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So! Melly has been having a tough month. Out of nowhere her back legs and tail were partially paralysed. Fortunately, after a stressful vet visit, a couple of 💩s and an antiinflamitory, she has been slowly regaining mobility. She was just about back to her norm when her fecal came back positive for increased coccidia 😟 her tank was emptied, bleached and washed. All of her rocks, logs and sticks will be soaking and her tank will be bleached down, towel replaced and bleached every day until we get a negative fecal after her meds. Melly can't do anything in halves 😅 if I'm doing anything wrong, please feel free to correct me! I want my little family happy and healthy! 🤗 #melisandre #poorbaby #beardie #beardeddragon #beardeddragons #beardeddragonsofinstagram #neediestdragon #killthecoccidia