate 10 oven baked chicken wings. But every day is a new day and i can definatly feel improvement coming along!! 2 months and two weeks until i can finally weigh myself! #icandothis KEEP PUSHING YOURSELF TO NEW LIMITS AND STAY AS POSITIVE AS YOU CAN. ROME WASNT BUILT IN A DAY. #OMFG #proudmoments #achievements #fitness #weightloss #shayesweightloss #fitspiration #fitfam #followme #followmyjourney #healthy #cleaneating #eexercising