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Always trust your instincts mumma. Tilly has been poorly for a week, she was seen on 4 separate occasions over the weekend and each time I was told she wasn't poorly enough. On Tuesday I took her to see a fifth medical professional who still didn't think she was poorly enough but as I was being persistent decided to send me up to the hospital just for a couple of hours of observation to ease my mind. And her we are 40 hours later still in hospital she's been on oxygen and had to have a NG tube fitted for her feeds. So ALWAYS trust your instinct, you know when your baby isn't OK and it's perfectly acceptable to keep taking them back until someone listens to you. I'm glad to say that she has started to turn a corner and is no longer relying on the oxygen and is taking most of her feeds from me again rather than the tube so hopefully it won't be too long and we'll be home again back where we belong! #mothersinstinct #trustyourself #trustyourgut #mummyknowsbest #poorlybaby #poorly #bronchitis #oxygen #ngtube #mummyswhofight #listentomums #parent #babygirl #newborn #5weeksold #motherhood #mumlife