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It’s Dumpling Day at The Better Meat Co! 🥟


UPDATE & PLANS FOR THE WEEKEND. Hope you are having a great week . It's been a busy week for me but its all good, weekend is around the corner. . We are going to see Santa on Saturday, put up the Christmas tree and hopefully bake some gingerbread cookies What's your plan for the weekend? THE EATS ➡️ Scrambled eggs with spinach, tuna, chilli flakes and parmesan cheese


In the grains episode, I talked about my husband and my favorite rice bowl, a copycat recipe from a vegan bar here in Portland. It is a perfect healthy yet comfort food bowl of goodness! Here's how I do it: nutritional yeast tofu (toss cubed tofu in nooch + a pinch of salt, bake at 375 for 40 mins), brown rice in instant pot (15 mins), steam broccoli or in this case broccolini (7ish mins), make peanut ginger sauce (see website for this recipe in show notes!). If I have an avocado I'll slice it up and add it too. Top with sesame seeds, Sriracha goes great with this! -M


⭐️ Be creative ⭐️ . Getting creative in the kitchen is one of our principles for living well. We love trying new things in the kitchen and this sweet potato gnocchi is perfect for midweek dinner time creativity 💡👏 . Even if they don’t look *great* the taste more than makes up for it 🤩 . Ingredients 150g mashed sweet potato 150g mashed potato 2 cups plain flour 30g D8 Original date butter 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast 1/2tsp salt 1/2tsp black pepper 50ml milk . Method Mix all of the ingredients except the flour well in a bowl Add the flour a little at a time and knead until a soft dough forms Roll the dough out into two long sausages Chop into 1 inch pieces and roll with a fork to create grooves Boil in a large pot of salted water. Once the gnocchi float, boil for a further 2 minutes Remove the gnocchi with a large slotted spoon and fry in a heated, oiled pan until golden Serve with pesto and pine nuts and enjoy 🌱💕


Vegan bean taco 😋😋😋 Vegansk bön-taco-röra. Det är tillbehören som gör det så tacos är ett enkelt sätt att få barnen att äta nya vegetariska rätter! #vegetariskt #vegetarian #reducetarian #flexitarian #reducetarianismo #reducetariano #reducetarianism #flexitariano #flexitariandiet #flexitariskt #vegan #veganfood #veganinspiration #whatveganseat


Swipe ➡️ to see my personal weight progress.⁣ ⁣ Here’s the thing guys - weight loss is 99% a mental game! 🧠 ⁣ ⁣ Progress is almost NEVER linear. You can see from my chart that I had ups & downs. The ups can be so frustrating, especially when you feel like you’re doing your absolute best.⁣ ⁣ But weight can fluctuate day to day for so many reasons: hydration, sodium, period, inflammation, time of day, BM’s, etc.⁣ ⁣ You can see that as I stuck with my routine, my weight eventually trended down 🎉. If I gave up when it went up, I’d never reach my goal. CONSISTENCY is always always the 🔑!!⁣ ⁣ If the scale brings you too much anxiety, don’t use it! Go by the way your clothes fit. That can be a more accurate assessment anyway, especially if you’re gaining muscle at the same time 💪🏼.⁣ ⁣ You don’t have to go it alone. Having the support of a professional can take the frustration and confusion out of the journey. If you’re ready to get serious, apply for nutrition coaching at the ✨link in my bio✨. I help women lose weight & feel healthy in their bodies through a flexitarian approach.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .


The @weareveganuary 2020 campaign is now live! And their new goal is for 350,000 people to try veganism next January!🌱🌎 This is the perfect opportunity to try cutting down on animal products. So, are you going to join in for 2020?! • • • #Reducetarian #MeatFree #MeatFreeWeek #MeatFreeEveryday #MeatFreeMondays #MeatFreeMillenial #MeatFreeMeal #MeatFreeLife #FindingBalance #MeatFreeLife #Flexitarian #FlexitarianFoodie #FlexitarianDiet #ReducetarianDiet #ReducetarianMeals #Vegetarian #VegetarianFood #VegetariansOfInstagram #EatMorePlants #DairyFree #EggFree #veganuary #veganuary2020


I love making creamy soups from cooked vegetables because they are easy and delicious. Find my favorite recipe for tomato soup in my highlighted stories. If you have another idea for an easy vegetables soup please share on the comments, I'd love to try it! Amo hacer sopas cremosas de vegetales cocidos porque son fáciles y super ricas. Encuentra mi receta favorita de sopa de tomate en historias destacadas. Si tienes otra idea de sopas fáciles de vegetales por favor compártela en los comentarios, me encantaría probarla! #tomatosoup #organicveggies #easyplantbasedmeals #plantbased #easyhealthyrecipes #flexitariandiet #healthylifestyle #easyrecipes #iinhealthcoach #healthcoach #comidasaludable #recetasfaciles #recetasrapidas #sopadetomate #vegetarianrecipes #veganrecipes #nutricion #letscookvegan


Become @becomebrunch is a flexitarian restaurant, both vegetarian and meat lover are welcomed, the basic menu provides over 12 brunch dishes for vegan, and adding three kinds of meat for meat options. The decor is blanc, simple, relaxing, just like on the vacation mode in Greece, good place for taking lots pictures. #taipei #taipeifoodie #deliciousfood #lovefood #instafood #instadaily #instagood #instafoodie #foodlover  #taiwanesefood #taipeiprettygirls #taiwanesegirl #goodfood #deliciousness #delicious_food #girlswholovefood #welovefood #foodiesofinstagram #foodie #foodiegram #foodiegrams #taiwanfoodie #taiwanfoodies #welovefood3000 #taipeibrunch #taiwanbrunch #flexitarian #flexitariandiet #vegan #blancdecor


Wednesdays are about "Waffles and Wundernuggets with Crema", the combo we need to power through the week! 💥 . . . . . Picture Credits: @teresaearnestsocial 🙌🏻❤️


Hands up for flexibility 🙌🏼⁣ ⁣ Flexitarianism is the opposite of “all or nothing” diet mentality. ⁣ ⁣ It about doing your best to have more meatless meals without giving up meat entirely.⁣ ⁣ Many of my clients find that when they add more plant-based meals to their week, they drop weight easily while feeling still feeling full. That’s the magic of fiber 🌱 (It’s also incredibly effective at dropping cholesterol & preventing disease) 👏🏼⁣ ⁣ However, food isn’t just fuel. It’s also tradition & memories. They also want to enjoy their mom’s pot roast or fish taco night with their friends! ⁣ ⁣ I use a Flexitarian approach in my nutrition coaching program because it allows you to reach your goals without ever feeling restricted. And that’s the key 🔑 to lifelong success. ⁣ ⁣ If you’re ready to take the first step away from diet mentality & towards a lifestyle change to reach your ideal weight, apply for nutrition coaching ✨link in bio✨⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .


What do vegetarian zombies eat?? Listen to our new episode to find out!! Oh also! Our show notes (on the website) now has a comment form! Go say hi there! Link in bio!


Idea simple y rápida para cenar! Quinoa con verduras, pulpo cocido a la plancha y ensalada de canónigos. Más fácil imposible!!!! Qué os parece? . . . #cenasrapidas #comerbienesfacil #comericocomesano #kidsandfoodmallorca #pulpo #ensaladadecanonigos #quinoaconverduras #cenarapida #flexitariano #flexitariandiet #platodeharvard #realfood #comecomidareal