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My only fear... My heart sank in, everytime I see you out in the road or my friend’s place or even at a cafe. The moment I see you just at a distance, my mind takes a toll thinking of ways to get away with that situation. The one time I caught you walking behind me, was when I decided to run away and you relentlessly chased me. I could feel my muscles trembling and from that day on, I never dared to even look at you. But how on earth am I living today, with you around me all the time? How am I not able to survive without your presence? How did you change me all over? Unavoidable circumstance! Yes, my flatmate had brought you home and had to share the space anyhow. Day 1: I had myself locked in my room to keep me away from any miss happenings. Day 2: I let you near me, while I was holding my breath, which lasted only for about 20 seconds am I had to run to my room and slam the door behind me. But I knew I had liked you then. Day 3: I deliberately stepped out of my zone and started observing you. That’s it! You stole my heart. How I couldn’t resist myself from holding you in my arms. That feeling goes beyond words! My first ever time to have touched you; felt you. Your smell had become my addiction. Maybe I could say that I had the satisfaction of giving birth to my own child. Oh, but little do I know how child birth would feel. I stayed up that entire night, watching you and playing with you. A week goes by and I was a few days away from moving out of that place. I knew I had to move away from you. That very thought had took my peace away. Finally, with all the courage and after a lot of research, I decided to pet a puppy. And there he is today, all naughty and happy, ruling my house. The happiness I get each time he comes running to me when I call out for his name remains unexplainable. You have my heart, Harry! The irony is that I’ve gone from a big “NO” to puppies to a “Hell, yes” in just 3 days. #puppylove #realandraw #pets #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #myfear #onetruelove #puppies #lhapom #happiness


Little rascals at 4 months old . . . . . . . #pomeranian #lhasaapso #lhapom #puppy #puppylove #dogstagram #pupstagram #doglover