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Stress- did you know that a recent survey by @globalnews showed that 73% of working adults feel some level of stress on the job? . Long term stress can weaken neural connections in the brain and diminish your memory and ability to learn and retain information. . Meditation is a natural way to help manage stress levels - contact us for more information on how it can help. . #stressmanagement #stressless #meditateforcalm #breathe #meditation #mindfulyyc #modernandmindfulyyc


Ive been dealing with 2 solid weeks of corporate BS and it’s making me rethink the corporate life. I am not a fan of corporate gigs, but I’m not a fan of poverty. I’ll be working harder to get my company off the ground so that my hard-charging efforts are valued and appreciated, and not ignored and discounted. 🤭 #corporatelife #corporatelifesucks #backtofreelancelife #freelancelife #findmyom #om #meditate #meditateforcalm #focus #appreciatemyefforts #underestimated #discounted #unappreciated #entertainment #studiolife #studiojobs #worklifebalance #timeforachange #showbiz #hollywood #tm #transcendentalmeditation


I'm finding work very trying at the moment, so at the end of each day I take a very deep breath and complete a short meditation. This really helps me switch off from work and stops me feeling suffocated from negative thoughts. Perspective is so important when you're feeling upset and anxious 🙃😊 #meditateeverydamnday #meditationforeveryday #meditateforcalm #meditationisperspective #meditationismedicine #meditationworks #anxiousmind #helpreducestress #meditateandbreathe


Wow, talk about precariously perched !! On tippy toes atop a bottle no less. Oh, what a little guy will do just to get to the top of his green smoothie mountain ! Do you think that he wants some ? Yup, uhn hunh, I do, I do indeed. (I don’t know about you, but I’m rather impressed at his level of determination - heck it must’ve taken him ALL DAY to climb onto that little bottle. What do you think ??? Lol 😂 ). He tells me that green smoothies help him to clean out his pores - my goodness he’s a smart little one !! So he asked me to take a few pictures of him. So, what do you think — are his pores clean enough for you ? Well, at least the green ones are, right ? We can literally see right through them. Oh my.... Well, it’s all part of his and my journey to a healthier, happier, calmer and more connected us. And green smoothies really are an important part of this journey. They play a significant role in providing key nutrients that energize and rejuvenate our body’s cells. Moreover, the chlorophyll in green veggies plays an important role in cellular detoxification - in a manner of speaking, the chlorophyll chelates toxins that burden our cells and thereby removes these toxins from our cells. You could say that chlorophyll gives our cells a clean sweep !! Oh, oh, oh, PopUp just heard me and now he thinks it’s time to get out the brooms. (Sometimes he can be so literal... well, indeed, I keep forgetting - he’s only 4 !!). So sorry, I digressed there for a moment.... So, relative to meditation, cellular detoxification is important in that it physically enables us to more easily settle into a quiet inner space with less turmoil. When cells are less toxic, it allows for a greater flow of energy within and between cells. That’s one of the reasons that we feel more energized when we’ve been doing green smoothies for a while. So here’s to increased vitality, a reduced toxic load, cleaner pores (we’ve seen the proof right here in these pictures - UNDENIABLE, right ??!!), calmer meditation and deeper spiritual connection !!


They just keeep delivering the goods.... #headspace #meditateforcalm #quietthemind #nomoremonkeymind #timeout