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Good news: I got a new phone on Friday (unplanned- went in for a new screen, got messed up so they just gave me a new one, which was pretty cool I guess). Backed up all my stuff before hand, so it’s all good, right? Bad news: I just discovered that all my photos after May 2nd (before Jordan and I got together) did not make it to the new phone for some reason or another. So this picture from Friday night is the only one I have saved and I am...really sad about it πŸ˜” There were so many memories, not posted to social media, that I had of us that I no longer have documentation of and I’m just fuckin bummed! More memories can be made, new ones, better ones, great ones, I know. I do love this picture though, so I guess it’s a good (re)start. πŸ’• #jordanandannastecia #babygrandpa #nannastecia #myman #mcm #alwaysforever


Glad my first tailgating experience was with you cus you're kinda the coolest πŸ€“πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜š @jordy0823 #notredame #babygrandpa #nannastecia #idontknowthesepeople #wecute #nachos4lyfe #πŸ’™ #bluehair