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Water is undoubtedly the most valuable commodity there is. The United Nations has calculated that by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, with two thirds of the world’s population likely to be living under water-stressed conditions. From Cape Town to Asia to the south-western United States, there are already significant signs of severe water stress. Large rises in population are also expected to happen in already water-stressed areas such as the Middle East and Africa, which is likely to exacerbate the issue. Without a drink, a typical human being will die within four days. However, water is not yet traded on a traditional commodity exchange — unlike oil, natural gas or copper — so its real value is often underestimated. But current demographic trends and climate change are likely to increase the value of this commodity significantly over time – and this provides an opportunity for investors. Managing the world’s water resources is going to be increasingly important over the next few decades — and there is likely to be substantial investment in infrastructure and technology. Money will come from governments, private organizations and charities, with companies making major technological advances likely to become very valuable indeed. It’s important to spot these investment megatrends early, particularly as an eight-year bull market has now made equity valuations in general appear quite high. Luckily, the rise of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has made it much easier to turn thematic ideas into real investments. . . . Source: #NationalPost #NextInvestment #megatrend #waterThing


Due to environmental concerns, Mighty Oaks will no longer purchase glitter. Did you know most glitter is made from plastic, and because of its size, it is considered a type of microplastic which is harmful for sealife and animals and is an ecological hazard, particularly in oceans? Eventually it will be dangerous for humans to consume seafood as the mircoplastics will work their way up the food chain and end up inside us! Mighty Oaks aims to be a green school, therefore our school will no longer be purchasing any glitter. We plan to use environmentally-friendly alternatives to decorate our artwork such as fallen leaves from our plants in our outdoor playground, and coloured salt. 因為環境因素, Mighty Oaks唔會再購買任何閃粉。 你知唔知大部份嘅閃粉都係由塑膠製造,閃粉亦因為佢微小嘅體積被歸類為一種會危害海洋及海洋生物嘅微細膠片。最後佢會對進食海鮮嘅人類造成危險,因為微細膠片會留喺食物鏈中最後返到人類身體入面! Mighty Oaks 奧恩嘅目標係要成為一所綠色學校,所以我地學校唔會再購買任何閃粉。我地計劃去利用更環保嘅代替品去製作藝術品,例如染色鹽同喺戶外遊樂場執到嘅樹葉。 #綠色學校 #greenschool #greenlifestyle #greenmonday #environmentallyfriendly #glitter #saynotoplastic #forournextgeneration #hongkongschools #goinggreen #hkpreschools #hkkindergarten #characterdevelopment #mightyoaks奧恩 #greeninitative #ecologicalhazard #sealife #alternativestoplastics #notoglitter #glitterproblems #savetheworld #savethewhales #savetheanimals at Mighty Oaks 奧恩


MONDAY BIZZYNISS When no one is watching I make selfies That type of gurl🙋🏾 ◇ Namens NJR (Nationale Jeugdraad) in gesprek met het ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn & Sport (over o.a. de hey-campagne) om depressie bespreekbaar te maken. ◇ ◇ #NOLADISSAonamission #NJR #jongerenoverdeGGZ #taskforce #hoofdzaken #zakenmeisje #aggacity #kickstartyourbusiness #youngempowerment #forourNEXTgeneration


Last post,,,,, Thank's our teachers..... "Kau ajarkan arti kehidupan melalui tuntunan keislaman" Pengorbanan sungguh mulia,,,, semoga kita bisa menjadi anak yang alim, sholeh & kafi, dan juga barokah & berguna bagi masyarakat, agama dan negara kelak,,,, #happy #thanks #teacher #teachers #keepstrong #keepsmile #ganbatte #wishusluck #photo #photos #contest #competition #success #forournextgeneration at Man Rengel


*. Trees regulate our climate and help combat climate change Trees help regulate climate change. They act as insulation for the planet and help to maintain consistent temperatures. Tropical forests are some of the largest carbon sinks on Earth. Every year, they store around 2.8 billion tonnes of carbon – the equivalent of twice the CO2 emissions of the USA. When trees are cleared, not only is CO2 released into the atmosphere, but there are fewer trees to absorb the greenhouse gases. Climate change will increase the likelihood of extreme weather events. This year alone, extreme weather events have already cost thousands of lives. These have included deadly heat waves in India and Pakistan, to severe flooding in Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar. Protecting our forests from deforestation can help limit the impact and severity of natural disasters. Saving trees can save lives. *. Trees produce water. Trees are essential to the water cycle. 75% of the world’s water comes from forests. They humidify the air through a process known as evapotranspiration. The moistened air moves inland and falls as rain, which sustains plant and tree growth. Without this process large areas, including cities and farmland, would be much drier. Forests also help reduce the risk of flooding. They slow the rate that rainwater flows off hills into rivers and streams, helping soils absorb water and release it slowly in a steady supply. By this same process, tree cover can help improve water quality and reduce soil erosion. These benefits mean that trees and forests can help us adapt to the effects of climate change, not just reduce its severity. *. People and animals depend on forests Forests are home to over half of the world’s plant and animal species. They maintain the livelihoods of over 1 billion people. 60 million of these are indigenous and tribal people, and almost wholly dependent on forests. Forest degradation has a direct impact on millions of families around the world, due to the fine balance of rainforest ecosystems. Farmers rely on certain species of insects and #saveourtrees #tree #savetrees #forournextgeneration #o2 #oxygen #oksigen #nafasdunia #reboisasi #penghijauan


So I guess my phone is still acting up (this never post☺️), but it’s okay. Day 2 was all about giving to a bigger cause. Making a difference for our next generation is truly where my heart is. #LatePost #Day2ofGiftGiving #PandaExpress #PandaCares #25DaysOfGiftGiving #MakingADifference #ForOurNextGeneration #SeasonOfGiving


Welll, well, well what do we have hereeee 💁🏽My last post as a 21 year old (going on 50) 😂 Such a roller coaster ride but it's been one of the best years of my life. Ticked a few things off the bucket list, met some amazing people, accomplished many of my goals and was blessed with some god damn UNFORGETTABLE opportunities. I'm so excited for another year to conquer and I'm full of gratitude when I look back on the years I've had. I couldn't be where I am without my support circle - you all know who you are 😘 And ofcourse my IG fam for the ongoing support 🙏🏾 . . . If you haven't seen already on my social media - for my birthday I've decided instead of treating myself and with my birthday close to Christmas, I want to give back to unfortunate families and kids that struggle with presents around Christmas. I've always wanted to do this and it's the perfect time - @ashybines is one of the many ladies who inspires me to give back, she always has amazing ideas on giving back to the community and helping people ✨✨✨ Sooo I'm off shopping for $300 worth of gifts TONIGHT to drop off to a local organisation that provides for these families. If you have any ideas on an organisation with a drop off point I'd love to hear your ideas! DM or comment on this post if you know anywhere preferably on the Gold Coast 💖 (I know this is last minute as my birthday is tomorrow & that's when I plan to drop off the goodies - but imma make it work 💪🏾) . . . #earlybirthdayvibes #sograteful #forournextgeneration #givingbacktothecommunity #smilesformiles #birthdayxchristmas #makeadifferencethischristmas at Bali, Indonesia


Time to be thankful! Not just tomorrow but everyday. Let’s thank Mother Nature and try conserving more. Check out some simple ways to make a difference on my blog. Link in bio. #bethankful #notjustthismonth #mothernature #bekindtoourplanet #conserve #lessenyourcarbonfootprint #bringyourbags #noplasticwaterbottles #thankfulfornature #beconcious #wildlifematters #notjustforhippies #hugatreetoday #lovemotherearth #savetheplanet #forournextgeneration #forourfamily #makeitcount #youcanmakeadifference


Baik nya "keyakinan" adalah dipahami dgn hati bukan dicari dan ur family adalah step inti ❤ #forournextgeneration


Do not educate children to be rich, educate them to be happy, so that when they grow up, the will know the value of things, and not just the price. #happychidrensday #lovechildrens #misingchildhood #forournextgeneration #teamkunjunni


Water is the essence of life and creation don't treat our mother earths veins as if they are replaceable 💧 please text "lakota" to this #64336 to sign the petition for the charges to be dropped on over 400 water protectors from standing rock 🙏✊ #waterislife #waterprotectors #protectthesacredsites #nodpal #forournextgeneration #fourwinds #greatspirit #motherearth #blacksnakeprophecy #firstnationsunite #ancestialgifts #ancestialways #nativeways #seminole #creeknative #bear_clan #standwithstandingrock #pineridge