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Last night's show included a ton of collaborations. Seeing artists come together to create something unique and powerful is one of our favorite parts of running these showcases. The collabs we saw at the Electronic Experiment were no exception, and we just want to acknowledge the effort and vulnerability that goes into each of these performances. We'd like to offer a huge thank you to all of the performers for reaching out to one another and sharing something beautiful. #dentoncreatives #dentontexas #dentontx #spiderwebshowcase #electronicshowcase #electronicexperiment at J&J's PIZZA ON THE SQUARE DENTON TX


BJT clipping circuit Use 3904 and 3906 NPN-PNP Transistors This circuit verify that in BJT’s BE junction need about 0.7 volts to work in active mode. When the input voltage is larger then +0.7v ,the output voltage can be a factor of Vin(the factor is dependent by the resistor and BJT's beta). If input voltage is less then +0.7v, output will be ZERO because BE junction is not in forward biase. Similarly, we can see the same phenomenon when applying negative input voltage. If U have any question,welcome to ask me😁 #bjt #electronicbasis #electroniccomponents #basiccircuits #schoolexperiment #electronics #electronicexperiment #oscilloscope at 國立臺北科技大學 Taipei Tech


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