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Thanks so much for all the support, it was a defining factor in beating Cancer and coming back from losing a lung, this time is no different! Ive been blown away by all the nice words and PMs, so I'm here to talk anytime, don't be shy, it's honestly a weight lifted! --------------------------- #depression #fuckcancer #support #onelung @strongerstringer


FUCK cancer #fuckcancer #fuckcancertattoo #tattoo


24 september 💕💕 #fuckcancer #ungcancer


Its incredible what weed looks like up close


Sjukhus och återbesök, läs mer på bloggen om besöket. [linathor.se] eller länk i bio 🌟 #fuckcancer


To the two Veronica's one I never met as she passed at a very young 20 month old and to my Aunty Veronica whom we farewell tomorrow. #jewellerytribute #remebrance #sadsideoflife #neverforget #fuckcancer


21 días desde que me operaron. 21 días sin poder dar un abrazo 🤗 Ojalá alguien me hubiera avisado: "abraza hoy todo lo que puedas, porque a saber cuándo podrás volver a hacerlo" 🎯 #gendelalucha #postoperatorio #fuckcancer #cancerdemama #migranviaje #cancerquotes #cancersucks


Den 7 okt springer vi på Thelandersson för dom cancersjuka barnen. Gör som vi och anmäl dig du med. #thelanderssonbyggochmaleri #barncancerfonden #runhope #fuckcancer


#saknardigpappa ❤️❤️❤️ #fuckcancer #fuckkol 🖕🖕🖕 #beautifulangels #saknardigbaloo ❤️❤️❤️


at Norra begravningsplatsen






Jennifer Lopez was dope! I'm just so happy to be alive and able to have a good time with the love of my life @soundmanlos #love #birthday #jlo #jenniferlopez #dance #concert #show #happybirthday #bday #fuckcancer #remissionbitches #alive #fun #vegas #show #live #life at Axis at Planet Hollywood Jennifer Lopez Concert



This #photo was taken exactly one year ago, when everything was good in my life and i had no idea that #mylife will change totally 3 weeks after this and i was diagnosed with #breastcancer. But #hereiam, #stillalive, after all! 😅🙏🏼 with @ammusmies1 as always! 💚😘 #fuckcancer #whatajourney #throwbackthursday #tbt #hiking #trekking #hikingwithdog #traildog #smoothcollie #sosmooth #nationalpark #karhunkierros #ruka #kuusamo #lapland #finland #autumn #fall #nature #outdoors #thisisfinland #outdoorslife #adventure #neverstopexploring #campfire at Karhunkierros


🌿 hanging in there #fuckcancer #breastcancer


I will hopefully be having my last operation today to remove all my lymph nodes in my left arm! It's not guaranteed that I have cancer in them but my consultant said she would rather remove them! Better be safe then sorry! Anytime soon I will be taken into the anaesthetic room, where the theatre checklist will be done one last time, then I will be given anaesthetic into my vein which will put me into a deep sleep. Once I'm in a deep sleep I will be taken into the theatre! Please pray that all goes well! #keepingpositive #removingmylymphnodes #lymphnodes #lifeofacancerpatient #fuckcancer #nohairdontcare #operation #view #positive #positivevibesonly


Operation went well, strong woman, mother of two, I love you mom, #thistooshallpass #fuckcancer #mom #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #breastcancersurvivor


Set up a fundraising page for my 10k. I will be going on about it with increasing frequency over the next nine months, be warned. Link is in my profile.


I want everyone to pray for @_joseph_sanchez_ he might have cancer. It is very sad to hear this. He has been a real one since day one. 💯🙏🏾❤️ #fuckcancer


I dag fyller den vackraste av änglar år. Saknar dig så det gör ont. Fick alldeles för kort stund med dig. Minns vår första träff, en blind date😊. Skulle dela hytt på mamma blogg kryssningen. Blev kärlek direkt, underbarare person finns inte. Vi dansade nykter natten lång och diskuterade allt mellan himmel och jord. Du fanns alltid där❤. Himlen en ängel rikare och hoppas dom firar dig ordentligt där uppe bland molnen🎈. Miss you #missyou #angel #inheaven #fuckcancer #bestfriend #happybirthday #tears #


No me afectó especialmente perder el pelo durante la quimio, porque cómo ya he dicho más veces, hay otros efectos mil veces peores del tratamiento. . Ahora vuelve a crecer y lo hace ¡A lo loco! 😵😵😵 Me lo tomo de forma simbólica, es un mensaje que me da la vida para que haga todas esas locuras que tenía pendientes 😉 Cada centímetro de pelo nuevo me lo tomo como kilómetros de distancia que me separan del cáncer 😊✌✌✌ . #CancerDeMama #CancerMama #BreastCancer #FuckCancer #CancerSurvivor #CarpeDiem



The Fuck Cancer long sleeve is always a hit 🙏🏼❤️ @shaneforsyth_ #fuckcancer


Återbesök på sjukhuset och jag är CANCERFRI 😍😍😍😍😍 #fuckcancer / @linathor


Losing my mom to cancer set me back for a little while, but it's made me more passionate than ever, and I will see this business of mine grow! Too many people are getting sick from toxins in our cleaning products - my Dad's cancer is linked to those toxins, and his diagnosis was the inspiration to find truly healthier and eco friendly options. (Yes, you read that right - 2 parents, 2 cancers)... Tonight, I set my sadness aside, and sent out some emails to a few businesses that I feel would be amazing partners in my mission to offer healthier and greener options - and I have more businesses in mind! FYI, if you happen to be an amazing business that is interested in stocking Amo Tierra Botanicals, or if you know of a business who would be a great fit, message me asap - because I'm tired of seeing people get sick and die - and if I can't save my parents' health, I will be happy to help anyone else who will join me in getting into the green clean mojo - because the only way we can win this fight is by working together to help save the world!


Vet says to keep him calm and restricted. We're both going stir crazy. #thewaitinggame #fuckcancer #labradorlove #puppyatheart at Parkhurst, Gauteng, South Africa



W A T I N G R O O M 6 I am in my ninth year as a cancer patient, and even tho I've been nine years cancer free, it doesn't make the yearly check-up any more fun. There is always that possibility that it has returned. But instead of focusing on that, I choose to be very humble and thankful whenever I am here, because I am lucky enough to be here for the ninth year in a row. And I send a thought to those who aren't, and those who still fight to be here♥️ #fuckcancer #waitingroom at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet


A Repost from our Ambassador @aronanderson You never stop to amaze and inspire others. #Repost @aronanderson ・・・ NEVER STOP!! I've climbed all kinds of mountains but there is nothing like this place. 6 weeks ago I took three awesome cancer warriors with me to Trolltunga. Hope your wednesday was feeling like on top of the world! Good night! #trolltunga #motivation #norway #fuckcancer #inspiration #wheelchair at Trondheim, Norway


... After meeting my oncology chemotherapy and radiation therapy teams I had really only one way to go ..... to forevermore be a happy bunny and hold my ears up high and bounce on every obstacle that comes my way ..... Bring it on ... . I cannot say it was a pleasure to meet them, and listening to what they had to say was not the easiest either. They confirmed what I knew. The radiologist doctor was a bit disconcerting as I nearly had to stop her and give her a hug as she seemed to be about to cry. And when she reeled of all the side effects I just laughed my head off, she didn't know how to take it so she went and got the head of department. 😬I have a strange sense of humour. . I have what is called clear cell carcinoma... Dr Google it. It is rare and they are still in early stages of figuring out how to cure it. Basically it is unresponsive to standard chemotherapy drug used for ovarian cancers, hence they will use two drugs on me. I will have a three week cycle, week break, radiation therapy every week day for three weeks, break, then Two more 3 week chemo cycles. Tests in Canada show some radiation along with chemo has helped but still to early to say how much. Basically by throwing everything at it they hope to stop it.... unfortunately there are a lot of grey areas. There is still a good chance it will grow back, in which case there will be little they can do ... so I really need it to be stopped now ... . I have already signed up to help them research this type of cancer. It won't help me but hopefully others. It is thought to possibly be hereditary so I am having tests done to find out. This could help my son, brother, and nieces, also possibly cousins. . Love, hugs and eat cake 😘 . #fuckcancer #cancersucks #livingwithcancer #pocket_people #rainingonasunnyday #simplethingsmatter #lookforthelight #somewheremagazine #lifeofadventure #littlebitsof_life #whatisee #visualsoflife #myfeatureshoot


My Beautiful Mom is no longer in pain! I will forever miss you Mom! I love you more than words can express! #restinpeace #fuckcancer 💔💔💔


Hoy 21 de septiembre , estas de cumpleaños, siempre estás presente papa, te extrañamos mucho y Así siempre te siento papi, con tu mano muy cerca de mi, acompañándome cada segundo de mi vida !!! Feliz cumpleaños donde quiera que estés 🙏🏻❤️ te amamos y te extrañamos mucho todos !!!!! Gracias por ser tan especial, gracias por tus enseñanzas, por tus consejos, por ser el mejor padre del mundo, mi Luis peñaloza, mi muñeco hermoso !!! Te amo y aunque siempre me entristece no tenerte cerca, se que estás a mi lado todo el tiempo, gracias por no soltar mi mano ni en los momentos más difíciles 💝 #libredecancer #fuckcancer at Madrid, Spain



I want to thank everyone for all the love and support pouring in 😊. It's incredibly overwhelming ❤️❤️❤️. I know some are having some challenges contributing. My Swedish Tribe: unlock your internet payment access through your bank's homesite. Go into www.youcaring.com and search Miran Konoske if the link is not working.. Thanks again for your help ❤️❤️❤️🙏 #love #sisters #family #breastcancer #contribute #webelieveinmiracles #fuckcancer #wecanbeatthis



I finally had my hair shaved. I thought it would be an emotional experience, but uncontrollably loosing hair was more heartbreaking than having it shaved. Mother thinks I should go out with wig, but that makes me feel fake. I also wanted it a bit shorter but she said no. 🙄 I guess it was really hard for her to see me bald. Another ✔️ in the list of things I should've done earlier in life ☺️ #fuckcancer #notloosingmybrows



16 years and fighting, love you mumma ❤❤❤❤💗 #fuckcancer at London, United Kingdom