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Does anyone else think that husbands are the hardest people to shop for? [ad] I literally never know what to get him and of course, the answer is always, “I don’t need anything.” I’ve thought long and hard about gift ideas for dads and I’ve got an entire list of them on the blog – gifts that dads will actually love and use. And the first idea I’ve got is a @gillette Limited Edition gift packs – he will love it and he will use it and that’s the perfect gift, if you ask me. Check out the blog for the full list of ideas! [Gillette’s Limited Edition gift packs available at your local retailers or online!]


What are you going to wear for Christmas party? This is one of my most favorite outfits ever! Sophie calls it “The Shirley Temple dress outfit” and I don’t blame her! 😍😍😍 Dress: @aggieandfrancois Shoes: @eli1957shoes at The Grove


I Say We Have A Hair Contest, Biggest Hair Wins!


at Muscat, Oman


One more from today ✨


knee highs > pants 💛 • it cracks me up, it seems like everyone here gets so pumped anytime it’s a tiny bit chilly (like under 70 degrees) & all of a sudden everyone’s wearing leggings and hoodies and uggs (self included) 🤙🏻 #endlesssummer • • • • • #kidsfashionforall #babygirl #igkiddies #fashionkids #babygirlfashion #toddlerlife #lazysunday #mommyblogger #igkids #kidzfashion at Kauai


When she pulls out Daddy’s frown because you take her favourite rattle away 🤭


Meet the Circle Skirt ⭐️ Its Guaranteed to have your girl twirling all day long with its flouncy full skirt and ruffle high waist. This little darling is definitely feeling the magic of her circle skirt in Natural floral 🧚🏻‍♀️ Website launch tonight 7:30pm get in quick as limited numbers of the natural floral fabric available (also available in dusty pink) size 3-6 💕


Sunday is literally my favorite day of the week! I get to recharge my batteries spending time with my people, learning from my faith and eating all the yummy things my MIL makes! Who doesn’t love a good crockpot roast that you don’t have to make?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ 🌈 🌈 🌈 #kidsfashionforall #kidsshop #kidsfashion #kidsplay #toddlerclothes #liveauthentic #livealifeyoulove #loveyourpeople #toddlerboyfashion #rainbowkids #rainbowbaby #loveyourlife #loveyourlifestyle


E M O J I 😍 BOW . . . . #creations_by_gissy


💖🌈R A I N B OW 🌈💖 . . . . . #creations_by_gissy


Could your kid pull this off?


Love this Delilah lace sweater from @mai_ties_boutique ❤️ Use MTBFRIENDS to save and mention Violet


🧜🏻‍♀️💖M E R M A I D S 💖🧜🏻‍♀️ . . . . . #creations_by_gissy


Our Christmas boxes with or fabulous bows make the perfect gift! 🎄🎅🏻❤️ . . . . . #creations_by_gissy # . . . . DM to order yours!


at Russia


Nicholas’ second year with St. Nicholas 😅 Well there’s always next year 🙈🎄🎅🏼 #lougheedsanta #MerryChristmas #Christmas2018 at The City of Lougheed


Tough Guy.


~||~ Growing kids often gets hungry between meals so snacking plays a big part in our kids diet.. it can be way when we can think of adding some extra nutrients.. . Like all I don’t want Shanaya gorging on junk food so I am always on a constant search of healthy & fun snacks that she can easily grab & munch...especially while travelling,for play dates or after school.. . So Recently discovered this Mumbai based kids snack company @themumumco offering some perfect combination of real,natural & healthier options filled with rice,ragi,barley,jowar,corn.. . @themumumco yummy snacks includes: * Crunchies : natural roasted puffs (corn + jowar+ragi) available in three flavours - With cheese & tomato - With beetroot - With banana & strawberry . * Sprinkles (rice+barley) : milled cereals- puffed,roasted and tossed with real fruit powders...can be eaten with yogurt or milk..available in two flavours - With apple - With strawberry & banana . * Melties are freeze dried fruit snack available in two flavours - Mango-banana - Strawberry-banana... . * first thing that attracted Shanaya to grab this pack -their bright & Colourful packaging.. * Secondly their fun loving shapes & flavours 👍Mumum co for choosing such bright playful colours and yummy flavours.. . What appeal me?? There is no preservatives/ no added sugar / no artificial flavours nor concentrates and a gluten-free.. . Now I try keeping @themumumco products in cupboard at my kids eye level so she can have it when her little tummy demands..its a tasty treat for lil kiddos loaded with real nutrition.. . This quick & easy,kid-friendly,nutrient rich snack is perfect 👌 munchies for my munchkin when on the go.. filling her tummy with some healthier alternative makes me feel good.. . surround your child with healthy snacks that tastes good !! . What’s your idea of kids snacking.. let’s share !! . . #indianmommyblogger #parenting #healthysnacks #smartkids @themumumco # #kidsfashionforall #babyfashion #mommyblogger #momandme #childhoodunplugged #fashionblogger #beauty #fitness #lifestyleblogger #kidsfashionblog #jaipurdiariers #jaipurevents #celebratechildhood #stunningbabies #momswithcameras #travel at Jaipur

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