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Nights under the sardinian sky #martinainitaly


The days are getting grey and darker around here. So my mind is often wandering around this colorful city of Bosa in Sardinia.


I wish I had this natural swimming pool in my backyard! Sardegna has amazing beaches and coastlines, the water is as clear and turquoise as it can possibly be. I already miss it. Thanks @farzaneh__radmehr for controlling the drone for this shot! 🖤


Ohh Bosa! How beautiful you are!


i love Italy and I love Tuscany. I always love to return there. Here you can see Certaldo in the foreground and San Gimignano in the background. Thank you @mauriziobartalucci for showing me this spot and hosting us in Certaldo Alto! As I am posting this, I am already on the way to Italy again! Stay tuned!


It‘s my one and only sunrise shot from Sardinia. Let us all appreciate this one to the fullest please. #martinaInItaly


Bosa, a town that looks like it has been drawn and painted by children. Loved it there! #martinaInItaly


Our last stop on the Sardinia roadtrip was the beautiful city of Bosa. Such a dreamy magical city! And wait for sunset, when all the colourful houses start glowing! @momondo #momondoambassador #staycurious


The water here on Sardinia is really something. So clear and turquoise like in the caribbean! And even now, at the end of september, it‘s still nice and warm, perfect for a beach day. @momondo #momondo #momondoambassador #staycurious


Starry nights under the Sardinian sky! This amazing old oak tree kept us there for two nights. We were stuck there, one in a hammock, one in a chair, didn’t move the whole day. What a day! ☺️


I only post this because of our shadows.


So far, while in Sardinia, we found it most peaceful in the forest. They are magical. Near the beaches, the places are mostly crowded. And this in September. I don’t want to imagine the amount of campers and people are cruising around here in high season 🙈. My recommendation, go either in spring, or in autumn. Try to avoid June-August. @momondo #momondoambassador #staycurious


I missed swimming in the sea, I missed the hot weather and being able to wear bikini and shorts everyday. When I was a child, we went to Italy every summer for a beach camping holiday. I am here now on Sardinia, an island from which I have only seen a part of the north before. Now I am exploring also the south of it with @momondo for you. #momondoambassador #staycurious #ad