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at Daliyat al-Karmil


As the morning light reached the glacier, everything around us turned a vibrant orange. The alpine glow engulfed the scene to create a surreal landscape. Rest was over, time to start up the Emmons Glacier to the summit... at Mount Rainier National Park


"To anticipate, not the sunrise and the dawn merely, but, if possible, Nature herself! How many mornings, summer and winter, before yet any neighbor was stirring about his business, have I been about mine...So many autumn, ay, and winter days, spent outside the town, trying to hear what was in the wind, to hear and carry it express! I well-nigh sunk all my capital in it, and lost my own breath into the bargain, running in the face of it." Henry David Thoreau #sunsets #norgebilderno #landscapephotos #landscapephotography #ocean #goodmorning #colourful #colorful #colorfulnature #mood #winterlandscape #sunshine #earth_shotz #sunrise_sunset #sunrise_ig #sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld #sunset_hub #natureshots #sunset_madness #sunsets_captures #world_shotz #nature #naturelover #ig_shotz_sunset #nomadphotographynetwork #sunset_sunrise_beautiful #instasunset #morning #sunrise #instadaily



I LOVE NEW YORK... Daytrip into Manhattan for my endless doctor visits regarding my wrist but that allows me to take in the city I love and previously lived before making MTK my home. at New York, New York


Southern California experienced some exceptionally low snow levels from the latest winter storm. #landscape #landscapephotography #etiwandapreserve at North Etiwanda Preserve


I’ll Have at Least a Bakers Dozen... Cows, that is (if you can see them!) For you photo nerds out there this is actually a very large panorama taken with my D850 and my 300mm. Ended up being a resolution of 20,000 x 9,000! A print at 150 dpi (the max resolution necessary for a print) would wind up being 11 feet long! You’d definitely see the cows then! . . . . at Ferndale, Washington


Couldn’t miss the snow this year! Starting by this sweet cabin somewhere at Sequoia National Park. The picture was taken with a Nikkor 55mm. Was a incredible experience to go to this park and feel the energy of the place, take a time and breath the air of this trees. 🌲🌲🌲 at Sequoia, California


I'd never travelled on the southside of this little-known designated Provincial Park. Even with the snowshoe trail, snow was up to my knees in many places. Remnants of The Great Fire of 1870 are evident to the north, hence the name "The Burnt Lands". I also learned what an alvar is from my reading of the history of the area. > > at The Burnt Lands


12. Observation Is No Crime! at New York, New York

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