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🧸A beautiful Victorian settings . . . ❤ 영국의 전통적인 크리스마스 장식은 매년 봐도 이쁩니다.


Does it get more Christmasy than this? 🎁 strolling around the town with little one, weather is nippy and new year goals are on my mind. So much change to face, it is an excellent time to be excited about the future! But #christmas first 🌲 #cartier #london #visitlondon #londonvisitof


AD | Ohh deer! I think someone is ready for their grub! Guys I can’t get enough of our new @cosatto Noodle high chair! I mean, isn’t it beautiful?? Absolutely love the botanical prints and gorgeous earthy colours of this high chair! Not to mention it makes meal times so much easier! The tray is huge and so easy to clean and the comfy padded seat is wipe-clean too meaning you can tidy up in a jiffy! Check out @cosatto website as this fantastic little chair is now on special offer - only £99.95 (offer ends 31st December 2019) Ps - thanx for the stick antler inspo @littlepaperswan - this little terror wouldn’t have any of the cute antler headband malarkey 😂 Noodle Fika Forest @cosatto *gifted Dexter’s outfit @wearekidly *gifted . . . . . #mycosatto #cosatto #channelmumvillage #mummyblogger #motherhood_squares #myhonestmotherhood #mumsnetparents #ourkidslivehere #thatsdarling #mumblog #snaphappybritmums #momswithcameras #thecreativemonth #feelgoodmotherhood #decemberhashtagchallenge #xmashashtagchallenge #tinyfestivemoments #hellowinter #ourchildhoodwinter #mundane_magic #channelmumvillage #embracingseasons #livesimply #oureverydaymoments #likeforlikes #slowsimpleseasonal #ourchildhoodwinter #mydoodlesanddaydreams #weaning #weaningjourney


🧡 Beautiful mistletoe in beautiful surroundings #oldmasters . . . 👑 전등 밑에 걸려진 미쓸토, 영국 감성 느껴 지시나요?


Welcome to Edinburgh! Der Herbst ist meine allerliebste Jahreszeit und manche Reiseziele passen zu grauem Regenwetter ganz besonders gut... wie beispielsweise Schottlands Hauptstadt, die an allen Ecken und Enden dazu einlädt, auf literarische Spurensuche zu gehen - sei es in Museen oder mit den passenden Büchern hinter den beschlagenen Fensterscheiben eines warmes Cafés. 📖☕🍁 @thisisedinburgh @visitscotland @hidden_edinburgh @discoveredinburgh @hiddenscotland @edinburgh_snapshots #edinburghsnapshots #hiddenscotland #edinburghstory #hiddenedinburgh #scotlandisnow #thisisedinburgh #underthesurface #theglobewanderer #wanderlust #wanderfolk #projectexplore #thewanderco #fernwehcollective #travelwellshootoften #globetrotter #fernwehcollective #wanderlusters #roamtheworld #theimaged #stayandwander #gowildlyandslow #unlimitedparadise #lightandwander #aseasonalshit #slowandsimpledays #thetravellingnomads #embracingseasons #cityscape #fromabove #lifewelltraveled


I had a one hour work conference call this afternoon and through lack of childcare/inability to juggle alltheballs I attempted it at home with both children and ohmygoodness by the end I was ready for a 3pm G&T. The bit that stuck in my mind though is how much I apologised. The other folks on the call were lovely but I found myself constantly apologising for the reality that is my life. Not sure the point of my story other than sending out some solidarity for the juggle and a reminder to apologise a little less and own it a little more😅😴


{ #AD - You know the times you get goosebumps or there's a flutter in your heart, just seemingly out of the blue? I get them now and then when I look at these two and can imagine them ten or twenty years older, sat just like that, laughing and chatting, catching up! These moments, quiet though they may be, are often my favourite; especially in the bustle up to Christmas! They make me feel grounded and whole and grateful. You can catch a bit of quiet amongst the chaos with #O2Priority this Tuesday and Wednesday, as you can grab a hot cuppa for free at Caffe Nero, like we did! ⁣ ⁣ After this babyccino and coffee stop we wandered around the German markets that take up residence in the city this time of year and my heart swelled with love, as their eyes took it all in, completely in awe. I don't ever want to stop re-seeing the world through their fresh eyes and sitting back to soak in their funny little chats with each other (you know the non bickering ones)..... I just want to #BreatheItAllIn @o2uk }


Day 1 & 2: 🎶”To face unafraid the plans that we made” (TBR/ December Plans) and “Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart” (A Favourite Book From Last Year). 🎶 • Yesterday’s post threw me off for #JingleBookRock, so I’m combining yesterday and today’s prompt into one post. The last few years, I’ve found myself a little over eager to read all things Christmassy and to pack my TBR too full. So this year, I’m reigning myself in! A few short story collections to dip in and out of, a festive Anne Perry from the lovely folks at @crownpublishing @randomhouse #partner. And of course a favourite from last year, and will be a Christmas staple from here on out, Nigel Slater’s, ‘The Christmas Chronicles’. If you love his cookbooks and stories as much as I do, do check out the podcast for the Christmas Chronicles too, it’s wonderful. • I do plan on reading more than these pictured, but at whim and as the mood takes me. It’s the idyllic way to have a festive, end of year TBR, especially with the bustle of the season. ✨


We got our tree! What do you think?! Nice and understated 💁🏼‍♀️ its too big for the living room so we've put it here, in our front drive 😉 @beltonhousent you are an absolute beaut, shame we only had 45 mins there amidst our 6 hour drive home.