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you carry so much love in your heart. give some. to yourself. 🧘🏽‍♀️🌺 . . I’ve been struggling with this since giving birth to my little one. I’ve been so wrapped up in her needs and fulfilling my responsibilities as a mother and a wife, I’m neglecting my responsibility to myself a bit. What is it about a simple haircut that forces us to do things a little differently? I don’t remember the last time I did my hair intentionally; although I love rocking the crazy wavy hair just-got-out-of-bed look, it’s nice to put some effort into it sometimes too. This is my little reminder to myself and to you beautiful ladies and mamas out there trying to do it all — DONT FORGET TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST! We can’t pour out of an empty cup! We are no good to those around us if we are drained and empty. It’s okay! So make some time to workout, enjoy that cup of coffee, do your make up... whatever is going to help you reconnect with yourself and meet your own needs physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! 🌺🧘🏽‍♀️ . . #selfcare #healthandwellness #mentalhealth #momlife #selflove #committoyou #selfgrowthjourney #positivevibes #findyourpurpose #fitsttimemom


Larian Bersama Bomba Kali Ke XVII 2019 Women Senior 7km Rank : 3rd place Time : 35min++ Alhamdullillah😄 Slowly but surely😁 Thank you to everyone who has supported me, encouraged me and believed in me! I am thankful!!




You're always attracting things into your life. Being intentional with what you attract puts you in Divine Creation mode. Work with the universe in creating a life you deserve. Manifest On Purpose is a guide to manifesting with ease. Click the link in my bio for more information. #manifestation #manifesting #manifest #manifestmonday #Manifestmoney #dreamlife #createyourlife #divinecreation #lawofattraction #loa #beintentional #findyourpurpose #findingpurpose


When trying to find “your purpose” or career or something that you can “be good at” you must start from the inside out and not the outside in. So many of us pick a label off the shelf of what we think sounds good/looks professional or special and we say this is who i am “going to be” (like a nurse, lawyer, teacher, nutritionist, health coach etc) just in order to fill the gratification and satisfaction of society’s acceptance. Instead of picking a label (outside of yourself) and working backwards trying to mould yourself to this “picture” of who this person should be/look like in order to SEEM authentic. Work from the inside out, choose something that is close to your heart that you are truly passionate about and let if unfold day by bay like a blooming flower! If you don’t know what your “purpose” or “thing” is, TRY THIS MEDITATION ✨ Shut your eyes, Sit and think about how you would feel if you had this “purpose” or “career” that you where so passionate about (you don’t have to know what it is just feel it) hold the emotion of what it would feel like doing something you love, just feel the emotion and sensation in your body of having a job or something you are SO passionate about and you can earn a living off. Imagine the contentment this would give you, the happiness and the fulfilment. Hold this feeling in your heart and your entire body! Now send it out to the universe. Even though you may not have a picture or a label of what it is that you want to do, By holding what it is you want to FEEL from having this “purpose” it’s sending a vibrational message/frequency out to the universe (you are a magnet to whatever frequency/energy you radiate) Whatever “career/path/purpose” it may be that aligns with you and this frequency you are putting out will find its way into your life in divine time. And you will find that this purpose will naturally provide you with this feeling that you’ve been searching for all along! This is true authenticity. Instead of having to mould yourself to “fit” or make yourself think you feel this way from something you picked off the shelf. Do this practise as much as you can and watch the magic unfold ✨✨


Inorder to change how life is, you have to find your purpose. X X #life #lifequotes #findyourpurpose #purpose #weekendvibes #weekend #son #inspirationalquotes #quoteoftheday


Step in all of my keto & fitfam🤤🤤Im versatile💯💯I could make your fitness journey exciting & memorable💯💯💯I could be your personal keto 👩‍🍳🤪🤪🤪let’s do this together🥙🥙🥙send your girl an email @[email protected] . . . . . . . #fitfam #keto #thenewhealthy #salad #foods #americanfood #findyourfreedom #findyourpurpose


Oh the power of that *mirror* that we hold up to our souls and the choice to follow up on what we see there. Some people don’t. Their growth is limited. For me it is a long term, challenging and worthwhile pursuit. Beautiful things emerge from the difficulties. Growth never ends. . . Y O U . T H R I V I N G . . #Thrive #CreateYourReality #MindsetShift #FindYourPurpose #FindYourWhy #Growth #OpenToTruth #OpenUp #Breakthrough #Solutions #ThinkClear #Choose #ChooseYourLife #MakeTheChoice #WellnessMindset #SoulWork


Sign up for you free gift 🎁 ‼️ Link in bio🥰 #behappy #findyourpurpose #thrivewithme


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Such an AMAZING morning🌻🌻 Thank you @adrienelouise your message and practice was so soultouching💖💖🥰🥰 So Grateful to have this experience and have it with my bestie🤩🤩 #yogawithadriene #fwfgredrocks #reunion #morningflow #bestietime #namaste #spreadlove #spreadhappiness #justbreathe #findyourpurpose #findwhatfeelsgood #roadshow #yogajourney #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere


Comment your standards below,👇👇 . Having metrics with which to assess the progress you make is incredibly helpful to building a life of meaning. . These standards can come in several forms but often the values you have are the easiest to start with. Brainstorm several ideas that you could use as a measuring stick for things you care about to ensure you're heading in the direction you want.


seek the path less traveled. you will find your greatest triumphs on the path that requires greater struggle and self reflection, and that sometimes will suck, but also much greater rewards and smiles at the end of your journey. #skwealthacademy #healthymindhealthybody #findyourpurpose #seekmeaning #bemindful


One of my favorite analogies is that life is like a mirror and will always reflect back who we are being and what we believe to be true. In the same way that we would not look at a mirror and use our hands to change the expression on our faces, we must do the same by first changing the inner to then see an “outer change.” This, to me, can be one of the most liberating ideas once applied and I believe it is even more powerful than the usual LOA understanding of intending to attract something from “out there” into life. Back a year ago I used to always say we do not always attract exactly what we are thinking but we always attract a reflection of “who we are being.” This brings in the understanding of our beliefs and also how we feel. Someone may focus on thoughts of abundance, but if it is not backed up with emotion, alignment or action it won’t be very effective. Instead, focus on ‘being’ the type of person you prefer to be. This many times has more to do with letting go of old concepts that no longer work. Beliefs we may have formed about how worthy we feel, how much abundance we deserve, etc. Becoming aware of those subconscious beliefs then allows you to let go of them. You can then see that they are outdated, and no longer serve. Beliefs are formed from past experience wherein a moment we decided “this is who I am” and this is “the way the world works.” We see those beliefs as solid and unchangeable but the truth is, they can be changed at any time in the light of awareness. Awareness is where the magic’s at⚡️🙌Much love! ✌️Aaron


Sight. We explore and discover by guiding you through a sensory adventure, 'The Adventure of Me' An experiential journey "revolves around the place of art and creativity within the definition of humanity" @monamuseum Adventure calling? Retreat details in link bio . . . #theadventureofme #visualjourney #creativeoutlet #whatisart #staycurious #selfexploration #theartofyoga #malasana #yogisquat


The Marine Corps Core Values HONOR COURAGE COMMITMENT What does it mean to you? Or better yet what could it mean for you? Let me show you how these three words can change you life!!! #marinecorps #marinerecruiter #usmc #motivation #success #letsgetit #focus #findyourpurpose #lemoorehighschool #liveyourbestlife #latonhighschool #lookgoodfeelgood #riverdalehighschool #fowlerhighschool #coalingahighschool #caruthershighschool #a1sinceday1 #hereforagoodtimenotalongtime #bebetter #hyped #challenge #honor #courage #commitment


Purpose Place Church, Sundays @11am. Join us! #FindYourPurpose Enter on Burbank Blvd.


Often we think too much, thought that we are not good enough, thought of what other people think of ourselves, care for those who doesn't really care about your growth, care for people who trying to pull you down.... Girl, you gotta BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Stand firmly and thrive for what you want in life. Chase for the dream that you dare not to because other people said it's not possible. You are the only one in the world that can make your life POSSIBLE. Would you rather trust other people's word of mouth over your own self? Bear in mind, they have absolutely no responsibility to your life, happiness, wellbeing, pay cheque, nor achievement. Listen to yourself and believe that you can achieve what you want in life and ACTION towards your GOAL. "Why do we commit to others before we commit to ourselves? " Quoted from @lorenridinger | | | #facts #successmindset #believeinyourself #sundayvibes #sundaymotivation #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurship #womanentrepreneur #womanempowerment #findyourpurpose #liveyourdream #dreambig #youarewhatyoudo #throwback #newyorkcity #rockefellercenter


Identity can be something we struggle with ~ I know I have ~ but not because I don’t know who I am ~ because other people feel it’s their place to question you on it. Like your identity effects them 🤷🏽‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When I fully own every part of me I started to feel confident & strong that I could withstand the ignorant comments thrown at me or others in my community (not that we should have to, but they ain’t going away. We have to protect ourselves) 🌟 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Having mixed heritage seems to confuse people & make people uncomfortable when they feel you identify as one more than the other or when you adapt to different environments. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So when I’m being “too political” or “too black” on certain issues, here’s my response: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The White girl in me feels exactly the same way as the Koorie gal in me 💁🏽‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Think about that for a second ♥️ they can’t shake you when you already know who you are xx


Whether it be in your job or your free time surrounding yourself with people that lift you up can take you to a place you have only dreamed about. We are all about collaborating~not competition at One Living.


💫SLOW Sunday💫 Hey beautiful, so it’s Sunday and I’m assuming you’re elbow deep in chores, food prep or you’re possibly still working. Here is your love note to SLOW down...even if you just do it for a few hours today. . Each Sunday I will provide you with a hint to think about adding to your self-care practice. Some will be practical, some will require you to think and you may find some inspiring. The goal is to create practical self-care practices to support yourself physically, emotionally and’s not all spa days and retreats. Today’s hint: eat or drink something today that brings you joy. . 💫 This could be a childhood meal that brings back memories such as your grans famous lasagna. 💫 This could be something you love but you are restricting yourself from having. 💫 This could be as simply as a beautiful glass of red wine and a few squares of dark chocolate. It doesn’t matter what you choose, but you need to be present (i.e. not eating mindlessly on the go whilst doing the laundry), and with the intention of it bringing you joy (i.e. not laced with guilt or shame). . Today I have made my husband a trifle as a delayed celebration of his birthday...this is his childhood food memory which brings him joy. 💫💕 . . . What brings you joy?


☮️😎 Good Vibes Tank Top ❤️😮 This cute sleeveless tank top is soft, breathable, super comfy to wear and pretty awesome! Can pair it with jeans, shorts or skirt. Perfect for Summer vibes and can fit to casual, daily or beach wear! 💕 Click Link In Bio To Get yours today 50% OFF limited time sale 📦 Free worldwide shipping 🌓 for more details visit @abundanceflows . . . . . #spiritualbeing #consciousshift #highervibration #spiritualteacher #energyhealing #spiritualgrowth #lifepurpose #findyourpurpose #ownyourlife #fulfillment #selfworth #woke #spiritualjunkie #spiritualpath #spiritguide #innerguidance #authenticself #highvibe


🥰🙏❤️ via @ilovespiritual


I am so thankful and grateful this morning for all of the beautiful beings in my life and who have crossed my path. Bob Proctor always says that the attitude of gratitude is the frequency that hooks you up to all the abundance in the universe. My heart is so full of love and promise. What are you grateful for today? I want to know! Wishing you all an amazing day filled with joy and abundance 💖 Maria xo #trustyourgut #coaching #coach #love #motivation #life #inspiration #positivity #goodvibes #lifecoach #inspiration #influencer #awareness #quotes #bobproctor #goals # #success #entrepreneurship #lifestyle #mindset #growthmindset🌱 #growth #quantumleap #innerguidance #createyourownreality #findyourpurpose #selfactualization #trusttheuniverse


Which direction has life taken you🎈. . #sadboycrew #sadturday #sad #crew #findyourpurpose #getmotivated #musicon #live


Participants diary Part 2 I started seeing red lights, like falling stars but they disappeared immediately. Then I had to go to the toilet. The lovely guide walked with me. I had to go like 6 times in a row. I felt guilty that the guides had to walk with me every time. The 10th on the toilet I didn’t have to pie at all. Then it began “you’re walking away girl, that’s what you do in daily life, you better go back because you’ll be here for a while”. I went back to my mattress. I was looking around me and I heard people making strange sounds and one girl next to me was shaking. I asked the guide over to check if everything was alright with everyone. Mother aya made me soooo tired then. As the guide said: everything was alright, they would take care of everyone and I’d to go back to myself. So aya told me. I literally felt what I do to myself to take care of others first and then myself. It was exhausting. Ok, back to myself... Poof ... I was gone. I felt that I was in this space before. I was only energy. First I had to go through darkness. Memories of childhood came along (when I’d an “imaginary friend”, (a spirit for sure I know now). I was out of my body. I wasn’t I. Only energy. At some point I returned. I thought “yes, a reborn now”? No. Mother aya told me that I don’t go back to the safe place in my mother uterus. I can do it alone, I’d to go back to myself again. To be continued...


I wish you guys have a beautiful Saturday. Sending y'all lots of energy, love and clarity your way. . . Lots of times we get stressed is because we are majoring in minor things. We get caught up in the demands of people in the present moment and of work. But remember you are always in control especially of your internal states, feelings and thoughts. . . And to be in control in a go, go, go world. Take 10 minutes to close your eyes and breathe and get align with your heart. Nothing is more effective when your heart and mind is align, because you'll feel a sense of calmness that brings clarity to execute effectively. . . . . . . #INSPIRE #empower #create #bossbabes #inspiration #motivation #success #happiness #madeformore #believeinyourself #believer #contentcreator #unleashthepowerwithin #tonyrobbins #aspiretoinspire #youtuber #feedyoursoull #findyourpurpose #findyourpassion #liveyourtruth #authentic #authenticity #bossbabe #empowerment #blogger #bloggerstyle #lifestyleblogger


The 7 Principles of Huna for transformation. Powerful ✨🙌🏻


🌟💫 🌝 In love with this Magnificent 3D printed Moon Light Lamp 🌕 Great decoration for your house or as a gift 😍 Click Link In Bio To Get yours today 50% OFF limited time sale 📦 Free worldwide shipping 🌓 for more details visit 👉🏽@abundanceflows @abundanceflows @abundanceflows . . . . . #spiritualbeing #consciousshift #highervibration #spiritualteacher #energyhealing #spiritualgrowth #lifepurpose #findyourpurpose #ownyourlife #fulfillment #selfworth #woke #spiritualjunkie #spiritualpath #spiritguide #innerguidance #authenticself #highvibe #spiritualgangster #higherfrequency #higherawakening #innerwisdom #empath #heartcentered


Great reminder from my buddy @itsmichaellane. You are *already* who you are, you've just forgotten. You don't need to become something more. You only need to remember who you are and then you can BE it and you can LIVE it. So who are you? If you're not sure, my foundational program, The WTF?! Experience is the perfect place to start your journey in finding out. Free right now from the link in my bio.—————— #beyou #innerwork #mindsetiseverything #mindsetwork #confidence #findyourpurpose


You can even miss who you actually are on a soul level. But you don't have to, because all answers are available to you and the only thing required from you is being present, patient, open, receptive, and observant. It can't be easier, can it? But, if it's all still too much to handle and your emotions are everywhere, I'm around, available to talk and listen to you - so give me a shout without delay! #drseussquotes #motivationalquoteoftheday #missionpossible #findyourpurpose #soulphase #soullevel #soullevelhealing #questionsandanswers #answersarewithin #answersareavailable #opentoreceive #keeplooking #trustyourintuition #intuitionismysuperpower #whatsyoursuperpower #superpowers #lifecoach #wellnesscoach #intuitivecoach #soulcoach #soulcoaching #soulfulcoaching #abundance #abundanceandgratitude #discoveryouremotions #discoverysession #discoverycall #getintouch #letsdoitworld #goforit


🤴🏽 👑 “In addition to the vow I have made to myself to be fully born, I vow to have a vessel through which the divine masculine may find itself place in our world. I offer a safe space in which the masculine may lower down his sword and reveal the tender places of his heart. Where he might shed tears for his own wounds and the wounds of humanity. Where he may be strengthened in his commitment to birthing himself- birthing his own divine masculine: of courage and tenderness, strength and vulnerability, action and receptivity, provision and protection, compassion, understanding and love” — ⚔️ when the Sacred Masculine is combined with the Sacred Femnine inside each of us, we create the “sacred marriage” of compassion & passion in ourselves 🔥 #divinemasculine #sacredmarriage #selflove #selfacceptance #authenticity #authentictruth #authenticself #divinefeminine #androgynous #lgbt #trans #nonbinary #kundalini #spiritualawakening #lifecoach #findyourpurpose #kingshit #divinebeing #holistichealer #queer #aspiringmodel #afrolatinx #highcheekbones #taino #boricua #latinegra #brujx #blitch #blackartist #queerphotographer


Change your life by reading this ⠀ And with this I mean the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda ⠀ I recently finished reading this and it seriously altered my view on reality! ⠀ Swipe to the right to listen to a brief summary of one of the videos!➡️ ⠀ Let me know what you think!⬇️⬇️⬇️


Beyond exited for my first LIVE EVENT in nine other than the city of ATLANTA!!! We will be covering how to master money management, how to always attract your dream client, how solidify your message, how to bounce back from failure, how to make more money than ever in your career, and MUCH MORE!! Tickets are available NOW for early bird pricing until August 31st with the link in my bio (! VIP tickets are already selling out!!. . . . . . #conference #businessconference #business #liveevent #atlantaevent #atlantaconference #atlantaconferences #atlantabusiness #atlantaevents #financeconference #findyourpurpose #moneymoves #financeblogger #financecoach #blackbusinesswomen #blackbusinessowner #blackwomenlead #blackbusinesscoach #blackfinancialadvisor #blackwomeninbusiness #christianbusinesscoach #christianentrepreneur #christianbusinesswomen #coachingchristianstocoins #eightxeighteen #eighteighteen #theeighteighteen #inspireothers


Life is better with you by my side @santorin_ben 😘 . It has been almost 4 years since our paths crossed. Since the first day we met, we were connected. I knew there was a divine purpose in meeting each other. With my (our) business plans really starting to come together, I am now seeing how our visions and dreams for the future have collided 💥 and what a beautiful thing it is ❤️❤️ (more to share soon😄🙃) . . This beautiful energy we have both experienced recently has encouraged some reflection. Birth in any sense is such a beautiful process. The birth of creative ideas, a child, thoughts and emotions, re birth of yourself.... This process is so powerful because it is the power of creation. It transforms one energy form into another and when you can do this and create, you are merging your soul with your body 💫 . . The process of creation plays a role in everyone’s life and is a fundamental cycle we see everywhere in nature. 🌳 What creations have you observed recently? What things are you creating, or holding back from creating? . . This experience is grounding and a reflection of you at your core, but also incorporates a higher energy and consciousness into all that you are doing. Whenever you experience this new energy in the world, there is also an overwhelming sense of gratitude 🙏 Have you thought about what your purpose is in this lifetime? Why are you here? How can you create and how can you provide service to others? #kiatsugi #saturdaymood #mindfulness #soulmate #sacredcontract #divinepurpose #processofcreation #transformingenergy #findyourpurpose #findyourwhy #beautifulsynchronicities


Working on my future not just to make a comfortable income, but to thrive and shine while building a legacy! 💫 This year I've already had a few eye-opening realizations about how I've been operating in life until now, but the most significant one was that I've been putting my standards way too low compared to my capabilities and potential. Dreaming more, having more and doing more wasn't even an option for many years. . Most of us, especially those that come from Eastern Europe, are set to survival mode when it comes to the quality of life including finances, health and happiness. We've bought into many stories about what we can and can't achieve. One of those old time ones is that "You have to be born rich to be rich and you are living in a fairy tale if you think you can become one of those people." I even remember once reading an article that was supporting this theory and my mind immediately went "You see, I told you! You shouldn't even bother trying." (One of the reasons I stopped watching/reading news and random articles). So I continued living my life listening to my survival seeking mind, unaware of the old programming running in the background and wondering why I was stuck in life. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Until the point where I had enough of playing small. You can only level up in life when you start paying attention to your beliefs and start seriously question if they serve your growth or not. Same applies to people that you surround yourself with and the programs you watch on TV. This is where living on autopilot ends and walking in awareness begins. 💎


Never doubt that you were born to make an impact 🌈💕💥🙌🏻 #tonimurphy #lifeandsuccesscoach #findyourpurpose #livealifeofgratitude #bekind #havewhateveryouwant


◬ SOUL INQUIRY ◬ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ When do you feel the most aligned? The most IN your essence. Where you lose touch with time and space and ARE. YOU.⁠ ⁠ What are you doing? ⁠ ⁠ HOW TO USE THIS // Either add it to an existing daily ritual or start by closing your eyes and taking a few centring breaths. Once present, write the prompt below at the top of your page and allow yourself to free write. Close the practice with gratitude. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #soulinquiry #soulconnection #soulpurpose #freewriting #journalprompts #breathwork #surrender #softening #soulbody #meditation #selflove #lightworker #howtobreathe #innerwellness #deepsoulconnection #dailyrituals #intentionalliving #alignment #spirituality #highestself #goddess #divinefeminine #manifestation #raiseyourvibe #findyourpurpose #supported #Wellandgood #expanded #soulwork #spiritjunkie


You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. || @oprah I had the courage to ask @timstoreyofficial to come speak at my first full 2 day women’s conference taking place on November 2 & 3. HE SAID YES For years I’ve had the desire to bring women together in the same room. Share truths, speak life and elevate each other’s experiences. I’ve now hosted 8 women’s events and it’s been the most fulfilling work I have ever done. This all immersive 2 day event will be unlike anything Oklahoma has ever seen. Packed FULL of intention, authenticity and experiences that are sure to change the way you think about your current life, the past that holds you back, and what is possible for your future. We’re getting ready to start announcing speakers, panelists, mentors & sponsors. I have curated these two days to be so powerful that I am positive you are going to experience change in the way you think, in your relationships, in your business, career and life! Grab your #GirlGang and claim your tickets! I’m pouring my heart and soul into bringing you an event like you’ve never seen! You deserve more. You are worth it. You are brilliant beyond belief. Abundance Success Happiness Joy Freedom Confidence It’s all available to you. You deserve to believe in yourself and have the support to accomplish everything you desire. You are meant to be here! . . . . . #malorieavaline #theavalinecollective #unapologeticauthenticity #podcast #elevate #empoweringwomen #thecollectiveconference #collectiveconferenceokc #empoweredwomen #ladygang #girlboss #dreamchaser #meantformore #truthseeker #lifecoachforwomen #speakyourtruth #changemaker #success #mindfulmentor #lifecoach #speaker #intentionalliving #podcaster #positivevibes #liveyourbestlife #findyourpurpose #Godidea #womensconference #uncommonexperience


Time is running out to register for fall semester at @charisbiblecollege. Charis started when Andrew stepped out to create a place with the unique approach of combining biblical training and hands-on ministry experience. By doing this, Andrew has made it even easier to find and walk out the call God has on your life. If you feel like God is leading you to Charis, don't wait another minute! Enroll today, and get ready to change your life and change the world: . . . . . #CharisBibleCollege #FindYourPurpose #BibleCollege #ChristianCollege #Charis #Grace #Faith #Bible #GodsWord #Jesus #God #Scripture #AndrewWommack


Three weeks away and only two spots remain open. I can’t wait to get back to Seattle to make some magic. Who wants in?


The best things in life happen when you’re doing what is in line with your purpose 🌼 every single day I help empower women to feel their best selves, change their life & financial situation, and feel joy doing so 😍 I want to help you. Whether that’s feeling better in your own skin, feeling heartier, more confident, or helping you make an extra income; I’m here! You just have to shoot me a message and I’m there ❤️ #empower #findyourpurpose


The best things in life happen when you’re doing what is in line with your purpose 🌼 every single day I help empower women to feel their best selves, change their life & financial situation, and feel joy doing so 😍 I want to help you. Whether that’s feeling better in your own skin, feeling healthier, more confident, or helping you make an extra income; I’m here! You just have to shoot me a message and I’m there ❤️ #empower #findyourpurpose


Life’s too damn short not to leave your mark in the sand. • I got this tattoo years ago, my first of a few. I wanted to remind myself that no matter what’s going on around me, that living in balance would always bring me back home and help me to handle anything. • This still stands true today. I live by this motto: Balance yourself in the middle of chaos and you will be free and powerful. This is what I want to help others see in themselves. Life is too short to hold ourselves back, too short not to feel our full power and express our creativity. Help yourself, help others, help the planet. We’re all in this together. 🌎 💗


"Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm." ~ Abraham Lincoln ❤️


🔮A psychic reading is a rare opportunity for a panoramic perspective that will help you achieve clarity in all areas of your life..🔮 Relationship problems? No relationship at all? Its not your fault! Tired of wasting time doing things that don’t get you what you want? Remember that everything starts as energy. I can find the hidden energy patterns that are getting in your way and help you unlock your true power NOW! Let's find out together! Dm me for one free question. #PositiveEnergy #SpiritualEnergy #PsychicEnergy #Psychic #SoulMate #SoulSearching #FindYourHappiness #FindYourPurpose #metaphysical #MetaphysicalEnergy #Love #Friends #SpiritAnimal #Help #PsychicJoanne #CrystalEnergy #Tarotcard #tarotreader ..


Us taking a picture literally anywhere in public *both instantly toss up peace signs & smile even though we aren’t facing the camera, then start hysterically laughing 🤣✌🏼 #basicbs ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ People on the sidewalk were ferrr sure judging us walking by, but we didn’t care. 🤷🏽‍♀️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Life is so much more enjoyable when you stop wasting your energy caring about what other people THINK about you & what you’re doing & you just start being yourself & living your life for YOU. 🙏🏼💕 #justdoYOUboo


While packing for a trip, decided to start this tradition :) ⠀ 1. List one thing that you would be so glad if it comes true soon! 💖🔥 ⠀ 2. See if you can help somebody else to become closer to their dream! ⠀ 3. Enjoy serendipity! (I’ll choose one person and we’ll help to make the dream come true😉) ⠀ My answer is in the first comment below :)


We have to be dreamers , we have to have hope, we have to be creative because the moment we stop, we lose hope, we lose focus and we lose ourselves. -🔶- Our true essence comes from our own creative, imaginative and unique mind but in order to tap into and foster than genius, we need to allow ourselves to free our minds from all the noise that surrounds us. -🔷- Take time for yourself to think, to meditate, to daydream! 🔸🔸🔸Happy Saturday everyone 🙌🏽 go daydream your lives into fruition 🔹🔹🔹 . . . . . #truleadershift #motivationalquotes #motivation #neverstopdreaming #daydream #becreative #mediate #liveyourbestlife #findyourpurpose #becreative #bethebestyou #saturdayvibes #yoga #yogaposes #beachyoga #purpose


Let your challenges drive your successes. In theatre they would say, you’re angry so use that as character motivation. Let’s do the same with our experiences - use them to move you forward. #maskcarareign2019 #maskcarabeauty #findyourpurpose #pursuebeauty #tscpresets #selfiebesties


You can't win at the game of life unless you enjoy playing


A poem from Rumi


From one of my favorite writers, Neville Goddard


You got something pretty unique about you. Do you know what it is? When you feel your best, it can be an indicator that you are in alignment with that unique talent. The positive feedback you get from strangers can be another indication. It could be such a subtle thing that you can’t even put it into words. The point is to recognize those moments where you feel in your element. It gives you a taste of the magic that is all of you. #motion #movement #findyourpurpose #findyourtalent #yourtalents #ontopofyourgame #speed #going #rowing #sewing #knowing #intuition #trustyourintuition #imagination #followyourimagination #learnaboutyourself #shareyourgifts #harness #talentshow #yourgifts #godgiven #godgiventalent #followthefeeling #behappy #continuetogrow #flyinghigh #flyingaway #inaplane #spiritairlines #howdy


🌜FULL MOON RITUAL🌛 With all this powerful energy swirling around this full moon, I felt moved to honor it and myself with a ritual to let go of what no longer serves me, and invite new energies to take me into a higher expression. The moon is beautifully full above, and I can feel the shift taking place. I set everything ablaze to the flame of my Self love candle. I always burn a candle to myself as the first influence of creation in my life. It is usually the biggest candle in my sacred space, as nothing has more shine or energy given to it than Me. Celebrate yourself in this season of renewal. What are you birthing in this powerful energy?

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