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Get Fresh VC was grown from just a seed of an idea, when I was broke, hungry and back at community college after a 10 year absence. I still get to help people, every day! I used to love my job in the cannabis industry, and was sad when it ended, but it takes more skill to slang kale, and none of my friends will get subpoenas for working for me. #getfreshvc #feededucateinspire #slanginkale #leafygreens #valueaddedproducts #feedhungrystudents #reducefoodwaste #ghgreductions4thewin #peopleplanetprofits #improvepublichealth


Just $1 or $2 is all it takes to help out. That’s less than a latte! #feedhungrystudents at Northwest Vista College


s/o to my dad for buying me a horrific amount of food over the last couple of days πŸ‘Œ #feedhungrystudents


When I first arrived in London as a super noob at 18 for uni, I knew how to fry an egg but had to quickly figure out how to feed myself in between lectures, seminars and all night parties, getting enough nutrition so my teeth kept intact. The London food scene was definitely not what it is now, the word for it in 2003 would be dismal at best. But the farmers markets, the supermarkets and the ethnic stores proved to be a wonderland of inspiration and information to get me on the next stage of my culinary journey. Anyhoo, this kept me full back then - and now. Fish fingers with cheesy organic baked beans, sunny duck egg, hot sauce and an avocado for balance #throwbackthursday at Hampstead Heath


The truck has arrived #freepizza #PizzaPizzaLtd #ShareTheMoment #feedhungrystudents πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• #cheeseplease at UWO Concrete Beach