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Where is Satan's orchard? His orchard is in sin, heavy doubt, fear, and hate. His orchard is every emotion, action, and environment that isn't Godly.β € πŸ’―πŸ€”β € His orchard could be in a relationship that isn't glorifying God. It could be in decisions that don't glorify God, or maybe in ignoring God's will and his plan for you! Maybe Satan's orchard is in the bitterness and hate you hold it your heart while you ignore God's expectations for love and forgiveness!β € πŸ™πŸ™Œβ € If we are consistently reaping bad fruit, then we must self assess where we are planting and nurturing that fruit! We also must ask God for guidance, discernment, and wisdom to resist the devil's orchard!


I used to be that person! That person who felt I had to fight to make sure everyone knew that I was innocent against any accusations that came against me. I lacked the confidence to just let things go and accept the fact that accusations come to everyone, especially those who try and do the right thing. Not any more!! Love and the giver of it, Jesus, has finally been discovered in my life in such a powerful way that I finally let go of my weapon of defense and handed it over to the one who does it best. Love does not seek it's own 1Cor 13:4 That means, it doesn't seek it's own feelings, it's own rights or defence. Love just loves! It doesn't need to explain itself. I have already been made right by HIM and have no need to convince others otherwise! So have you! #lovedbyhim #lovequotes #lovelife #made #maderightbyhim #jesus #jesusquotes #god #godquotes #faithful #love #inlove #imsecond #lifeinhim