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Take all the shoddy stories you’ve collected from other people’s mouths, the ones that hold distorted beliefs about who you are and what this life holds. The stories that do not serve you to carry on reading out to your heart; let them compost down, feeding the new stories with medicine, the new ones you will grow and speak from your centre, in place of the old. Let yourself whisper these stories of power to yourself, like a loving parent to a child, as the darkness settles onto the land. Allowing yourself be a small child in your arms, parenting yourself back home again. ~ Brigit Anna McNeill #compostoldstories #innerchildhealing #medicine


I grew up in a family of darkness covered by money and community popularity. My mother was very emotionally, physically and sexually abusive which she covered up with her status. She was a narcissist. I was abused sexually by multiple family members. I dated a physically and sexually abusive guy at a young age. . . As a result I hated myself. I starved, and harmed myself, trying to ruin me. I tried to get rid of the little girl inside of me. I have moments of overwhelming fear that it is all right here in front of me again. I fight constantly to stay present to be fearless . I broke free from the use of medicine and focus on self care and natural ways of healing. . . My source of healing has been my beautiful gems in friends that have become family. I picture them as if the sun came down the side of the mountain in all her grace to play among us in a field of flowers. I found true meaning in religion in the right way, not tainted by fear. I am currently in crisis counseling and try to live every moment to the fullest . . . Yoga, traveling, YouTube , counseling , Instagram , creativity and friends have been great tools of healing for me. . . I enjoy life but not just the clique version of life. I believe in the magic of every passing moment the way the puddles ripple in the rain as if majestic underwater kingdoms dwell in them. The way your cheeks burn after a good life. The way the limbs of trees reach and help carry the wind along its way. I am happiest traveling, volunteering, creating art , at Disney, and when I can be in a creative zone. . . To my inner child: “You are not what they did to you. You are you and loved for you. STAY. I will teach you to be brave.” . . Thank you @lavieenrosedarling for bravely sharing your story! 💪🏻 . . If you’d like to share your story, please DM for guidelines. ❤️


Trauma is an incomplete response by the body biologically in the face of trauma which results in a person being stuck in survival patterns. Survival patterns in the nervous system are outdated ways of dealing with present day circumstances based on past trauma. People usually have a dominant style of either shutting down which is the freeze response with symptoms of dissociation/isolation or flight/fight with symptoms of rapid breathing and rage. Until we heal at the deeper levels of our nervous system and beliefs which are keeping us stuck we continue to recreate past trauma. These often present as anxiety, depression, codependency, procrastination, self sabotage, isolation, low self worth to name a few.


The darkest of the darkest shadows are coming up. Not limited to abuse, addictions, depression, suicidal thoughts, gambling suicides, etc. If you are one of those who are dismantling and transmuting the energies of this for the collective and you are having thoughts of giving up on everything, suicidal etc. Please please please know it is not you. And please reach out and ask for help if necessary especially if you have thoughts of putting yourself in harm's way. . I had to deal with a few at once earlier and it was really really intense. I'm wishing all of you love and protection 🙏🏻💜🌈✨


Yes, we can find beauty wherever we go, and our minds allow or not for us to remember it. I have found it is easier to see the beauty in everything I do, the more I see the beauty of myself. #beauty #surrender #joy #gratitude #healing #innerchildwork #peace


Healing from the trauma, breaking generational curses, doing all the inner child work, reparenting while parenting, and showing up for HER every single day! — She deserves it, I deserve it, my ancestors deserve it, my children deserve it, and every person I make contact with deserves it. There’s no turning back now! We are showing up and showing out!! ⚡️ — (I must have really planned out this entire picture day look. 🤣)


The journey inward takes immense discipline. ✨ I’m moving slow but steady and growing with each exercise. It starts with visualizing yourself as a lost hungry child on the street and swooping yourself up and loving, forgiving, and nurturing you back to health. ✨ When we start to recognize different aspects of ourselves, labeling the actions and thought patterns that arise, we can shed light on those areas and nurture them into understanding, lessening their power to control us. The healing starts within. ✨ #healwithin #innerchildwork #innerchild #tamingyourouterchild


From over weight to anorexic to healthy weight, I've never stopped trying to have a healthy relationship with food. I've come to realise and accept that I will always have issues and that's okay. Pretending as if everything is "normal" or good when reality is, you are struggling, that causes more damage than anything else. If you emotionally restrict or binge all that means is you are trying to calm yourself in a situation where you feel you have no control. You don't have to beat up on yourself for the things you do to survive in situations where you are scared. You are human and you are doing the best you can. Work on self acceptance. Self confidence. Make baby goals & if you promise yourself that you'll meditate, eat better or drink more water, do it. Every time you let yourself down you reinforced that helpless feeling, not believing in yourself because you never do what you say you will do. Start showing up for yourself and trust me, the food issues will work themselves out over time. 💜


Remember that we are dismantling all the lower energies of the collective, and all these lower energies are coming through us depending on which ones we were meant to dismantle. . Know that most of the energies are not yours but just your purpose to dismantle for the collective. Stay strong and detach from the emotions and let them pass through you and then ground yourself immediately after ✨ I got to admit it really hit hard today and definitely not the easiest but remember that the divine won't give you something you can't handle. I'm sending you guys going through this so much love and light. Stay strong, warriors of light 🙆🏻‍♀️💜🌈✨