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at Los Angeles, California


Projeto "concretude" com @desidio tombarreto.com/projetos/ at Brasilia


"Keep Waiting" • Sony Alpha A7ii + Industar 61 L/D 53mm manual focus • London, 2018 • at London, United Kingdom


monday delusion 🌬 where do you feel more freedom and space, in water or in the mountainside? let me know your thoughts please. to be honest I can’t say and really need both- in need of the one I can’t have. . . . . #allaboutwater #livebravely #minimal_perfection #surfasthetics #surfvisuals #herewithmag #wanderluster #liveforthestory #allwehaveisnow #oceanminded_arts #maldivesislands #visualsofearth #visualsoflife #vol10k #fubiz #somewheremagazine #fubiztravel #surflife #photojournalism #liveforthestory at Sagres-the end of the world


. . . Dramatic Trees . . .


at Gueliz, Marrakech, Morocco


🌳 Hoy les hablaremos de una zona muy peculiar, muy pintoresca y no es muy frecuentado por los turistas: Belleville y Ménilmontant. 👉🏼 Aquí podemos encontrar muchos residentes y restaurantes de origen asiático de alta calida. Para los que conocen Buenos Aires, algunos rincones de esta zona tienen una ligera similitud al barrio de San Telmo, obviamente con un ambiente muy parisino, ideal para la gente joven. 👉🏼 El parque de Belleville, lugar donde está tomada esta fotografía, es uno de los más altos de toda la ciudad y ofrece una vista completa de Paris. Tiene un lindo, fuentes, panaderías en los alrededores y es ideal para alejarse del estrés de la ciudad, sin salir de ella. 👉🏼 El barrio tiene pequeñas calles que nos invitan a descubrir otra parte de Paris muy colorida y popular. - • 📸 @javiernapi at Parc de Belleville


I think most of us are afraid of opening up. I think most of us are afraid of rejection. I think most of us can give advice but never take it. I think most of us accept whatever pain and hurt they feel because they get some benefit from it. I think most of us what to change but don't know how. I think most of us are happy to sacrifice our aspirations for momentary fulfilments that are honestly, easily met. I think most of us are afraid of being alone. I think most of us are of change. I think most of us cloud our decisions to 'self-love' with regret. I think most of us know exactly how to deal with whatever hurt we're experiencing but are too scared we'll never feel happy or safe again. I think most of us are afraid to express ourselves. I think most of us are afraid of questions being unanswered. I think most of us are afraid to constantly find ourselves. I think most of us just want to be loved but anyone. I think most of us look for things to last forever, rather than enjoy them while we have them. I think most of us don't communicate how we really feel. I think most of us don't even know that we aren't alone with anything that we're going through. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #portbox  #cinebible  #myfeatureshoot #somewheremagazine  #imaginarymagnitude #photocinematica  #24hrchurch  #lastdaze  #fubiz #theportraitpr0ject  #etczine  #filmphotographic #ifyouleavestagram  #hylasmag #observationmag  #ignant  #onbooooooom #indiependentmag  #PursuitofPortraits  #stellaremag #n8zine  #gladtobesadmag  #featuremeofh #picoftheday  #photooftheday  #thinkverylittle #thinkveryfilm #25bluehours



I havn't shared much from my SE Asia trip but it sure had its moments. To get to this spot you actually have to walk through a lady's house, as the stairs are basically connected. at Vietnam



Monolith vs Sun at Spring Street, Melbourne


Saved this gem for the last part of the hike in Tenorio Volcano National Park.. at Río Celeste


A house divided at Malmö, Sweden


An oldie in blue & white. Gebrüder Pfister’s Peterhof in Zurich (the Grieder building). 1912-1914 at Griederbar


👋🏼 i’m going back at Bacalar, Quintana Roo


lost and found 2018 at Germany




Vive le street art.


🏢 🇵🇹 at Lisbon, Portugal


Ushuaia was a constant reminder of how big the world is, how there's so much to see and the only way to see it all is one step at a time. @visitargentina @visitushuaia #ushuaia #spotthegprocket #imaginarymagnitude at Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

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