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❗💖❗💖❗ i was attending a super awesome warehouse DJ set with my hubby and some frands last night 🎶💃🏼🕺🏿🎵 (actual vinyl, even!) and got caught taking bathroom selfies... ✌️🤪 when i realized i was REALLY low on Trans Fluid™️. 😕♀️ Luckily, this warehouse bathroom is socially conscious enough to come fully stocked! 🤩👍 great to see this type of representation out here. and speaking as a definite Tractor of a woman 🚜💁🏼‍♀️, it's also nice to see they sprung for the heavy duty stuff! thanks for the validation, random warehouse bathroom. 😎👆👉 Stay Golden... 😂🌈🪐💫🦋🌍☮️❤️ #transgender #itgetsbetter


Life’s not always what we are taught it will be. 🤷🏻‍♀️ If we don’t live our lives the way people expect us to do then we’re told we’re going to “fail”. 👎🏽Remember to DO WHAT YOU LOVE! ❤️I was always told that I shouldn’t be skating because it only gets me injured 🏥 and it brings me no 🚫income 💰 but what those people who tell me that don’t understand is that it brings me joy 😊and happiness 🥰 and that’s why I continue to keep pushing 💕🛹 ✨ 🎥 : @she.butter 😇🙏🏼🍻 #BEHAPPY #KEEPPUSHING #NEVERGIVEUP #ITGETSBETTER #LOVELIFE #SMILE #LAUGH #LIVE


“You can be honest about your life without unfurling the details of your past trauma. There's no timeline here, because every relationship is different, but slow disclosure that leaves space for the grey area between total vulnerability and total secrecy is the space where trust (and thus, intimacy) grow.“ 💡💯 @lindsaybraman


🚨Hahaha!!! 🤣 word. 😎 this about sums it up! 🙈🤷🏻‍♀️ #repost @vii.0.i #cheers #funnyshit #perfectlyaccurate #tobehonest #notmybestyear #laughitoff #heresto2020 #dustitoff #tryagain #itgetsbetter #laughterishealing #yougotthis #wegotthis 🥳😜🔥


Not to replace what it is you lost, but just to make the emptiness, less empty. ✨


On this day 2018 (last year) I was going to commit suicide, I’m so happy my mother was there to stop it from happening. I’m very happy where I am in life right now and have accomplished so much within a year. My mommy is such an angel and I am so grateful for her Anyone that’s going through shit rn IT GETS BETTER So much fucking better ☀️ #itgetsbetter #survivor #rapesurvivor #abusesurvivor #mentalabusesurvivor #metoo #metoomovement #suicideawarness #suicideprevention


Shout out to talented photographer @tonycphotos for capturing this image and the lovely @sodhipop for bringing it to my attention after 2+ years. ⁠ ⁠ A lot has changed in 2 years. I'm working on becoming #plasticfree - no more bringing plastic utensils to picnics - I'm a lot greyer, and I'm living in the Midwest, not L.A. ⁠ ⁠ Living in L.A., I often felt like I was on the outside looking in on the LGBTQ+ community. Towards the end of my 18 years of being based there, though, I met Harpal (pictured). I attended a few of his gatherings and was so impressed at how easily and joyfully he brought our community together - including dudes like me who were struggling with that age old question, "Do I fit in?" ⁠ ⁠ Like I said, I lot has changed in 2 years. I no longer wonder if I fit in. Instead, I stand firm in the knowledge that we're all just energetic bodies attracting and repelling those who we vibrate with and those who we don't. ⁠ ⁠ So thank Harpal and thank you Tony - for seeing an opportunity to create community, capturing a moment of Pride, and taking the time to shake some of that energy loose 2 years later. 💕 🏳️‍🌈 💕


I've been struggling with my gender identity for many years and recently I've been trying hard to define it. I'm sure many of you wonder just who the heck I am and where I stand. After talking to my therapist and other people who struggle the same way that I do, I've come to the definite conclusion that I am a nonbinary person. Nonbinary transfeminine to be exact and I prefer she/her and they/them pronouns. I identify heavily and often completely with femininity but there are times where I feel less strongly about it. Yes, I experience gender dysphoria, quite a bit and I still wish to physically transition. I don't fit well into a box and I never had, I'm a very fluid person and I wax and wane over time in my identity and my interests. I'm sure others have noticed this about me and I am sure others have thought ill of me because of it but that's just who I am. I will not apologize for it any longer and I will not let others define me or try and push me into a box where I just won't fit. I am a force of nature and deserve to be respected for the beautifully complex individual that I am. So that's that. I'm nonbinary transfeminine. Love me or leave me. ✌️ #enby #nonbinary #transfemme #femby #transgender #transisbeautiful #itgetsbetter #transvisibility #lgbtq


a decade makes quite the difference. The up top pic I was in Iraq 2009 and the other is fairly recent. #decadechallenge #transwoman #feelingoldnow #itgetsbetter #tryingtolivemybestlife❤️ #beforeandafter


Have had a lovely day today, finally feeling calm after hectic exam season. 🙆🏼‍♀️. . Something i will try to tell myself from now on when i’m having a not so great day: there are always better days ahead. It’s okay to not have great days, in fact it’s okay to have shit days. But remember there are always days that will feel a little brighter and a little happier💕💕💕 . . . . . #saturdayvibes #saturdaymood #mentalhealth #itgetsbetter #happyday


part ii // during ⠀ . Trigger Warning: suicide ⠀ . ⠀ . It was a Monday night. I got home from school and we were decorating the tree. I remember my mom getting mad at me and I went up to room crying... ⠀ . I got this thought in my head so I started drawing in this book to push it away. But it didn’t work. ⠀ . December 14th, 2015. 7:48 PM ⠀ . I tried to give myself time, time to process, time to make the right decision. ⠀ . But twenty minutes later I made the decision. ⠀ . In those moments, my mind was blank. I was numb. I didn’t think about the people I’d leave behind, the pain I’d cause others, all I felt was complete, desolate darkness. The depression completely took over and it was like Chloe wasn’t even there anymore. ⠀ . I was alive... but I wasn’t living. ⠀ . And I thought that was it. I had hit rock bottom and I thought this was all life would be. It’s so easy to be on the outside and tell someone it’s temporary, but when you’re going through a deep depression, everything feels permanent. You think that nothing will ever get better, that the pain will never end. ⠀ . I thought it would never end. I didn’t really want to die, but I couldn’t keep living how I was. And I didn’t know how else to escape it. ⠀ . Three hours later I was being carried out of the house, violently shaking, switching me between oxygen and vomit bag, over and over until I passed out, into an ambulance. ⠀ . When I got to the PICU I was delusional so they restrained me to the bed. . .


Never been so proud of myself. Battling through the last 5 years in secret, I not only got to Uni but to got through it. With a 2:1 in LLB Law with Politics and a Stellify award. Wearing my Great Nanna Alice's wedding ring and with family watching. I couldn't be happier. 12.12.19 @officialuom @alumniuom #depressionawareness #itgetsbetter


A long time ago I saw a Tumblr post wherein the person who had posted it was talking about how when we're in school, we're told to enjoy school life because college life is harder and it sucks, and when we're in college we're told to enjoy college life while it still lasts because post-college, things suck even more. The author of the post went on to say that they found it kind of sad that this is the case, because we may start to think of the future as this bleak place. In reality, it could hold so many better opportunities and to-be memories than what you have now. Obviously there are going to be obstacles and hardships - no stage of life is free from those - but looking at the future with only that (or even largely that) could lead us to miss all the better moments - personal and professional - that are also waiting for us. My college life was filled with my lowest lows in life so far, but I think I am in a much better space when it comes to certain aspects - professionally, art-wise, understanding myself as a person - than I was when I was in school, and I've had some amazing, invaluable experiences. I will be graduating college in July 2020, and I have (mostly) decided to work for a bit before pursuing my master's degree. While the future scares me a lot, in 2020, I would like to move forward thinking that it's just going to get better from here ✨☺️ So if you're reading this and are in a negative space - mentally, emotionally, personally, professionally etc. I hope you will also try to keep your chin up, believe in and work towards the possibility of a better space and time. You got this! ❤️ . . . . #handlettering #lettering #letteringlove #letteringcommunity #letteringwithpositivity #digitaltypography #digitallettering #letteringartist #letteringdaily #typography #typelove #typographyart #fonts #fontlove #typespire #typegang #quotes #itgetsbetter #itonlygetsbetter #positiveaffirmations #positivelettering


It’s true. Remember in our previous post about there being almost 8 BILLION people on the planet? Well, each person (including you) is unique, different, and special. How is that possible? There is no one else like you. There might be someone that looks like you, acts like you, or has similar interests as you, but there can and will never be someone JUST like you. That’s awesome, right? Absolutely. But it’s also hard. It’s not always easy to be different from the people around us. We might get picked on or feel isolated. That’s no fun, but as long as you remember the value you bring to yourself and the world, you will get through it. 🙂👍 - - - We want to hear from you! Leave a comment and tell us how you deal with being different. ———————————————————————— #KidTheFuture #KidTheFutureNow #TheFutureStartsToday #EmpoweredFutures #Affirmation #Unique #ItGetsBetter #DifferentIsGood