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Though the order of songs of an album matters less in a world of streaming, from the artist's perspective it's an important decision. A carefully constructed album turns potentially disparate ideas into a thoughtful story that can transport you to a place you didn't know existed, or surfaces emotions you haven't felt in a while. Or perhaps ever. The best albums have this extraordinary ability to absorb parts of your own story too, where the two become forever entangled. Chances are that, when an album you loved years ago starts playing, you are taken instantly back to that time, in "3D" no less, including sights, sounds, smells. Radiohead's OK Computer is one of those albums for me. It carried me through 3 months in Japan, where a foreign language and alphabet made every day tasks difficult. I am on a surprisingly quiet side road walking past the Pocari Sweat vending machines under the off-white and slightly dirty awning, on my way to the Ebisu train station, wondering if it's going to rain whenever Subterranean Homesick Alien comes on. Shoink is the first track on Perfection Is the Enemy of Progress. I wanted to set the mood for what's to come: simple melodies, interesting rhythms, tight nit playing, a little playfulness and humor. Getting it to that point required a lot of experimentation at home (yes including in Tokyo), and jamming it with great musicians in Durham, Chicago and San Diego. I was lucky to meet four great individuals who made this track (and album) come to life like I had always imagined. I'm excited to introduce you to them in coming posts. Link to Shoink and the rest of the album in my profile. All proceeds from the album go to the National LMS Foundation that funds research on Leiomayosarcoma, a rare cancer that Sandi beat in 2018. #lmsfoundation #shoink #electricguitar #instrumentalfunk

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