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Alright, this is me sharing my struggles on the learning curve for inside photos, using backdrops. So bare with me and be kind😊 I was challenged by a dear friend a few weeks back & I decided to go for it - I order some beginner equipment & received it all yesterday and was SO EXCITED to try it out, but shhheeewww, THIS IS HARD WORK. I am feeling super defeated right now - but I do look forward to continue working on this skill and investing time and patience, so that maybe in the future I can provide an alternative option for the winter season, young ones or just for preference reasons. Y’all pray for me! 😁😋😉 Because in all seriousness THESE ARE THE THINGS I’VE PRAYED FOR, God is working and providing and I am SO thankful for that! #growing #trustingtheprocess #kraephotog #givingmyselfgrace


I had every intention of offering wreaths for sale this year but it just didn’t happen. In fact, I had a lot of good intentions this year. I know most people would tell me it’s amazing that I accomplished as much as I did while pregnant and also chasing around a 1 year old, 5 year old and 6 year old but that’s from the outside looking in. From the inside looking out, I have all kinds of frustrations from the year. There were so many creative opportunities and potential money making opportunities I had to say no to because I had no energy. There were flats of flowers that never got planted even though they were on the ground right next to their intended bed because bending over with this pregnancy was especially difficult. There were people that I forgot to make thank you bouquets for when they let me clip flowers from their yards earlier this year (I promise you will get them this spring!). The list goes on and on. I think I may label this as a bit of a lost year for this little flower business of mine but that’s ok. A fresh start is around the corner. And although there were so many business regrets, I have none about the amount of time I spent with my husband and kids. And that is so much more important. This venture was started to fuel my creativity and bring in a bit of extra income, not to make me feel like a failure for not doing enough. So my biggest goal for next year? Enjoying it. Giving myself some grace. Learning from each success and each mistake. And remembering why I started in the first place. #spokaneflorist #spokanegram #spokanesmallbusiness #farmerflorist #cutflowergarden #freshcutwreaths #christmaswreath #handmadewreath #smallbusinesstruths #givingmyselfgrace #ayearinflowers #grownnotflown #flowerbusiness


This boy right here!!!! . Look at him sitting with his communication device able to communicate his wants with others! James truly amazes me with the way he fights through adversity! . When I look at my special boy my struggles and excuses are put into perspective! Here he is thriving in school and figuring out this world that he must find his place in! Who the heck am I to ever complain or feel sorry for myself!? . So many of us run from adversity and let the struggles we MIGHT face stop us from moving forward! He knows no boundaries of self doubt or fear of failure and inspires me everyday! (Even if he’s driving me completely nuts!🤪) . Don’t let fear keep you down and from living the life you dream of! Because of this little boy by life has been forever changed! But, because of the example that he is for me I have learn to preserve and dream big EVEN faced with fear! . Are you tired of the way things are? Are you worried nothing will ever change? Be more like James and push through all the negativity, worry, fear and just make it happen! . My motto is everything is figureoutable!!! . I would love to hear of a mistake or failure that you made in the past that taught you a valuable life lesson you only could have learned through that failure!


“My love what did I do to make you fall so far from me And now I can recall Cause of the fall selective memory Then you you built a wall a 20 foot wall so I couldnt see But if I get off my off my knees then I might recall I’m 20 feet tall.” -Erykah Badu (Song: 20 Feet Tall) 20 feet tall and reaching my hands to the sky. Today I give myself the gift of grace. Fall term, let’s close this chapter... • • • • #erykahbadu #erykahbaduquotes #20feettall #selectivememory #coffee #latte #blackrockcoffee #portlandstateuniversity #portlandoregon #sky #offmyknees #grace #givingmyselfgrace #winter2020 #life #love #patients #stuff #deeznuts #wall #20footwall #hallamelanatedcoffee


Started my friend @yamimufdi’s 4 week holiday program yesterday! 😁😁😁 a day late technically, but I was traveling Monday #givingmyselfgrace 🤷🏻‍♀️ it was a leg day, and MAN did she make me WORK! Loving her new app (link in her bio if you want to check it out- you can get a 7 day free trial!!), the fact that you can watch her execute each exercise the entire time you’re doing it (which helps me MAJORLY with keeping form!), and how accessible she has made it to follow a program at a more than reasonable price 😍😍😍😍 I’ve been a huge fan of hers for YEARS now, and I have never regretted it for a second. She continues to amaze me with her heart, her spirit, her integrity, and this new app does not disappoint 😁🥰 enough of me raving, go check it out for yourself! ❤️ • • • #NOTsponsored #justabeliever #workout #fitness #newapp #mindbodysoul #womeninfitness #entrepreneur #soproud #iworkout #womenwholift #liftandbelifted #fitmom #legday


4 sweaty miles on the treadmill tonight. I started back to work this week after almost a full year of living the stay at home Mom life. It’s been extremely difficult adjusting and finding time to fit in an easy 4 much less marathon training. I’m working on #givingmyselfgrace this week as I try and figure it all out. It’s amazing what running can do for the soul! #twinmom #motherrunner #postpartumrunning #running #marathon #runlikeamother #marathontraining #runtheday #runnersofinstagram #igrunners #runlikeagirl


A new challenge starts today! Joining in on #yogipowerup. Day one is any arm balance. I was actually a little disappointed with myself at first. Today I really wanted to do flying pigeon for my pose. I've done it before... But it's been a while and I haven't been on my mat consistently in months. So today... It just wasn't going to happen. So at first there is that disappointment in myself. That fear of "what else did I lose" or what am I capable of losing in the future. But as I've been working on giving myself more grace, I decided to put that into practice in that moment. That's a tough pose, and I know I'll get that back at some point. That's not what's important right now. The fact that I'm feeling good and capable of getting on my mat uninhibited today is such a blessing. So I chose this side crow variation. One that was once hard for me, and today was pretty easy. So there's another win after all. Hosts: @queenmamayoga @yogatobekidding_ @yogi_shazzbam Sponsors: @viryanaactivewear @treelanceyoga @alanaathletica @rollgahealth @facesoft_towels @glassticbottle @om_matters @khromaherbs @devine.mat @blenditstore_uk #yoga #yogi #yogalove #yogalife #yogagirl #health #motivation #practicemakesprogress #givingmyselfgrace #sidecrow #yogachallenge #healingjourney


Today I will give myself grace. This morning I had a hard time getting up and getting going... change doesn’t happen overnight and I know that. I will keep striving for my best as I work through this season of my life. Today I am focusing on sticking to my 5 to thrive. #5tothrive #kickassmomma #givingmyselfgrace #fitmomlife #fierceandfocused #ifnotnowthenwhen


First time running postpartum. It felt weird, but good weird. I’ll get back one mile at a time. 👟 🏃🏽‍♀️ #4weekspostpartum #runnersofinstagram #runningmom #givingmyselfgrace #arbonne30daystohealthyliving #healthyliving #activefamilies


Happy Sunday and first day of December! ❤️🎄 I am still in a bit of shock that it is already December. This year truly happened in what feels like a blink of an eye. I know I have been a little MIA on my page. November sort of got the best of me if I am being honest. I didn't even wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving nor did I promote my own business on Small Business Saturday 🤦‍♀️! If I can have a moment to be real and little vulnerable with you all then I would like to put myself out there a little bit. Being a mom is HARD! Now, don't get me wrong. I feel so blessed to be a mom to my three wonderful daughters. I know that I am in a unique position where I get to be with my girls all day and I don't have to take them to a day care. Getting to be a parent is so rewarding but it is a tough job. Often times, I don't feel that I am able to give them all the attention they need because I trying to be a business woman as well. Also, vice versa. I know my business gets put to the wayside or I have plans and make posts that I don't get a chance to fulfill due to needing to be a mom and wife. Now, I don't want this to turn in to a "woah is me" pity party. I just wanted to take some time to let you all know how grateful I am for you! ❤️ And to thank you for taking the time to like my posts, comment on my posts, and to share my posts. I created Nesper Naturals to help bring natural body care products to people, but, to me, Nesper Naturals means so much more. It means to help inform and educate about better, non-toxic ways of living! This afternoon/evening I will be doing a live for the 2.0 house hold cleaner petri dish experiment as well as a post on specials that will happening all week! Lastly, isn't this picture of my girls awesome?! I mean I might be a little bias but I certainly think so. Shout out to Mclaryn O'neal at Now is a Memory Photography for capturing this moment. Be sure to check her FB page out. #nespernaturals #mylittles #outdaughtered #tbh #givingmyselfgrace


Having a “mom bod” is something I was ashamed of having for a long time.. ✨ . . I told myself after my 3rd pregnancy that my goal was to push myself to look like I did prior to having kids.. thinking that version of myself was the only one that needed to exist. Not this one. . But these past 6 months I’ve learned to view my postpartum body differently. I’ve accepted the new curves, bumps, and stretch marks because they represent something beautiful... LIFE!🤰🏼 . . Instead of tearing yourself down, lift yourself up. Change the way you talk to yourself. Your mom bod is beautiful, perfect and worthy of love! 💗💗 . . . #dirtymirrorbecausemomlife #postpartum #mombod #givingmyselfgrace #worthyoflove #thisismotherhood #rawandreal #rawmotherhoodseries #momtruths


+CONFIDENCE+ I hate to admit I’ve been putting way too much of my self-confidence in my hair lately. read that right! This picture was taken fresh from a cut / color and I felt amazing. If I could get away with not washing for 6 weeks and having it look like this I totally would have! . Aging has brought curls...and I have no ideas how to handle curls. I’ve invested hundreds of dollars in curly hair products and only recently decided to start educating myself on methods to make my curls confidence makers too! . . Oh and I am working on not putting so much value on what my hair looks like! This aging thing has had some unexpected surprises! #letsagegracefullykid


3 weeks of putting a fine point on my nutrition, of breathing deeply in yoga, of learning to love fruits and veggies again, of letting go of meat, dairy, sugar, and grains... all resulting a refreshed mindset about food (it’s actually FUEL ! 😲), gained faith in my ability to stick to a food plan, deeper knowledge that if I don’t manage food (and my mind about it), I’ll never see results from these workout programs... Plus 9.8 pounds lost, and 11.25 inches let go. . Here’s to ending this year supporting my health with FUEL! What does ‘health’ mean to you? To me, it means being able to do the things I want to do, like run a marathon! . #metamorphyourself #🐛👉🏼🦋 #3weeks #nutritionmatters #foodisfuel #youarewhatyoueat #eatyourcolors #ultimatereset #transformationday #alwayschanging #alwayslearning #givingmyselfgrace #gracious #fitand40


I’ve been working really hard to control what I put in my mouth so that I can be the size that I desire to be. Not too long ago I was soooo sad about the way my stomach looked in clothes and especially out of clothes but now I’m not so mad any more. Things are shrinking and being replaced with muscle and I just need to remain patient with myself and keep going. It’s been 8 months and I’m working on staying active. But the most important thing that I had to focus on first was controlling what I put in my mouth 💯 . . . #myweightreleasejourney #learningaboutme #whatineed #givingmyselfgrace #workingonit #consistency #justkeepgoing


Ready for this week to be over! 🖤 Sick Child 🖤 Swamped with photo editing (really a blessing that I’m grateful for, but also stressful) 🖤 Location for photos this weekend fell through and am left coming up with another plan! 🖤 and now I have lost a game of chicken with a raccoon... well, I guess the raccoon lost since it’s no longer alive...but in the meantime my car is not driveable! 😫 Unexpected day off... thinking I might just lay on the sofa and watch Christmas movies and pray God handles what ever else gets thrown at me this week! I am very thankful for family to help when things don’t go as planned, a boss that is understanding when emergencies happen, and a side hustle for an extra income so I don’t have to stress when things like this happen!


Sometimes I completely rock as a mom. I shower regularly. Have a clean house. Schedule dental appointments for everyone at the precise 6 month mark and generally get all of the things done with a smile. Fucking nailing it, man. Then there are times that I’m a complete, douchtastic failure. Like today, for instance. We barely made it out the door in time for school, I haven’t changed out of my pajamas yet (it’s 4pm) and my ass and my couch are BFF’s... out of sheer mental exhaustion. I did, however, manage to send the kindergartener to school in her cutest pajamas for her field trip to see Frozen 2... Except pajama day was for the upcoming Polar Express field trip NEXT MONTH. Shit. #momfail #momfailfriday #momlife #nailingit #justnottoday #givingmyselfgrace #fuck


So often my inner critic is so loudly speaking I can't hear myself think. The critic is non-stop about everything, all day long. Today it has been very loud. I chose to scroll thru an album I made that is filled with moments captured of the beauty in imperfections. Moments of tiny triumphs for myself. This one, for whatever reason resonates in me today. It is hard for me to let things go, especially imperfections and preventable things. I see everything I do, could do, or should have done in every moment I am present with myself. Learning to love myself and give grace in each triumph and low point; learning to support and encourage myself in the valleys has been a struggle. Learning to capture how I feel, honor it and let it go has been a beautiful journey for my heart. Let it be words or pictures, this is how I create. This is how I become aware. This is how I heal. #kristinsponderings #speakingtomyself #healing #innercritic #enneagram1 #givingmyselfgrace #beingpresent #lettinggo


Napped on purpose again today! I feel like I’m behind or have been less than intentional on the sleep schedule with this little guy. Going back to work is coming up and I need more hours of sleep in a row at night. While pregnant I re-read “Baby wise” (we used with my older son) and just recently have been reading the blogs of @takingcarababies who is mentioned a bunch in groups I’m in. They seem similar in the eat/play/sleep routine. Today’s nap I messed up the order, he play/eat/sleep. #givingmyselfgrace #newmom #8weeks #sleeptraining #postpartum #goingbacktoworksoon #nappingbaby