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Did you know seals are really good at camouflage? Mum thinks I look like a seal so I’m trying to blend in like a seal. I’ve picked blue and grey colours to hid in. Is it working? 🐾💕🐾


The handsome @tank.bluestaffy with his @poochtique bowtie pouch _ _ _ #poochtique #bowtie #handsome


It still hot. Storm might be coming? I scared, stay inside with my hooman. #DogsOfInstagram #BullTerrier #EnglishStaffordshireBullTerrier #RescueDog #MissMillie #AdoptDontShop


December in Aussie land is summer!! And today I’m digging one of my summer fashion item from the mighty @jaxsonandco ✨❤️👍🏻 I look extra good with their bandanas ✨ - Giveaway Live!!! Don’t forget to enter !! 🥳🥳