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Is your pup more bossy or submissive? Mooni is very much the latter. So much so, that it took a while for me to understand that her systematic appeasing postures weren't signs of fear or sadness, but just the way she showed both willingness to please or dislikes. You know that low head, slightly arched back and big sad eyes your pup likely gives you when he wants you to share your food? Well Mooni will offer it up all day, whether to try to get away from something like getting her coat put on, to ask for her nightly massage before bed or to have a taste of what's in my plate. Her submissivity towards other dogs she will show in an even more dramatic way: by laying on her back, paws in the air, and reluctantly letting herself be thoroughly sniffed. Needless to say, other dogs are always happy to oblige . "Aurora" martingale by the talented @mauveandjo The shop will reopen on January 3rd with the restock of three old favorites! Use MJMOONI to save on some colourful new gear


What is home to you? Is it a location? A feeling? Where your loved ones are? . I moved around a lot after my parents separated and sold my childhood home. Different neighbourhoods, different cities, different countries... The first time was hard. I decided at 11 to leave everything to go live with my father in England and I got very homesick. Knowing that my "home" was more than 3000 miles away and I couldn't return as I pleased brought me close to panic. But then I got used to the traveling. Sometimes I barely unpacked my boxes, knowing I would have to repack everything in a few months. And the idea of home changed for me. Home was where I lived at a given time. Home was everywhere and home was nowhere. But after moving to our present house in the country and adopting Mooni, my idea of home changed again. Home is where I am eager to return after a long day and welcomed by a wagging tail and wet kisses. Where I feel safe and loved by the two most important beings in my life. My idea of home may change again some day, but for now, my home is my family and our sweet life together. . "Mojave" bandana by @nomadic.tails ○ MOONI12 . #homewithmc . #hyggewithmj Have you entered @mauveandjo 's December photo challenge?


If you could choose a new career path for yourself and start practicing it tomorrow, what would it be? Would you choose your present career or something else entirely? I would love to build a dog shelter and rehabilitation center on our land and freelance as a pet photographer. What about you? . "Vixen" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI This beautiful collar and two other favorites will be restocked at the shop's reopening on January 3rd. You don't want to miss it! . Cozy onesie by @kuvfurdoggear


Last night, we fastened a hidden hunting camera to a tree on a trail that borders a stream. It's motion activated and it's meant to capture images or short videos of a forest's fauna. We know from all the tracks we see in the snow that we have many animals roaming the land, especially at night, but we barely ever see them. So we finally have eyes on our four-legged neighbours! Hopefully, I'll be able to share some images with you soon. . . In other news, @MAUVEANDJO 'S NEW PHOTO CHALLENGE IS UP! This month's theme is HYGGE "...But what does that even mean?!" According to the Oxford dictionary: HYGGE is "a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)." This means this month's challenge relates to what makes you feel cozy and content. I can't think of a better theme for the Christmas holidays! Tag your entries with # GetHyggeWithMJ to take part! . . "Anastasia" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI


On warmer days, all this snow is making a little Mooni crazy crazy. It's as if she needs to know what's hidden under every inch of it and has to stop every few steps to poke her nose in and smell it out. And all those animal tracks to follow! Let's just say our walks are a little hectic and I had to bring her drag leash out of hibernation. Mooni has a very high prey drive and intense scavenging instincts, and after speaking to someone else who adopted a stray, I started wondering if what I always attributed to her Terrier genes could in fact also come from her stray ancestry. What do you think? . "Vixen" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI "Revival" bandana by @muttcloth


☆☆MILOS BIRTHDAY/1K GIVEAWAY☆☆ To celebrate Milo's (@paws_that_wander) 2nd Birthday we are throwing a giveaway of some of her favorite things! ■PRIZES■ 》Matching collar and leash set from @bigandlittledogs 》Free bandana of choice from @sunshinepupco 》digital print from @ranger_hawaii —————————— ■HOSTS■ @paws_that_wander @rescuedtwins @mooni_thegreekstray —————————— ■VENDORS■ @sunshinepupco @bigandlittledogs @ranger_hawaii —————————— ■R U L E S■ 1️⃣Like This photo 2️⃣ Follow me + all of the Hosts/Vendors 3️⃣ Tag your friends! (1 tag per comment) 》OPTIONAL For an extra 10 entries: Share this post and tag @paws_that_wander (every 24 hours) —————————— Giveaway ends December 13th, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST. This giveaway is in no way associated with Instagram. Open Worldwide. Winner may be required to pay some shipping fees. Accounts must be public for us to see your entry. Must follow all requirements to qualify. Winner will be randomly chosen. . "Roxanne" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI


My beautiful sweet girl. I used to think I was pretty good with words, but when I want to express how much I love this precious, charming and tender little being, these words falls short. This account was born from my need to shout out this love and how grateful I feel for having her in my life, to whoever would want to hear. But I didn't expect to meet so many like-minded friends and their own beautiful furry loves, and come to think of them as an extended virtual pack. And so, even though Canadian Thanksgiving has passed and Quebecers don't even celebrate it at all, I just want to say how thankful I am for all of you❤ . ROXANNE martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI


I'm not sure what's going on, but Mooni has been extra cuddly and needy for the past couple of weeks. She always stays close to me inside, and has even started to wait for me on off-leash walks (which is unusual for this wildcat). There is no question of heat since she has been spayed, so I'm thinking maybe the change in weather is making her a little less energetic or bored. Many animals have started hibernation and there are likely less trails for her to follow. Have you ever noticed changes in mood in your pup? . "Madeline" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI "Salem" bandana by @nomadic.tails ○ MOONI12 Both shops are closed for the holidays but will reopen in January Check our stories for updates!


What's the funniest comment you've received about your pup? Last night, Mooni and I were roaming in front of the supermarket, waiting for my partner, when a woman came up to us. She asked if Mooni was a Jack Russell. I told her that she may be part Jack, but that she was a mix, likely of many breeds. She looked doubtful and started to examine Mooni, saying she had had lots of Jacks and Mooni looked like a purebred😂 She asked if I could see spots on her skin when I bathed her. I told her I did (of course spotted fur usually indicates spotted skin🙈). BOOM! For her that was clear proof! She asked to examine her mouth and I told her to go ahead if Mooni would let her. My patient girl submitted herself to it without a complaint (she's used to having her teeth brushed) and the result was... BOOM! She has the palate of a Jack! She would suffer no contradiction! I did my best to remain serious while we told her goodnight and walked away. And here I was thinking about spending on a DNA test when all we needed was to look at her mouth!😂 . My all time favourite "Vixen" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI . #mjandthederps


Is she showing her tongue at Monday? Is it a ToT and I'm confused? Is it Friderp and I'm very late for work? No! It's a sunny Saturday and we're just in a good mood! Mooni's anteater impersonation is especially dedicated to our friend @lexi_the_hufflepup and her family. They are going through very tough times right now with Lexi being under heartworm treatment and reacting with aggression. I thought we could try and cheer them up a little. We love you little love Lexi❤ And if anyone has had experience with a prednisone treatment giving their pup mood swings, your thoughts would be much appreciated. Happy Saturday! . ANASTASIA martingale by the talented @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI . You still have a week to enter your submissions for @mauveandjo 's DERP November photo challenge! Don't forget to tag your entries with #mjandthederps And if you're feeling a little blue, I suggest to go have a look at that gallery. It's sure to cheer you up!


I think this little girl may have magic skills. She can alter your mood from sad and depressed to joyful and laughing like a hyena, in one little nose scrunch and play bow. She turns strangers into friends, cynophobics into dog lovers and hurrying businessmen into little kids. (She also remodels white clothes to grey and car seats into shaggy chairs, but that's just part of her charm) What magical tricks can your pup perform? . "Madeline" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI "Salem" bandana by @nomadic.tails ○ MOONI12 Both shops are closed for the holidays, but will be back after the New Year. Watch our stories for updates!


Has anyone ever tried skijoring with their pup? My partner and I just found ourselves some old cross-country skies and have spent part of the last two days trying to figure out how to use them. I haven't skied since I was about twelve, and even then I was a novice. So a lot of falling was involved, but it was still a lot of fun! I'm thinking that if I can get a little better at it, I could get Mooni a harness and take a class with her. I'm sure she would love it and it would help drain out her energy during Winter, when we can't spend as much time outside. Have you ever practiced sports with your dog? . "Salem" bandana by @nomadic.tails ○ MOONI12 "Madeline" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI


Sometimes Mooni's lip gets caught between her teeth, giving her the strangest little side smile . This little weirdo has plenty of peculiar quirks and habits, such as: • "Rinsing" her food bowl with water after every meal by going between each bowls repeatedly • Laying her chin on my partner's knee all throughout dinner, every night, hoping he will drop something • Stretching into the kitchen as far as possible while keeping her back paws on the dinning room tiles because she isn't allowed in our cooking area • Avoiding any puddle or mud but painting her neck with racoon poo with a good roll every chance she gets • Stopping suddenly when we play fight and looking away innocently, before jumping on me like a lion . What are some of your weirdo's eccentricities? . Our new "Madeline" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI "Salem" bandana by @nomadic.tails ○ MOONI12 .


Did you know British Columbia planned on sticking with Daylight Savings time year around starting next Fall? With the sun setting at 4:30 right now (and gradually moving it's bed time to 4pm), it's a wonder Canada didn't think of it sooner. The idea of Daylight Saving Time dates back to 1895 and the aim was to allow one more hour of sunlight in the Summer to decrease energy consumption and to increase the working hours of agricultural workers and those depending on solar hour for their daily tasks. DST is observed in many countries around the world but not in most of Asia and Africa, or Equatorial countries that have regular hours of sunlight throughout the year. Do you adjust your clocks twice a year? . "Anastasia" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI . . . . . #moonithegreekstray #mauveandjo #daylightsavings #winterishere #winterwonderland #snowday #petphotography #theruffoutdoors #adventurewithdogs #littledog #muttstagram #serialshooters #agameoftones #dogsinwilderness #dogsinnature #doglovers #doggy #dog_feature #bestwoof10k #bestwoof #backcountrypaws #buzzfeedpets #dog_feature #dogmodel #snowdog #snowfun


How do you like Winter photography? Is it just different weather for you or is it a big challenge that makes you feel like giving it all up? I've been having a very hard time coming up with new pictures lately. It's not easy to find an interesting background that's not just plain white, with all that snow. And Mooni's small size makes her all but disappear into it. After the colours of Fall, this feels like quite a drastic change! . "Vixen" collar by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI "Free Spirit" bandana by @nomadic.tails ○ MOONI12 . . . . #moonithegreekstray #mauveandjo #winterwonderland #winterishere #colddays #winterlandscape #goldenhour #bestwoof10k #farmdog #crossbreed #rescuedogsrock #animalnorth #pawsthatwander #backcountrypaws #dog_feature #pupsofinstagram #staywild #wildplanet #moody_tones #serialshooters #instadogs #dogphotography #dogsofficialdog #adventuredognation #thegreatoutdogs #adventuredogsofficial #hundefotografie #hundeliebe #hundefreunde


What activities do you do with your pups when it's too cold outside? Anything that doesn't involve treats? This little Greekie finds our Canadian Winter a little excessive. She will get better used to it in a few weeks, but for now she is pretty shocked! She will be happy to play in the snow for a short while when the sun is shinning, but she doesn't appreciate our nightly walks nearly as much as she did when it was warmer. She isn't cold, thanks to multiple layers and boots, but feeling restricted by clothing doesn't seem much better than freezing in her eyes. ...So she'll chew on bones, find treats hidden in the house, learn new tricks... but she can't eat all day either. Any suggestions? . "Vixen" martingale by @mauveandjo Use MJMOONI to save on your new gear when the shop reopens in January! . Tag by . Bathrobe style coat that looked way better in the photos purchased on Amazon . #mjandthederps . . . . . #moonithegreekstray #mauveandjo #canadianwinter #derp #derpface #animaladdicts #bestwoof10k #funnydog #pawsthatwander #moody_tones #winterwonderland #adventuredogsofficial #thegreatoutdogs #ventureout #winterweather #adventuredogs #serialshooters #dogstagram


Ah, the joys of Winter mornings in Quebec! On a typical day, you might wake up to a fresh new coat of snow, covering the landscape like a cozy, sparkling white blanket keeping everything still and silent. You might feel in awe of the sheer beauty of this fairy tale scenery. But then, you might catch sight of the time and realize you'll have to skip breakfast, gulp down that coffee and get ready for work pronto so you'll have the required 45 minutes to dig out your car, scrape the ice off its windows and shovel your driveway. Once this is done, you're a hot mess, complete with runny nose and scarlet cheeks, despite it being -20°, and you might silently pray for the snowplow to have cleared your street. Maybe you're lucky and it has. But then by clearing the road, it might have pushed a huge snow bank right at the end of the driveway and you'll have to pick up that shovel again. Finally, you're all set and possibly only a little late for work. ...But then, will the car start? . Ring any bells? . "Vixen" bandana by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI "Atari" bandana by @black.mutt ○ MOONIGREEK15 . #mjandthederps . . . . . #moonithegreekstray #mauveandjo #canadianwinter #derp #derpface #animaladdicts #bestwoof10k #funnydog #pawsthatwander #moody_tones #winterwonderland #adventuredogsofficial #thegreatoutdogs #ventureout #winterweather #adventuredogs #serialshooters #dogstagram #thedogistcollective #ventureout #buzzfeedpets #buzzfeedanimals #actionphoto #staywild #doglover #hundeaufinstagram #hundefotografie #instadog


Does your pup sleep in your bed? Mooni likes to burrow under the blankets at my feet, and it's especially nice in the Winter to have a furry heater to cozy up to. She gets too hot though, and keeps going over and under the blankets all night long. My partner told me I've learned to lift the sheets to let her in, in my sleep! And sometimes, just sometimes, I wake up to her little head on my pillow, right next to mine😊 . "Vixen" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI This collar as well as the "Aster" and the "Merlot" will be available when the shop reopens after the holidays! . "Atari" bandana by @black.mutt ○ MOONIGREEK15 . . . . . #moonithegreekstray #mauveandjo #winterwonderland #winterishere #colddays #winterlandscape #goldenhour #bestwoof10k #farmdog #crossbreed #rescuedogsrock #animalnorth #pawsthatwander #backcountrypaws #dog_feature #pupsofinstagram #staywild #wildplanet #moody_tones #serialshooters #instadogs #dogphotography #dogsofficialdog #adventuredognation #thegreatoutdogs #adventuredogsofficial #hundefotografie #hundeliebe #hundefreunde


Sometimes shooting Mooni makes me feel like a wildlife photographer... Does your pup stay near you on free walks? The leash's click is Mooni's signal to dump me. She immediately bolts and disappears behind some bush. I wish making her run back was as easy... So we either walk together with a leash, or I walk alone and have random visits from an excited and muddy little mutt. Do you have a walking companion? . "Vixen" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI This collar as well as the "Aster" and the "Merlot" will be available when the shop reopens after the holidays! . "Atari" bandana by @black.mutt ○ MOONIGREEK15 . . . . . #moonithegreekstray #mauveandjo #winterwonderland #winterishere #colddays #winterlandscape #goldenhour #bestwoof10k #farmdog #crossbreed #rescuedogsrock #animalnorth #pawsthatwander #backcountrypaws #dog_feature #pupsofinstagram #staywild #wildplanet #moody_tones #serialshooters #instadogs #dogphotography #dogsofficialdog #adventuredognation #thegreatoutdogs #adventuredogsofficial #hundefotografie #hundeliebe #hundefreunde


Last Wednesday was likely the last day we saw grass for many months. I literally gasped when I walked by the window yesterday morning and saw a real Winter wonderland. We had about 6 inches fall during the night and cover everything (including the emergency stack of firewood we didn't have time to store). Although Mooni doesn't like the cold, she loves snow and got all excited when she saw it! We don't see many animals around our home, but in Winter we realize how many there really are, leaving tracks like highways on the trails. Mooni loves following them and has to poke her snout in each paw print. She was so happy I didn't have the heart to tell her that she'll soon have to wear boots. . "Asteria" bandana by @nomadic.tails ○ MOONI12 "Aurora" martingale by @mauveandjo ○ MJMOONI . . . . . #moonithegreekstray #mauveandjo #derp #derpface #animaladdicts #funnydog #dogstagram #dog_features #ventureout #buzzfeedpets #actionphoto #mydogiscutest #staywild #barkhappy #happydog #underdogsofig #doglover #cutepuppy #terrier #hundefotografie #instadog #dailydog #weeklyfluff #rescuedog #igcutest_animals #hundefreunde #hundefotografie #hundeliebe