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Better late than never, better never late 💯


~ѕиσω gℓσвє~ at Coconino National Forest


Last one of this impromptu rain soaked stop. The asymmetrical framing in the shot really caught my eye. Can’t remember if this was done on purpose or just me struggling to manually focus the lens with rain in my face.🤷🏽‍♂️


Aun cuando no veas los resultados de tu esfuerzo hoy, otros verán hacia atrás hacia la época que estuviste en sus vidas y recordaran tus actos bondadosos, tus palabras y tu amor por ellos. No te arrepientas de nada, siempre da lo mejor de ti. Ph: @pyramid1996 . . . . . . . . . . . #guatemala #guategram #instaguate #losrinconesdemiguate #explorandoguatemala #talentocreativogt #igersgt #instagramers #portrait #portraitmood #makeportrait #livefolk #folksouls #folkportraits #sunset #moodygrams #guateinspira at Guatemala City, Guatemala


Not a #10yearchallenge but a 4 year one.


I often get questions on when is the best time to visit the park and my answer will always be fall and winter. You will truly see the park come alive. Except for today and tomorrow there’s a huge blizzard about to happen so don’t go till after it clears. at Planet Earth


Before this iceberg washed up on shore i asked some other travelers if it was a whale. I quickly stuck my tripod into the sand. It was about the size of a large river raft and behaved more like a reef than an iceberg. The others in the distance floated along during this long exposure. Upon further research i learned that black colored icebergs are caused by sediment collected as they slide downhill from their glaciers. at Diamond Beach Ice Beach Iceland


When your kiln nightmares come true. I was upstairs eating lunch when I heard a loud pop coming from the studio in the basement. The kiln was loaded with a batch to glaze fire and was only on for an hour, so it wasn’t hot enough yet for anything to have cracked in there so I went down to check it out. The handle on the lid was still cool enough to touch so I opened it to check on my pieces - no damage. So I shut the lid and took a step back. Then another loud pop and a flash of spark came from the control panel outside. MY HEART STOPPED. I rushed to turn the system off and unplugged the kiln from the wall. . After letting it cool completely, my husband helped me take off the control housing. After digging around searching for carbon as evidence of the spark, we found it. Can you see the burn mark? Cue heavy dejected sigh. I’m so close to having a starting inventory to open my online shop, but not until I get over this new speed bump and replace this part. at Portland, Oregon


at Altozano Morelia


Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. 📌 sasarasah barasok


Let's Chill... at Atlanta, Georgia


Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own




Bombeia o sangue, casa das emoções. Pode ser feito de pedra ou de carne. As vezes cheio, as vezes vazio, as vezes incompleto, as vezes transborda. Muitos tem asas, mas quase sempre presos em gaiolas. Alguns têm, outros não...


Langit. #iphoneonly #nofilter


Одно из самых известных мест в Республике Алтай – знаменитые Голубые озера – расположены в Чемальском районе, на левом берегу Катуни, рядом с селом Аскат. Их окружают красивые многолетние горные вершины, вечнозеленые леса. А сами озера невероятно красивого лазурного цвета. Вода в них не замерзает даже зимой, а местные жители называют их "глазами Катуни". Образовались эти уникальные водоемы около 25 тысяч лет назад. По данным ученых, в это время здесь располагалось исчезнувшее после Курайское море. В результате многочисленных землетрясений огромные объемы воды выбили глубокие впадины в горных породах. One of the most famous places in the Republic of Altai is the famous Blue Lakes, located in the Chemal district, on the left bank of the Katun river, near the village of Askat. They are surrounded by beautiful perennial mountain peaks, evergreen forests. And the lakes themselves are incredibly beautiful azure color. The water in them does not freeze even in winter, and the locals call them "the eyes of the Katun." Formed these unique reservoirs about 25 thousand years ago. According to scientists, at this time the Kurai Sea, which disappeared after the Sea, was located here. As a result of numerous earthquakes, huge volumes of water knocked out deep depressions in rocks. at Чемал, Республика Горный Алтай


The days staying brighter later has me thinking back to the summer sunsets at Summerland, British Columbia


Gratitude. When I was kid, I would incessantly ask my parents for a puppy. I’ve heard every possible dog-rejection in the books, but there was one unconventional rejection I’ve been thinking about lately: My parents said to me, “Never let the things you want keep you from appreciating the things you have.” I was a scrappy 5 year old who couldn’t see how that saying can apply to bringing home a dog. When I think back to our old petite home, and how exhausted my parents would be working night and day to put food on the table for my brother and I, the few hours we’d have together as a family felt sacred. My parents wanted to save every penny and spare minute to support and be present with our family. Adding a puppy to the equation involved not only additional financial responsibility, but it also required time. — Before you complain, think about something you’re thankful for. Develop a habit of expressing gratitude towards the great lessons, people, things, nature and opportunities that shaped and continues to shape your life. Everything (whether you realize it or not) contributes to your development. Be kind, give thanks continuously, and include all things in your gratitude. at San Francisco, California


The Flying Mount Batok. . ••• . Yakali ga kuy? Kalau lagi di Kota Malang ga berkunjung kesini, hmm.. rasanya ada yang kurang. Ntar nyeselnya biasanya kalau udah pada balik pulang ke kotanya, bergumam.. duh kenapa ga ke Bromo sekalian ya. Abis itu bingung buru-buru pengen balik ke Malang lagi buat agendain ke Bromo. 😂 Jadiiii... Kalau memang mau berkunjung ke Malang ada baiknya bener-bener nyusun rencana buat sekalian main ke Bromo. Gituuu... 😂 . Yuk nyusun rencana bareng saya! Yakin ke Malang ga sekalian ke Bromo? Yuk lah, bulan Februari mungkin? Lagian si ilalang juga mulai tumbuh tuh, kalo pagi warnanya kuning keemasan. Urusan dokumentasi foto? Bereeesss bosque... Kita chat whatsapp aja, atau DM dulu juga gapapa kok~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ExploreEastJava #ExploreIndonesia #LifeOfAdventure #EastJavaRoamer #EastJavaWanderer #FolkIndonesia #TheWildernessOutdoors #LiveFolkIndonesia #TheEastJava #StayAndWander #FolkGreen #FolkSouls #MoodyGrams #FolkScenery #TheGreatOudoors #ShotzDelight #AGameOfTones #EffectsAdventure #ExploreToCreate #VisualsOfEarth #ArtOfVisuals #RoamThePlanet #WeLiveToExplore #BeautifulDestinations #WildernessCulture #EarthFocus #CreateCommune at Gunung Batok


Are you coming? at Wilmington, North Carolina


_ Loc : Selong Hill, Sembalun, West Nusa Tenggara . Credits : @fabiankiby . #folkvibesindonesia




Staying cozy in a winter wonderland. 😍 - Shot by @lilberish at Guri I Kuq


tanah ini milik chu yun pa 😮


Eita saudade dos nossos ensaios linda 💕📸 @jufavini at Santa Catarina


• ELENA MALDONADO • Stylist: @vanessateixeirabr Make: @gracianevazquez Agencia: @40grausmodels Modelo: @lomaldo 📸: @roodrigoph #OnvisualsRio at Fábrica Bhering


Knock the door at Turkey


• GIOVANNA COIMBRA • #OnVisualsRio at Fábrica Bhering

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