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An adventure 65 million years in the making, we spared no expenses! Welcome to JURASSIC PA- Oh Wait wrong place. at Jewel Changi Airport


Interactive worktop at Jewel Changi. #jewelchangiairport #jewelthroughmyeyes


Discover a wondrous world where nature meets retail. . Exploring @jewelchangiairport with my family last 15 April 2019. . Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love ❤️ . #Nature #Retail #Hotel #Family #JewelThroughMyEyes #HappyKiddo #QualityTime #LateUpload #April #iPhoneXS #Hashtags #SuperRayna #KuyaRaouf #Singapore #BadBoyChasteen at Jewel Changi Airport


#unitedcolorsofbenetton Rain Vortex Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 🇸🇬 📷: @kurade ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ #SeeJewel #JewelChangiAirport #PlayatJewel #ShawTheatres #DoItForTheGram #DoItForJewel #jewelthroughmyeyes #nikond850 #nikon at Jewel Changi Airport


Singapore's latest 'Jewel '. Everything look extremely gorgeous at the Rain Vortex! Come visit us at #B1-228 #jewelthroughmyeyes at Jewel Changi Airport


Mummy mummy seee! Same same!


World’s tallest indoor waterfall #rainvortex when the sunlight stream in at an angle, you can spot a rainbow with a lush green forest #canopypark , @changiairport to be voted world’s best airport award for the seventh consecutive year and yet never stops innovating(2013-2019) #jewelthroughmyeyes at Changi Airport, Singapore


Walking through the greenery, the foliage opens up and reveals the world’s highest indoor waterfall. Dubbed as the Rain Vortex, it stands at 131 feet and is powered by almost 10,000 gallons of collected rainwater - artfully designed by @safdiearchitects.⁣ ⁣ This is all happening in Jewel, Changi Airport’s newest hub. Apart from the waterfall and amazing architecture, it is also home to a five story garden that hosts about 900 trees and 60,000 shrubs - a real feast for the eyes! 👀🌿 at Jewel Changi Airport


World’s tallest indoor waterfall at 40m high. Pictures just won’t do this place justice. (╹◡╹)♡ #jewelchangi #rainvortex #jewel #jewel #waterfall #jewelthroughmyeyes #changiairport #singapore at Jewel Changi Airport


Did you guys manage to visit @jewelchangiairport over the long weekend? I’m glad to visit this beautiful place with 3 of my buddies @mselaineheng @ivannavich @tonyfoodsage and had our lunch at one of the must-go dining restaurant- @kamsroast_sg where you can indulge in Michelin-quality Canotonese roast! 😋 • Kam’s Roast’s flagship outlet in Hong Kong is a renowned one Michelin Star Restaurant which has been awarded the Michelin Star by Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau within only 4 months of its opening in 2015, and thereafter in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. • Lucky for us in Singapore, we get to enjoy the same quality and standard of Cantonese Roast. The signature dish is their Roast Duck where they showcases the full flavor of the duck, as well as its succulent meat and enticing texture. If you like to da-pao for your friends or loved ones, the restaurant also offer takeaway! Head down to @kamsroast_sg for your meal and explore @jewelchangiairport today! Restaurant operating hours: Daily 10.00am to 10.00pm #kamsroastsg #jewelchangiairport #jewelthroughmyeyes at Jewel Changi Airport


HSBC Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport Singapore #jewelthroughmyeyes #changiairport #p30pro at Jewel Changi Airport


Jewelled mornings from @yotelair. The world's tallest indoor fountain in the world's top airport. Singapore knows how to keep the records coming for the modern age. #jewelthroughmyeyes #jewelchangi #changiairport #yotelair #singapore #indoorwaterfall #skyrail #gardencity at Jewel Changi Airport


3-shot pano with a composite for the trams with Nikon Z6 & 20mm Last photo of Jewel from the first visit, hahaa. Really lots of lookout spots, and even more people. #nikonz6 #nikonsg #jewelthroughmyeyes


: be . jeweled : Changi Jewel at night is really magical . . . #changiairport #jewelthroughmyeyes #jewelchangiairport #seejewel at Jewel Changi Airport


#jewelchangiairport just changed the game for airports. at Jewel Changi Airport




At one quiet corner at the Jewel 😬 #jewelthroughmyeyes #jewelchangiairport at Jewel Changi Airport


[Invited Tasting] Get a taste of mouthwatering Hong Kong roasts without having to leave Singapore - only at Kam's Roast! 😍 . Kam's Roast has landed at Jewel Changi Airport, marking the first time that the celebrated Kam's Roast Goose brand from HK is opening an outlet in an airport setting! Woohoo!!! ✈ . Over here, you can expect signature roasts like their much-loved Roast Duck (starting from $16.80++), a substitute, but a delicious one nonetheless, to the Roast Goose they are famous for - and which I absolutely love!!! ❤ - at their HK restaurant. Marinated with Kam's time-honoured secret blend before being roasted Cantonese style, the Roast Duck here boasts succulent, juicy meat and thin, crispy skin. It comes served in a sweet and sour sauce that elevates the taste of the chook. Very delicious indeed! 😋 . In addition to this beloved menu mainstay, you can also look forward to their droolworthy Suckling Pig ($34.80, regular) which is gently roasted under keen supervision of Kam's chefs to achieve that ethereally thin layer of skin and succulent, gelatinous meat that brims with collagen. This is a dish that is sooo yummy that you won't just want to have it on special occasions! 😜 . If you're looking to switch things up, try their Bao Buns which feature Kam's Roast's signature Roast Duck ($4.50++), Toro Char Siu ($4.80++) and Crispy Roast Pork ($4.50++) nestled within soft, pillowy buns à la our local favourite kong bak pau! To celebrate their opening at Jewel, Kam's Roast will be offering two exclusive promotions at BOTH their Jewel & Pacific Plaza outlets which will run until 26th May 2019 👍 . 1. Lunch Takeaway Promotion 🍽 . Come on down anytime between 10am to 5pm, and get a free upgrade of half a marinated egg and two slices of marinated tofu with any order of roast meat on rice/noodles! 🙌 . 2. Dine-in Promotion - $1 for Cured Sausages. Spend a minimum of $40 when you dine in and you'll be entitled to purchase Kam's Cured Sausages (worth $8.80) for just $1! 😱 . If you haven't been to Jewel yet, do come on down & check out Kam's Roast when you're there ya! 😉 . . . . Thanks @meekloves @brandcellar for the kind invite & warm hospitality! 💖 at Jewel Changi Airport


The Vortex Waterfall 💎 • • Sharing: Absolutely stunning and here is my shot. Am so lucky to witnessed this incredibly beautiful architecture. I can understand why it has named the best airport in the world. It’s really remarkable atmosphere 😍 • #ctpslog #jewelchangi #JewelThroughMyEyes #futuristic #stunningvortex #incredibleview #jawdropping #incrediblearchitecture #bestairportintheworld #changiairport #theimaged #lightroom #instagram #instaworthy #instapic #instadaily #instasg #shotoniphone at Jewel Changi Airport


T h e F u t u r e I s N o w . . . #JewelThroughMyEyes . . . at Jewel Changi Airport


ok jewel part 2


Do you need another photo of the Jewel in your feed? Yes, yes you do. This place is genuinely an architectural marvel, a sparkling gem built for the express purpose of saying, "Don't even bother deliberating on who's going to win World's Best Airport cos it's us." Also, PSA: A&W and Shake Shack still require a 2.5 hour wait or so. Guess no curly fries or concretes for me for a while 😪 #jewelthroughmyeyes #changiairport @jewelchangiairport at Jewel Changi Airport


Reflection. #jewelchangiairport #jewelthroughmyeyes


Mesmerized by the Jewel waterfall... #jewelchangiairport #jewelthroughmyeyes


_ 云海肴 _ YUN NANS 云海肴, the 1st Overseas Outpost of Yun Hai Yao; the largest casual Yunnan Restaurant Chain hailing from China has open in Singapore’s brand new world-class lifestyle destination @JewelChangiAirport! _ Besides being her 1ST Overseas F&B Outlet in 10 Years, it's oso her 1ST in an Airport! Established way back in 2009 in Beijing, she has over 150 outlets in China specialising in Yunnan Ethnic Highland Cuisines using fresh ingredients procured from the highlands of the Yunnan Province. The Singapore Outlet seating a total of 78 pax (Inclusive of a Private Room that seats 10) has exclusive dishes but more on those later. _ Meanwhile, here are some of her Signatures we'd the other day 👇 *Steam Pot Chicken Soup 云海肴汽锅鸡 ($23.9; Black Feet Chicken / Wolfberry; Iconic dish of YUN NANS is prepped in Hand-Made Jianshui Clay Pots using ONLY Special Breed of Black Feet Chicken with Soup brewed using technique that DOES NOT REQUIRE SINGLE DROP oYf WATER; Chicken is Pressure-Steamed for 3HRS resulting in Soup that is clear, delicate, nourishing & robust without leaving greasy feel; Dish oso comes with plate of Beansprouts & Spicy Sauce OTS; After finishing with Soup one can add residual Chicken to aforementioned Beansprouts & add in desired amount of Spicy Sauce) *Spicy and Sour Egg Salad 凉拌荷包蛋 ($9.9; Egg / Spring Onion / Yunnan Wild Coriander / Laksa Leaf / Mango /Chilli; Traditional dish of Dai Minority; Fried Egg + Vegetables are tossed in Sour & Spicy Sauce; Nicely balanced by Mango's sweetness) *Poached Pork Collar with Pickled Chillies 腌菜松板肉 ($16.9; Pork Collar / Pickled Chilli / Dried Yunnan Chilli / Potatoes; Pork Collar poached in Spicy-Sourish Broth using Yunnan’s Specialty Pickled Chilli; Appetite whetting indeed but I really dig the Potatoes in there ) _ Pic taken @Yunnans @JewelChangiAirport 78 Airport Boulevard # 02-217 Singapore 819666 Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily Phone: 6908 3677 Facebook: _ #Yunnans #Brandcellar #DarkFoodPhoto #HiakKorShots #HuaWeiMate20Pro #seejewel #jewelthroughmyeyes at Jewel Changi Airport


This is how the vortex looks like with sunset in the background.. Amazing!! Thank you @guoshengz so much for sharing this amazing work with #whatissingapore . ・・・ Golden hour @jewelchangiairport #sunset @instagram #whpplanetearth #jewelchangiairport #jewelthroughmyeyes #seejewel #changiairport #changiarchitecture #changicircle #visitsingapore #sgarchitecture #shotoniphone #idontakewithdslr #letsexploresg #whatissingapore at Asia/Singapore


Probably the craziest airport I’ve been to. Thanks @changiairport for the early preview last week. at Jewel Changi Airport


Only gonna come back here in like 15 years when the crowd finally dies down #jewelthroughmyeyes at Jewel Changi Airport


Malam ini ud bertekad harus ke Changi Airport #Singapore buat lihat fasilitas atau apa yah ini, tempat wisata terbaru mereka, JEWEL! . . Keren.. Keren. HSBC Rain Vortex, Air terjun di dalam ruangan tertinggi di dunia! Dengan permainan lampu pada waktu2 tertentu di malam hari (20.00-00.30) benar benar deh puas malam ini . . Hope you enjoy this post Guys! . . #WDHInSingapore #HereAtJewel #JewelAtChangiAirport #architecture #pursuitofportraits #visitsingapore #changiairport #peopleinframe #waterfall #jewelthroughmyeyes #shotoniphone at Changi, Singapore


1.3 Billions right here🔥 . . . . Shot on @sonysingapore A7ii +16-35 F4 #jewelthroughmyeyes at Jewel Changi Airport


even if you aim for the moon, you may still land among the stars. at Jewel Changi Airport


love the lush green . finally feeling almost decent after a week of battling i-dont-know-what but still some residual temperature, headache, bodyache and diarrhoea 🤯 . last warning but health is wealth . the mind miss the run and gym but the body. . .its been a week since i last ran and lifted any weights ohmyyystaminaandmuscles 😭😭😭 . to working out soon! . #whatissingapore #thisissingapore #yoursingapore #jewelchangiairport #jewelthroughmyeyes #hsbcrainvortex #wetdesign #shiseidoforestvalley #canonsg #teamcanon #teamcanonsg #canonm6


I went to #jewel preview too! 💎 W acted as our personal #tourguide and brought us to the key attractions, and we had to fight for space with the #kiasu #singaporeans (am one myself too haha)! #changi #madcrowded #fomo #singaporeyoudabest #jewelthroughmyeyes at Jewel Changi Airport


The @jewelchangiairport is one of those places where you can just snap a photo from almost any angle and it’ll still turn out nice 😄 . #LetsExploreSG #SeeJewel #JewelThroughMyEyes #ShotOniPhoneXR at Jewel Changi Airport


The Rain Vortex, beautiful in both day night #pinkypiggunicole #jewelchangiairport #jewelthroughmyeyes at Jewel Changi Airport


Jewel-Exclusives now up on my blog 🛫💘 Dining Guide 3.0 showcases 3 eateries with Jewel-exclusive items that you can only enjoy at their Jewel outlets - I literally fell in love with this @chocolateorigin’s double chocolate soft serve cone // Need to go back for more! Link in bio~ 😍🍦 #SherEatsJewel at Jewel Changi Airport


20190421 新景點踩踩 . . 別為了不值得的那個人而停留你的腳步 #jewelchangiairport #jewelthroughmyeyes #seejewel #thisissingapore #singaporebuilding #amazing #changiairport #singapore #20190422 #monday at Jewel Changi Airport


ꜰ ʀ ᴏ ᴍ ᴡ ɪ ᴛ ʜ ɪ ɴ There are treasures hidden inside of us, some bury, some deny and some realize. The school of academics tells you that paper is the key to everything The school of hard knocks ( leading to kingdom ) however tells us the treasure has all along been within Shot on Sony A6000 #artofvisuals #shotzdelight #moodygrams #streets_vision #heatercentral #agameoftones #singaporeinsiders #jewelchangiairport #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #urbanromantix #urbanandstreet #citykillers #citygrammers #illgrammers #fatalframes #way2ill #changiairport #theweekoninstagram #hsinthefield #eclectic_shotz #lensbible #weekly_feature #supremeshutter #changiairport #jewelthroughmyeyes #jewel2stars #seejewel #sonysingapore at Jewel Changi Airport


A different view of the iconic Jewel waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport


出来走一走当运动,虽然停停走走,但能参观大家关注的Jewel也是很开心的。看到这忍不住一起摆pose。🤣 #jewelchangi #jewelchangiairport #jewelthroughmyeyes

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