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Letting go is so freeing. I let go of so much I was holding on too. Just letting things be is exactly what I need it to be. 👑🙏🏼 #freeyourself #letgo #actions #power #bondAge #mentalprison #hell #focus #determination #peace #perception at Phoenix, Arizona


Reminiscing a recent trip to New Zealand and Christchurch's Botanical Gardens. Vibrant fuschias and cornflower blues are today's #colourinspiration. ⁣ ⁣ #colour #hydrangea #feelinspired #inspiration #colourbynature #nature #artist #workshop #inkonyupo #artworkshops #creative #studio #art #gomakesomething #freeyourself #fluidart #brigittarosestudio


What happened to you that made you silence your voice? #freedom #freeyourself #selflove #believe #confidence #trust #instincts #loveme #lifelesson


Blood wolf moon...Time to vanish all thats not meant to be..clear slate..let it go..first full moon of year brings new beginnings..back in my place of meditation..bringing myself out of my comfort zone..leave me be #freeyourmind #freeyourself #lightworker #fullmoon #wolfmoon at San Diego, California


I love the wings painted around Los Angeles. If I could have any super power, I would choose to fly. You can take yourself anywhere you’d like to be, but also have the ability to slow down and enjoy the scenery. When I’m the most like myself, my silly self, I walk like I am flying, and for moments I feel completely free. Free from the anxiety that often holds me down, the anxiety that makes me behave completely unlike myself, like a person I don’t want to be. I drive myself mad with overthinking,hold onto toxic relationships, while simultaneously isolating myself, just to name a few bad things. But when I stand against the murals, or let myself walk like I am flying, for a moment, I feel invincible, silly, and free, like I have my own wings. If you want to read more about the mind and actions of a person with anxiety, click the link in my bio to an article on The Mighty. Not mine, but I feel as though I could have written the article myself.


Sharing this one for myself tonight as a reminder that it's safe to shine. 🌟 I invite you to join me in using this lunar eclipse to release what no longer serves you tonight, and then draw upon the potent energy of the Full Blood Moon tomorrow to assist you in calling in all that you are seeking. May we all be blessed by the new energies coming in as they are here to support us and align us to our own higher guidance. I encourage you to take some time tonight and tomorrow to sit, meditate and reflect on what you'd like to call into your life and what aspects of yourself you are ready to be free from so that you may step into a truer version of you. ✨ at Worcester, Massachusetts


At 12:16 a.m EST, our lovely moon enters into its full blood moon eclipse. This powerful energy calling you to reflect, release, and grow. ⁣ ⁣ It is time to release all that emotional baggage that you have been carrying, my dear. In the past few days or perhaps weeks you may have been feeling a lot more sensitive than you have ever before. This occurs through experiencing emotions intensely whether it be joy or sadness. Know that this sensitivity is preparing you for the energy of the full moon. Know that these will leave you if you allow it to. ⁣ ⁣ You are ready to embrace light through the frequency of love. Reflect on your goals, rid yourself of any past intentions that do not vibe with your current state. This full moon is a powerful time to manifest. It is so amazing how abundant the law of attraction is right now. Think of how fast you have manifested your goals before, this blood moon is going to speed it up x10 and satiate your being with abundance.⁣ ⁣ It is time to embody and channel your highest self. Shine your light onto the world and listen to your soul. Listen to your soul’s yearning to follow your life path. Your higher self is calling for you. Asking you to embark on your soul journey. Asking you to grow, live, experience. Stop hiding and suppressing your being. Live your truth. Your guides and ancestors and angels are here to support you. Embrace love. Love. Love. Love.⁣ ⁣ #channeledmessage #fullmoon #wolfmoon #starseed at The Moon


Coffeecigars&business 🎧🎤 #freeyourmind #freeyourself #imtrying at South Laurel, Maryland


Coffeecigars&business 🎧🎤 #freeyourmind #freeyourself #imtrying at South Laurel, Maryland


Did I tell you Santurn landed in my backyard


For some ppl the greatest gift of all is to love & be loved in return. The affection I have for you is real and unconditional. Now when the World is at your feet my North, East , South, & West ; I present to you #Freedom . . . #วิ่งเล่น #ซ่อมบำรุงเดย์ [ 1.21.19 ] #FreeYourSelf #NESW #KLs at Hotmanfactory Speedfitness


~ o v e r c o m i n g f e a r s ~ . My life use to be an example of Fear.I was so black and white and always played it safe.I was scared to take risks, or do things out of the ordinary.Fear ruled my life and stopped me from experiencing and doing things that I now wish I'd tried. . Now....Fear is my friend!I always try things that scare the crap out of me.Whenever I feel scared to do something, I always make an effort to try it out or see what it's like. . Because I've stepped out of my comfort zone and tried so many things that once use to scare me, my life has evolved on so many awesomely, creative, surprising levels.I love the way I'm embracing opportunities and flowing through life on my terms. . Reach out if you've ever experienced this life blockage.Im always here to help.💫 . . . . . . #thefreedomsoultribe #freeyourmind #freeyourself #overcomingfears #goalsgoalsgoals #aspirations #risktaker #livingontheedge #entrepreneurmindset #missions #healthylifestyle #abundantliving #gratefulheart #liveyourlife #lifestooshort #livelifetothefullest #livinglifeontheedge #queenbees #gypsysoul #freedom #trysomethingnew #opportunity #moretolife #stepoutofyourcomfortzone #ownyourpower #ownyourstory #freedommachine #freedomsquad #blessed #wealthbuilding


Perfect atmosphere to get in touch with inspirational thoughts...🌅 #sunset • Read more: • [LINK IN BIO] • #sundown #innerpeace #soulfood #beach #ocean #harmony #colorful #mothernature #freeyourmind #freeyourself #be #mindfulness #traveladdicts #travelandlife #travelgram at Midigama East, Sri Lanka


#freeyourself #sunflowers 🌻 🌻


Detach from these ppl. #FreeYourself


🌵🌵 LAZY DAYS 🌵🌵 . . We all have them and for me I started the week doing a new program. But I want feeling it emotionally and I tried to push through it for 3 days. . . However since I was emotionally off I wasn't interested much and didn't give it much focus. By day 4 I threw in the towel👐. . . Yup that's right I said fuck this and gave up. . . Sure I could have beat myself up about that for the next few days but for what 🤷🏽‍♀️? . . There was no point to it. I instead used the time to focus on getting mentally and emotionally balanced again 😍. . . . Today I am feeling better I am glad choose to focus on what I needed to balance myself out again💕. . . . Listen to not only your body but your mind as well at times. . . . Your mental & emotional balance is just as important 💕🌵. If you are not in balance everything else will feel like a bigger struggle. . . . So listen and work on what is necessary 💕. . . . . . . . #mentalandemotionalhealth #embracingmytruth #embraceyourjourney #selfassessment #choosehappiness #makinggoalshappen #hikingmountains #gratitudemuscle #freeyourself #balancedandfree #newyearreflection #evaluateyourlife #personaldevelopment #balanceyourself #livingmylifemyway #longhairdontcare #sunshineinmysoul #selfcareisimportant #buildthelifeofyourdreams #coachingislife #nothinggoodcomeseasy #ifnotnowwhen #ificansocanyou #lifechanger #fitnessliving #weallstartsomewhere


Would you like to know how to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions with simple tricks that you can do even in your busy schedule? If your answer to this question is a resounding YES!, then, this #selfhelpbook #SelfImprovementManagement is your easy guide in achieving that. It has tried and tested exercises that you can do and easily follow even with your current busy lifestyle. And the great thing is there is no catch and you don't have to compromise anything at all. It is on promotion now for ONLY $2.99. Please download your copy now on Amazon. Just kindly click on the link below. #SimpleWays #EffectiveWays #EmotionalEmpowerment #SelfCare #SelfHelp #SelfLove #EmotionalSuccess #FreeYourself #DeclutterMind #DeclutterEmotions #LifeVision #GetOrganized


An amazing start to the morning spending time by the sea watching the sunrise & card reading with good company ❤️ It’s the full moon tonight and if my morning cards could not have been more accurate. Been putting off making a lot of big decisions because I hate hurting people or feeling guilty but in turn not being open and honest and saying goodbye to certain people & things I am only hurting myself. This full moon is all about pushing ourselves out of our #comfortzone. It’s an extremely intense moon forcing ourselves to experience dramatic closures & necessary rebirth. Whilst this can be scary it’s an opportunity for growth, healing & allowing the next chapter. So if you’ve been feeling a little off and unsure, confused, worried or old memories people are creeping back into your life or thoughts - accept & ask yourself why? What wounds need #healing. What areas, people, things in your life are you allowing to hold you back. If you get a chance tonight take some time out, have a think or write it down what you want and what you deserve then look at what right now is serving that & empowering that & what’s debilitating it? Trust in yourself to move forward confidently knowing you have everything inside of you to be all that you can be - Peace & love ❤️ While you’re at it give my friend & kinesiologist a follow @barefootsoultraveller ❤️ #goodmorning #sunrise #meditation #spiritual #labradoodle #kinesiology #ocean #oceanlover #ilovethegong #southcoastnsw #empower #freedom #freeyourself #vulnerable #friendship at Thirroul, New South Wales


There is no going back... Tonight I am asking this moon to pull everything that no longer serves me from my soul. Leaving me feeling alive, clear and connected, so I can be fully present for myself, my children and my work in the world. #fullmoon #bloodmoon #lunareclipse #aries #thereisnogoingback #alive #connected #clear #visionarywomen #focusonthefuture #freeyourself #stoprepeatingpatterns at Thornton, New Hampshire



🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔 Who else is stoked for the Super Blood Wolf Moon tonight?🐺🌙 Tonight, at 10:55 the moon will enter into Leo. Around midnight, the moon will be totally eclipsed resulting in a super blood moon (the last blood moon until 2021!) According to astrologers, the vibe for this particular eclipse is to “expect the unexpected.” It’s about letting go of the negative thoughts, habits, & things in your life & making room for greater happiness & positivity. So whatever your holding onto that’s been bringing you down, tonight is the night to let it go! I’m telling you, GREAT things are coming for ya ;)🔮💫


If you have imagined NLP Coach (neuro-lingustic programming coach) as somebody with a whistle holding a list of advises about how you should live your life, chage it. NLP Coach is NLP practitioner who listens and asks specific questions and applies NLP knowledge to help you on your journey of your own discovery and transformation. Why is that so? It is because you're the answer to your questions, you're the source of your success and you have all the skills about how to live your life best. NLP Coach is here to help you to find the answer, to use your sources and to make you discover and re-experience your skills to achieve desired outcomes in your life. #goal #freeyourself #mindstate #liveyourbestlifenow #neurolinguisticprogramming #igdaily #horizon #anxiety #lifehacks #transformation #sportmindset #simplybeyond #openmyworld #openmind #lifewelltravelled #lifeexplorer #nlpinspired #knowyourworth #therapy #inspiration #findyourpeace #lifepassion #livingfully #morningmotivation #quotes #nlp #coachsmart #nlpcoach #coach #nlpglobe at Singapore


After seeing Alaskan photos from my cousin @browndepot from a cruise we went on with the family years ago, it reminded me of some of the amazing places where I was able to stretch out my creative spirit and dive into my first love, photography. Can't wait to be unhinged from the rat race and do some serious exploration in our skoolie. A beautiful world awaits my life partner and I. It's killing me that we aren't on the road yet, but I digress. . ***PS. I was in this frigid water barefoot with my tripod and a shutter release cable to get this particular shot. It took about 10 mins to get the composition and angle I wanted. Surprised I didn't get frostbite or hypothermia and have to get amputated. The things we do for the love of art are sometimes outrageous lol. . Check out and follow my photography page at @photography_by_jeremy_berkson to see some of my work. There's something for everyone there. Also on my Facebook page. Just replace the underscores with spaces. Tons of photos over there!!! . . . #utopiadoesexist #getcreative #takingbackcontrol #creatingourownutopia #theutopiansbus #buslife #busconversion #diy #homeonwheels #homeiswhereyouparkit #skoolielife #skoolie #skoolieconversion #nomadicstateofmind #offgridorbust #tinyhome #tinyliving #tinyhouse #housebus #bushouse #glamper #glamping #vagabondspirit #freeyourself at Gold Creek Salmon Bake


Whether it comes to business, relationships, or pursuing a new path, we certainly respond with either emotion or participation of opposition which often leads to precariousness. What do I mean? Here is a scenario. Suppose you wanted to date someone whom you had a crush on. A part of your emotion says, “Go date that person.” But then, your intuition says, “That person is toxic and has dark energy." Often, we designate our emotions with double pleasure: The thrill of the chase and, the satisfaction of closeness. When we choose the deeply rooted disturbance of something-is-not-right-about-this-person and yet pursue it, that is a choice. Never tear yourself up inside for the clues that were placed in your sight. #freeyourself #newbeginnings #awakening #newvibes #optimism #levelup #dailymotivation #foodforthought #trusttheprocess #giftsoflife #gratitude #beginagain


Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight...this is the perfect time to withdraw from your external reality, go within and connect to and strengthen the inner vision you're holding for your life. ⠀ ⠀ This is how you can more fully step into and embody the Visionary archetype. ⠀ ⠀ (Psst...Isn't this moon photo epic?! @Jen_bel took this shot along with some other amazing photography...)⠀ ⠀ I was dropping in with my dear friend @taradivina who's an incredible Vedic astrologer. If you're into astrology, definitely check out her account; this visionary priestess drops some serious wisdom. ⠀ ⠀ Here's what Tara has to say about tonight's Total Lunar Eclipse: ⠀ ⠀ "The veils are thin around Eclipses. We can access feelings, insights and truths that are normally obscured. This can create an intense experience! ⠀ ⠀ The best way to leverage this time is to make a big prayer or set an intention for inner transformation - especially to let go of an unhealthy pattern.⠀ ⠀ The light emanating from eclipses isn’t traditionally an imprint we want to carry with us, as the natural light of the Moon is interrupted, an “aberration.” (Even though eclipses happen every 6 months, like clockwork).⠀ ⠀ For this reason, during the event, it’s ideal to stay inside with our eyes closed and focus on our inner world."⠀ ⠀ Combined with the work I do with sacred plant medicines, this is the perfect time to tap into Visionary realms to call in and align with the life we truly want to be living. ⠀ ⠀ Have an epic visionary evening ;) 👁💗👁 ⠀ Live Free, Laura D at Pahoa, Hawaii



Eu não me lembro de nada Eu tava fora de casa Observando quase tudo Partilhando a madrugada Eles roubaram minha mala E senti força no peito Pra gritar pro silêncio Que a palavra tem hora #befree #lastnight #takeiteasy #freeyourself


Com este pensamento vos desejo uma excelente semana. ❣️ With this thought I wish you a excellent week. ❣️ #sing #dance #freeyourself #freeyoursoul #haveagreatweek #boasemana #quotes #quoteoftheday


When eating or chosing your vegetables... Keep it simple.. Just eat the colours of the rainbow, versatility is key! vegetables #freeyourself #health #wellness #kidshealth #foods #sugarfree #dairyfree #vegetarian


I love this quote so much, I posted it twice. We learn so much from our past experiences, unconsciously, that we may not know it’s a good thing at the time. But fear not! Pain is our best teacher ✨ . . . . . . . #pain #healing #loving #freeingyourself #feelingthefear #fearnot #lifelessons #painmeanswearegrowing #blessings #selfempowerment #freeyourself


WHY YOU MIGHT NOT BE SEEING WHAT YOU WANT . Yesterday, I was meditating and I asked a question like . 🌑 Why am I choosing to block abundance? . I sat with this for a while and just observed what was becoming known. . A memory came back to me from Friday when I was with my beautiful friend and we went out for a drink and a brownie. We both offered to pay, and she looked at me and said "RECEIVE" . What I have seen so clearly was that I don't actually allow abundance, love, pleasure, money to come into my life. . I put my hand up and said "ah, no thank you, I actually don't deserve you" . I realised my mindset is set in the paradigm that I don't deserve to receive because I don't feel worthy. . I mean, if you look from truth perspective where we are just observing these thoughts, we know that from our soul perspective there is no duality. So we cant actually be worthy, or no worth. I just AM. . However, our mind plays in the field of duality until we become aware of the patterns that we are out playing and then we can choose to shift them . My last post I wrote about opening your heart, and this is what it's all about. Cracking your beautiful heart open more and more and allowing yourself to receive, because WE ARE WORTHY . So I sat with this, and I allowed myself to really feel what it is like to receive. I didn't have to do anything or give anything, just pure receiving. . So yesterday, I really felt what its like to open. Open wide. To people, to money, to opportunity, to infinite potential...even to love. (yes...with someone) . I know I haven't been open to love, because well I've been healing and that's the priority for me. My soul's evolution. However, I just sat and felt what it could be like opening up to someone again. PURE MAGIC!! Not saying I’m going out looking. Just open to feeling what it might be like. Opening up more. . Then today, I had a few really touching and beautiful messages come through from people I haven't spoken to in a while. So encouraging of my journey and it really meant so much to me. When we open, receiving comes from all different ways . Continued in comments 👇👇👇👇👇😜😜😜😜


Lunar Eclipse Energy This lunar eclipse, occurring in the sign of Leo/Aquarius asks us to break old habits, to release the past, and to eliminate any patterns that stand in the way of our evolution. This is the challenge of this eclipse. What is standing in the way? Are we willing to release it with love and compassion? Can we clear the way for something new? How can we balance the world-wide perspective of Aquarius with the Leo energy of close personal relationships? Can we bring the strength of our personal relationships into the larger arena of world service? How can we use our unique gifts in service to the larger whole? Wolf, Blood, Super Moon This full moon has many names attached to it.  You will see it referred to as the “super, blood, wolf, moon.” Super because it will be very close to the earth and will appear about 15% larger than it actually is. When this happens at the time of the full moon, we call the moon, “super.” Blood moon because as the moon enters the atmosphere of the, earth, we will see all of the colors of the earth’s sunrises and sunsets, as well as all the ash, dust storms, volcanic activity and pollution that is in our atmosphere. This will tint the colour of the moon. The term wolf full moon, we are told, refers to a name given by the Native American people. In January, when the weather is at its coldest, the wolves would gather outside the villages on the night of the full moon and howl the night away, declaring their hunger. As for the astrology of this super, blood, wolf, full moon we have an interesting mix. Because of the proximity of the lunar eclipse to the full moon we have an intensification of our emotions. Some have termed this full moon a full moon on steroids. So be watching for any over reactiveness or mood swings. Getting clear about your own needs and being. #freeyourmind  #freeyourself #gratitude  #grounding  #happiness  #health #higherawakening #higherself #inspiration #knowledge #knowthyself #lawofattraction #life #love #mentalhealth  #motivation #positivethoughts #positivevibes #powerful #sayings #selfcare #soulguidance #spiritual #spirituality #3rdeyeopen #fullmoon #lunar #lunareclipse #wolfmoon #supermoon


You can never force your heart to open. You can only ever open by being gentle, kind and loving. You invite your heart to open. Give yourself space to breathe and feel your heart open today. Allow yourself the gift to crack open and receive all that is wanting to pour into your life. When we open our hearts, we not only give but also receive. It might be the touch or love of another, it might be loving and valuing yourself, abundance, health, money, connection, the observing of beauty and love all around you. We open like the lotus flower. Bit by bit. The safer we feel, the more we open. I AM SAFE NOW TO OPEN MY HEART & RECEIVE . . . . . . . . . . . #locationfreelifestyle #entrepreneur #freedom #livefree #mindfulness #love #freeyourself #money #happy #now #nature #magic #freedomlifestyle #laptoplife #laptoplifestyle #entrepreneurlife #fun #play #open #manifest #consciouspreneur #mindset #6figuremonths #womanentrepreneur #heart #love


Mindful practice is about getting into that place where you can observe clearly what is happening and you can start making changes into your reality. #mindful #mindfulness #meditazioneroma #meditation #action #psychology #healing #free #freeyourself #change #evolve #yoga #motivation #observe #reality at Rome, Italy


Ainda to tão apaixonada nessa foto q olha, sem palavras. @todecrespa arrasou demais, mana! Mto obrigada 🙏🏼♥️🍃 . Mais minha cara essa foto não poderia ter. Mato, céu azul, pés descalços e roupa leve da @fpm.blueloja. Tipo céu mesmo. 🙏🏼✨ . Que nossa semana seja leve assim e que junto dela floresçam novos projetos e muita alegria de viver, meus amigos! 🙌🏼 . . #queiraobem #planteobem #orestovem #freeyourself #loveyourself #vemkitreminspira #vemkitrem


Sunday feast...well all close as I can get to a "feast" on a cleanse. 🤣 Grilled chicken, steamed veggies and beef broth with carrots, celery and onions.


As I was cleaning today, I found this note from a reading I had 3 1/2 years ago. On this day of the full wolf moon eclipse, I humbly open myself up to those experiences which push me further. I reach out beyond my current reality. I envision who I am becoming.


You can’t help others without helping yourself first.


You can and you are.


You judge only who you believe us to be, not who we really are.


Where would you rather be? ☀️ I like winter, but on a cold day like this, with this snow storm, windy and minus crazy, I dream of Bali.😱 ✨ Which country have you visited and you would go back by a cold and freezing day? ☀️ . . . #travellings #bali🌴 #winterday #snowstorms #healthylifestyles #beachesoftheworld #uluwatubeach #lovetotraveltheworld #betterway #womenpreneur #solopreneurs #timetoshine #freeyourself #montrealblogger #healthisalifestyle #silverhairdontcare #greyhairdontcare #agelessbeauty #gainenergy #ushinetribe #liveusana #usanalifestyle at Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia


Live life to the fullest and enjoy every precious moment! Many people do not rejoice in the simple pleasures and beauty of the world around them each day. Are you one of those people? Why is it that adults often deny themselves of these simple pleasures? Sometimes we have to try on some new lenses to experience life with a different perspective. And sometimes we need to remove some internal filters that block, cloud or restrict our current views. I took this photo many years ago at one of my science and nature camps. By everyone's recollections, this was one of the best days ever. -What made it so special? I believe it was the unexpected, the awe of nature and how she can surprise us, and by being given permission to fully enjoy and experience that which is normally not allowed. #experiencelifefully #childrenandnature #preciousmoments #natureexplorers #naturecamp #flood #wetlandexploration #staywildflorida #wildchild #wildchildren #life #enviroed #nature #naturelovers #naturenerd #naturenerdsunite #freeyourself #perspectives


the more i write music 🎶 the more i realize that my mama & baba are a recurring topic/theme. i was blessed with the most beautiful souls in the world as parents... but no child/parent relationship in the world is perfect. ___ One of the most hurtful/judgmental things we can say about somebody is that they have “mommy” or “daddy” issues. Every person has some version of these issues. __ In advance of my songs bout my “mama” or “baba” issues, this clip with my friend @anniceespeaks from our episode on “Self-Love” is on my mind/heart today 💞🙌🏼 #befree ___ PS women follow @thebeefreewoman! #socialjustice #dialogue #healingenergy #healingjourney #womenentrepreneur #womenwholead #selfloveisthebestlove #selfloveclub #selflovesoldier #selfloveadvocate #selflove #vulnerable #betruetoyourself #freeyourself at Los Angeles, California


The To-Do lists, thoughtful organization, and the 3am alarm to start the grind all create an incredible amount of control in my life. ~ To be in control of my daily situations and surroundings is where i thrive. ~ But in THIS world, this movement & passion driven place I allow myself to be lost. ~ And that out of control, emotionally freeing space is my escape. Its the release of all the controlled energy. ~ The ability to release everything and just live in this moment keeps my drive strong. ~ So whats your escapism? at Yelm, Washington


Hello beloved starseeds and welcome to the 315th day of 365 days of gratitude. Ahhh, the sweet taste of exhaust fumes and the sounds of city life of #ChiangMai. It is amazing to be here with all the hustle and flow of #citylife. I needed a detox for my entire Being after 16 years of living in #manhattan and the harsh ejection out into the world beyond. It feels good to feel good in the city again, since leaving #nyc for Girl's Gotta Glide I've been #rejecting all aspects of #city-life. I have found the most delicious #veganfood this time around in Chiang Mai, showing me that if I am feeling good, happy and even somewhat aligned I/We can attract what We want, what We need and what We desire for #OurBeingness. I've been asked "why workaway?" Girl's Gotta Glide is exploring all the ways one can travel, live and explore a new way of life on a most #limitedbudget. I AM #open to the #dream of cocreating an experience where I can learn, explore, live, eat and have the time to build my dream. I love you. Me. www.thisisthedownload #gratitude #grateful #girlsgottaglide #dream #build #vegantravel @veganheaven #courage #globalnomad #digitalnomad #writer #freeyourself #divorce #homeless #explore #love #eatvegan #veganthailand #thailand #nomad #homeful


*scared to be happy ? * Sometimes we are reluctant to Feel happiness. Yes. We are. It's not your fault. We all have wounds that prevent us from being truely alive and joyful. Remind of your little (inner) Child... We think that when we're happy, something will break us apart and kill that innocent joy. So we're anxious to be joyful again and lose it all... 😭 Remember why.... You draw a wonderful fresque on the living room wall and your parents got mad at you. Or you picked up flowers for your mummy and she got angry because they were flowers you were not supposed to get from the garden... Or you ate the whole bunch of candies in the jar, and your parents told you it was real bad and so on...... Heal your inner child. Forgive yourself. Forgive your mum and dad. They didn't mean to Hurt you. They did their best on behalf of what they knew was "good". Let go of fear. Free yourself. We have the right to be happy. We are loved (what ever we think we lost deserving of it). Love is all. Take care. I'm on the same trip. Having harsh time with myself. But don't give up. Light is at the end of the tunnel. Keep on grooving. 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 ✨✨✨ 💚💚 🙏 Be grateful for this life you got. It's the only One for this round !!! Sarah-Swan . #gratitude #goodvibes #happiness #healing #healyourself #freespirit #message #positivevibes #lifelesson #freeyourself #peace #zen #soulful_moments #wisdom #spirit #foodforthought #innerchild #enfantinterieur #joy #angelmessage #mindset #healer #love #spiritualjourney #loveyourself #amour #awakening #wound #joyful #selfie at France


Today I made a promise to myself, ☼ That I won't take this life I have been given for granted. ☼ That I will not waste my time on the beautiful Earth we live on. ☼ That I am always present in this moment. ☼ That I don't let fears come between me and my dreams. ☼ That I take advantage of every moment I have. ☼ And that soon I will have proven myself that anything is possible. Today I made a promise to myself, to live life to the fullest, every day forward ✨ at Sydney Opera House

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