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i wrote a rhyming poem!! 😱 i feel a bit vulnerable posting it because it’s different than what i usually write. but i’m here to work on my fear of vulnerability anyways. this is about abuse & survival. how someone can take away your feeling of being safe in your own body, and how you can find it again. it’s about being forced into survival mode, and teaching yourself how to feel safe and social again from the ground up. i’m so grateful for my body and it’s ability to carry me through anything. shoutout to @justinlmft and the polyvagal podcast for giving me language to describe my state and further understand myself better.


#Repost @determinedtorise616 • • • • • • Change used to SCARE ME. 🙈⠀ ⠀ I’m going through major changes right now, physically, emotionally, and mental. Starting tomorrow I’m going through another huge change in my life, and when I’m ready to share with all of you, I will. If you could please send positive thoughts my way I would greatly appreciate it. ⠀ ⠀ Would it be tooo hard? What if I wasn’t successful? What if I failed?⠀ ⠀ What I didn’t realize was this mindset was ACTUALLY holding me back from seeing ANY progress or EVEN trying!⠀ ⠀ I didn’t need to be perfect to progress. I’m far from perfect as you saw in my stories today. I struggle but I don’t give up. ⠀ ⠀ I just had to be continually learning because every failed attempt along the way was ACTUALLY a lesson I needed to move forward. . . . #changecanbegood#healingjourney #selflove #LOVEYOURSELF #selfcompassion #selfcare #patience #YOGA #warriorwomyn #redflagwarrior #iamgoddessrising #freedom #NARCFREE #narcissisticabuse #narcopath #narcissist #psychopath #educateyourself #traumabond #childhoodtrauma #traumarecovery #traumahealing #traumasurvivor #CPTSD #complexposttraumaticstressdisorder #complexptsd


Conversations with a narcissist🕊 They unfortunately aren’t capable of ‘normal’ adult discussions. * ANYTHING you raise will ALWAYS be turned into an argument. * With circular conversation and a whole tonne of word salad. #mynarcissistex #isolation #rejection #silenttreatment #bully #ifmywoundswerevisible #narcissisticabusesurvivor #projection #narcissisticinjury #exposethetruth #selflove #truth #emotionalabuse #mentalabuse #badrelationships #selfknowledge #evil #awakening #narcissistabuse #narcopath #narcopaths #healing #covert #toxic #discard #takeyourcontrolback #narcnomore #freedom


When the relationship with a Narcissist ends, you mourn the failure of the relationship. . . You feel anguished that the partner you loved has betrayed your trust and departed your life. . . You struggle to acknowledge - even to yourself - the loss of the dream that person represented. . . You struggle with depression, anxiety and self-loathing. . . But it takes you a long time to realise that the loss of your sense of self was the biggest loss of all. . . . Abuse sufferers often ask me, “How can I ever trust someone again?” . . . That question always indicates that a Narcissist has done whatever they could to rob that person of their sense of self. . , Because if you have a sense of self, you know that the person that you most need to trust is someone you can always rely on - yourself. . . You will come through for you. . . Narcissists go to great lengths to rob you of that awareness. . . That is how they make themselves strangely indispensable. Please tag someone who needs to see this. . . . Find these messages helpful, turn on NOTIFICATIONS so you don’t miss a post. . . . .Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE your thoughts. . . #narcissist #narcissistic #narcissisticabuse #narcissisticabusesurvivor #domesticabuse #narcabuse #narcism #narcopath #emotionalabuse #mentalabuse #toxicrelationships #healyourheart #timetoheal #knowyourworth #anniekaszina #selfcareisntselfish #learntoloveyourself #walkaway #betteroffalone #findingme #selfesteem #youdeservebetter #lettinggo #dontsettle #knowyourworth


One day they will know every sacrifice and wound their parents took on silently to protect them and give them a future. Overcoming hidden abuse and trauma as a full time parent isn’t easy. They have seen us break down at times, watched me go from doctors back to back, at times be in bed for long stretches with health complications I developed from the abuse. We often are strong for them because I don’t feel as a parent you have a choice. I do however believe in being an authentic mother. Being honest and open and always leading them to God, not myself. As I sat here today due to another verbal lashing from a flying monkey (look it up) I couldn’t contain my hurt. Tears flowed. It’s amazing how one negative and minor opinion of a nobody can drowned out a hundred positive major opinions of somebodies. In the course of being called names year after year and being portrayed as somebody I am not due to my inability to be controlled, you would think my skin was leather by now. It’s not. In fact, some days it feels more like chiffon. As I sat there weeping at the wrong and injustice still taking place, my husband offered to grab dinner as he encouraged me over the phone. As I got off the phone in mid-stream my little guy entered the room and climbed in my lap. He didn’t ask why I was crying, he didn’t try to make it better with words, he just hugged me. Tightly. As if to say I hear you and see you mama. I used this opportunity to tell him, I was sad. And sometimes sadness spills out with tears but that did he know, Jesus hears every tear we cry? I told him Jesus even counts them and He says He will wipe them away and give us peace after we cry and let it out. He hugged me even tighter after that. When we give God our tears in the recovery process, He makes good on all His promises. With each wounding comes healing and each healing brings strength. Those who speak truth will face persecution, but in the name of God, we still speak it. Someone has to. You may have tried having this moment Satan, but my weapon is my melody and I’m gonna sit here singing praise to you with my son’s arms wrapped around me. You don’t win! I choose transparency, there is no room for fear.


They say about 10% of the population has a Cluster B disorder (anti-social, borderline, histrionic, narcissist). . Dr. Robert Hare, the leading expert on psychopathy, says only about 1% of the population are psychopaths. . According to Dr. Martha Stout, only about 4% of the population are sociopaths. . And according to a Harvard study, between 5-15% are "almost psychopaths". . The reality is, we don't know what type of demographics were studied to get these statistics, what type of real life experience with these characters the people who did the studies had, and whether the data will be updated or not. . For more info, watch the video ‘Why the science on narcissism is WRONG’ on YouTube.


And I haven't been more peaceful ever since 👏🏼 No matter where we are in our healing process; whether we've just gotten out of a toxic relationship or have had a longer painful relationship with trauma and are now healing from it all; at the end of the day, what do we want in order to heal ourselves? Where do we want to be emotionally and mentally? Ultimately as humans, our need for interaction with others is in our nature. I think we all desire meaningful relationships. Where we feel safe, loved, appreciated and understood. We've probably crossed paths with people who we trusted and dropped our guards for, in return they left us with unresolved complicated traumas which we really could have done without. I don't know where I was going with this but here ya go. Take life as it is, the only real way to get through something in life is to - wait for it - actually go through it. Don't lock yourself in situations you were just supposed to pass through. . Join the @thekhandiary squad 💪🏼 . #justsaying #gaslighting #narcissistsurvivor #n. Join the @thekhandiary squad 💪🏼 . #justsaying #gaslighting #narcissistsurvivor #narcsurvivor #narcopath #narcissisticabuse #narcissisticabuserecovery #narcissism #triangulation #flyingmonkeys #theotherwoman #traumabonding #traumabond #stockholmsyndrome #alhamdulillah #grateful #happy #youdeservebetter #behappy #turntoallah #loveyourself #overcomingobstacles #lifecoach #empoweredwomen #thekhandiary #hustle #healingfromabuse #inittowinit


NEW Podcast Episode Up! Episode 17 - How a Narcissist Uses Codependency Against You. I discuss how and why you being a codependant is a narcissist's dream - how they use it to manipulate you, and how you can break the cycle of codependency once and for all. The full episode is available on Spotify now. 🌹❤