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. . . [ 31th oct :: 304/2019 ] . . . 親愛的魂魄: 在成為『我』的這一世 淋漓地放縱吧 起碼一次 . . . #影子走入南亞北緯30度の罕薩谷 . #incrediblehunza . #karen_left_her_soul_in_borith_lake . .


Yahi moqa hai chorna nahe 😂🤣 Tag them . Picture by @asmarsphotography . . . #incrediblehunza


Follow @mr.hunzai Attabad Lake, Hunza 😍🇵🇰 . . . #incrediblehunza #mrhunzai


When people will watch this video, many might think « are you crazy to hitchhike a car in PAKISTAN and filled with men you don’t know? They could rape you! » To be honest, when they stopped, I hesitated for a second. The co-pilot came out to put my bag in the trunk and I was like « fuck it, I am gonna TRUST! ». . I took a picture of the car plate and sent it to a reliable friend. But then, the co-pilot came out of the car and gave me the front seat so that I don’t stay close to the men seated in the backseats and feel more comfortable. At this time, I knew I’ll be ok. Those men made me feel super comfortable and even asked for some advice as I almost became a Hunzai haha. Men, when you see a solo woman traveler or a woman simply in the streets, make her feel comfortable. Since young, we are taught that men could rape us and that we should be scared. Don’t walk behind us. Don’t ask us if we are married. Make us understand that you don’t want anything sexual. Tell us that we are safe with you. Travelling means TRUST and accepting to be VULNERABLE. If you read this and you are a woman, don’t be afraid! Let it be the norm to travel solo! If you are a man, empower women who want to travel solo and offer your help and support! We don't need you to tell us we will get raped. It's super easy to hitchhike on the KKH. Do it!


Last Kiss to Golden Peak (7,027 m (23,054 ft)) . Spantik or Golden Peak is a mountain in Spantik-Sosbun Mountains subrange of Karakoram in Nagar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan . . . . . . . 📍Duikar, Hunza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . @dawn_dot_com @travelbeautifulpakistan @etribune @picturepakistan @samaatv @islamic_republic_of_pakistan @flashh_pakistan @travellersofpakistan @photowalkerspk @wu_pakistan @creative_pakistan @letsvisitpakistan @pictureofpakistan @igworldclub @natgeo @natgeotravel @storiesofpakistan @thekarakoramclub @adventurenthusiasts @voyaged @earthofficial @natgeoexpeditions @travelpeacefulpakistan @beautifuldestinations @thebeautifulpakistan


Badshahi Mosque, Lahore 😍🇵🇰 . 📸 @lostwithpurpose . . . #incrediblehunza


Naltar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan 😍🇵🇰 . . . #incrediblehunza