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Fresh✌Death ☠⚰


Sometimes I hesitate to take a picture with a dramatic angle. Sometimes I second guess myself when I turn the saturation up or alter the contrast. Why? Because I hear judgment. I hear people saying that I am being over the top or fake or looking for attention. I wait for the comments taking me too seriously or not seriously at all. But these voices are just voices in my own head. The negative voices that other people planted there a long time ago...or maybe yesterday. These are the kinds of words that go deep. Their roots are insidious. They embed themselves inside the connotations and lilt of outside voices. But in reality this is all just a tiny shadow of real life. It's like when I try to walk the line between trust and protection. When I feel depressed or anxious or angry it feels safer to hold it all in. I don't want to feel the callous curiosity of someone else's thoughts, "He said that he was why is he laughing?" Or, "He has such a great life, why is he angry?" But the brain is too complex to fit into an orderly routine or set of prescribed outcomes. I'm the only one who has the context for my own thoughts. And so I try to express those thoughts, feelings and ideas through music and pictures and words eventhough I often fail miserably in doing so. Sometimes the smile on my face doesn't match the darkness in my heart but other times the darkness in my photography doesn't match the freedom I feel in my soul. But this is me. And if you don't like it that's okay...keep scrolling. I won't be offended. . . . . . . . . . #ig_mood #ig_moody #vscomood #createexplore #ig_color #fatalshot #urbanandstreet #urbexploration #agameoftones #igtones #artofvisuals #moodygrams #urbex #rooftopping #shotoniphone #climbingbridges #urbexclimb #urbextreme #lostplacephotography #citykillerz #urbex_kings #nfrealmusic #urbexrebels #colorsofdecay #masks #way2ill #grimelords_urbex #climb #darkvisuals


Did someone sprinkle orange sawdust in the shape of a pentagram? I say yes. #abandoned #abandoned_af #abandonedplaces #abandonedphotography #grimelords #grimelords_urbex #urbexdecay #urbex


REST IN PEACE!! Fire destroyed the historic Masonic Temple near downtown Aurora overnight Monday. This 97 year old building has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1982, is a “significant loss” to the city.. It once was a meeting place for as many as 1,000 members of the Aurora Masonic Alliance.


Why walk when you can skate?


A garden and life both require patient labor and attention. Both thrive because someone expended effort.


Heres your map of the different cliques at lunch. •beware of the plastics •Sexually active band geeks •Cool asians •Unfriendly black hotties •Girls who eat their feelings •Girls who dont eat anything •The coolest people you will ever meet •AV jocks •preps


The human body has two ends on it: one to create with and one to sit on. Sometimes people get their ends reversed. When this happens they need a kick in the seat of the pants.


This city has my ❤ forever.

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