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Four years of SGS, of me yelling BYE with no explanation of where I'm going or when I'll be back, of you smiling politely and laughing when my brother and I interpretive dance in our underwear, of a million laughs, roadtrips and millions of SVU episodes. Thank you for sharing clothes with me when I'm skinny, for sharing French Fries with me when I'm not and for walking out of the room silently without judgement whenever I turn the Real Housewives on. @kristib4 you brought new life to Club2462 and I'm so glad to have shared the past 4 years with you. I'm so excited for your new adventure. Lucky for you I now have a GUEST ROOM so.... come be my guest. #mylastroomate #myfriend #miltonextentionhome #nycgirls #sgs #closeyoureyes at Astoria, New York