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SELF LOVE ~ NURTURE Spending time with like minded soul sistas, filling each other’s cups equally as to which we fill our own individual baskets. Accepting and allowing safe opportunities to explore and embrace cultural and social similarities/differences, vulnerability and normalisation which of course transfers to feed seeds of growth within each other. Gentle reminders of practicing gratitude 🦋


Winter on our doorstep It’s time for heart warming comfort food . Creamy Polenta 250 ml polenta (maize flour) 2 cups of fresh corn 🌽 5 cups water, 30 grams butter 1 cup Parmesan cheese 🧀 2 flat table spoons salt 1 cup of crispy row bacon (optional) Bring the water to boiling point. Plus salt. Incorporate slowly the polenta and butter lower the heat stir continuously till it comes to a thicker consistency, mix in the fresh corn continue stirring for 10 minutes Mix in the grated Parmesan cheese . Serve piping hot and garnish with crispy bacon 🥓 and Parmesan. Bon appetite 💓


The past year and few months in particular, I've been pushed face to face with my commitment to taking as good care of myself as I do those around me. And I have come up lacking. The need for gentleness and nurturing for my heart and deep attention to my body has been calling out very strong. I had a long standing low back issue that a year or PT did nothing to touch. In an attempt to fix that by laying completely flat when I slept, combined with consuming high amounts of peppermint tea and carbonated waters (my trade off for kicking caffeine) I inadvertantly and unknowingly gave myself a case of silent GERD when I slept which made me cough all the time when I spoke. (apparently peppermint tea is awful for acid reflux... Who knew!!) That combined with going through/recovering from my surgery, and an overwhelming amount of emotional stress, my body and heart has been crying out for care. And I listened. I listened better than I think I ever have. 🧡 After just a week of getting back to an early morning yoga practice I used to love, lots and lots of self myofascial work and glute medius attention, my back pain is going away. I made significant changes to my diet and eating habits including making yummy scratch bone broth that has become my new favorite way to start the day (thus the creepy chicken feet in photos. You're welcome) and my cough is finally gone. Taking long walks with my camera, instead of pushing myself up mountainsides every week. Slowing down at home with candles and music and kitty cuddles. I'm investing more in relationships that nurture my heart. New and old ones while also deeply embracing being alone with the parts of me that need my love and attention and holding the most. I highly recommend it. #selflove #selfcare #bonebroth #chickenfeet #healing #yoga #bikhramseries #homecooking #peace #nurture #fallinlove #innerchildhealing #innerchildwork #broth #loveyourself #caretaking #takegoodcare #stock #gerd #acidreflux #healyourself #healyourbody #healyourheart


🌶️Chilli (Capsicum Annuum)🌶️ A hot welcome into summer with this ornamental surprise! Chillies are short-lasting perennials with huge potential to 'rock your socks off' 🧦 if cared for properly. They enjoy fertile soil with plenty of sun and water but never drenched.☀️💧 Wait patiently for the little white flowers to bloom and soon you'll see green fruits protruding out ready to change colours into different shades of red or purple, depending on which variety you choose! 🌈 Chillies are a rich source in Vitamin C which helps boosts the bodies immune systems. They also have a nice amount of electrolytes and minerals such as potassium, iron and magnesium. Potassium is important at your bodies cell level to regulate your blood pressure and heart rate! How amazing!? 🌶️🤓😍💪 Images from @plantfileonline 🌱 🌱 🌱 #hort4kidz #greenguardians #kids #gardening #activities #gardeningforkids #gardeningtherapy #education #children #learning #fun #environment #sustainability #growing #plants #herbs #fruit #vegetables #greenthumbs #gardenideas #gardeningwithkids #nature #nurture #compost #biodegradable #homeharvest #homegarden