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So many toys I have no space on my bed!! #AssistanceDog #DogsAreGood #OrvilleTheDog #dogsforgood #dogsofinstagram


Our friends Doreen & Michael came over for a dog party yesterday. Us humans were 6 feet apart but these dogs don’t care about social distancing only who’s got the treats. #bogartthedog #orvillethedog #wilburthedog #brascothedog


Astoria: Two Point Perspective featuring work by local artists, Denise Monaghan and John Willis will be open Friday and Saturday from 12-5! . . . #denisemonaghan #johnwillisart #orvillethedog #jointshow #astoriaoregon #astoriavisualarts


When you are the oldest (15 plus yo) and the smallest and doing your best to keep the youngsters in line. #orvillethedog #jrt #oldmandog #settledownyouyoungsters #allofthemarerescues #rescuedogsrock #jynxandlouie


We sure miss you Orville. #orvillethedog #orvillepulsipher #pulsipherfamilylove


. Orville's best day ever involves grass and some good ole vitamin D! ☀️ . #OrvilleTheDog #OrvilleStrong #PFPFam #pfp


. Check out this walking machine! Go Orville go! . When that leash comes out, he is ready and rearing to go! He go in circles and wags his tail like crazy! Right now, these structure walks are his daily therapy exercises. In the next week or so we will be able to begin to introduce chiropractic into his therapy regiment, and soon there after-swimming. We are taking it slow in order for him to ease into it and get him used to this new routine. . We couldn’t be more proud and happy at how good Orville is doing. He is a fantastic dude! 💙 . #OrvilleStrong #OrvilleTheDog #PFPFam #PFP


. Today we received Orville's blood work back. He tested positive for the lyme antibody, which could mean one of 2 things; he could have had Lyme disease a while back and recovered (in turn getting the antibody), OR had the Lyme vaccine administered to him at some point in time. . Either way this is not worrisome currently as he now has the antibody! We are pleased to report that he has been on doxycycline (an antibiotic) for almost a week now and is starting to walk better as each day passes. . Since having the blood work back and knowing more about him medically, we should be able to start his full therapies in about 2 weeks. This will give him some time for the inflammation he might have in his body to subside then allowing his body to start to heal. . First therapies on the list will be; chiropractic and swim sessions! Stay tuned! "You are never given anything in this world that you can't handle. Be strong and just keep moving forward." -Unknown . This is the epitome of Orville. 💙 . #OrvillesJourney #OrvilleTheDog #OrvilleStrong #PFPFam #PFP


. This is Orville. . Different, broken, not worth the time or effort. This is what some people see when they hear of a that dog has minimal use (or no use) of their back legs. . However, what PFP sees is a chance, hope, hard work (thats more then worth it) and love. While we don't know an awful lot about Orville’s background, we know that he came into the shelter as a stray on July 5th. Upon arrival, he was extremely thin and had slight use of his back legs (albeit very wobbly). As time passed, Orville sat in the shelter and he started to get weaker. He now lacks the ability to fully stand upright on his own. . We caught wind of Orville as he had become quite the fan favorite at Chicago Animal Control. . When our volunteer saw Orville's shelter video there was no hesitation, she wanted to foster him. So, Laura, our seasoned special needs foster, wrote a personal plea in FB and raised just over $1000 for Orville in hopes that it would be a good funding start to help PFP save him. . We absolutely want to save Orville and we cannot imagine him sitting at the shelter for another day. Our goal is to raise $2,000 (in addition to our volunteer’s $1000 raised) to have him set up for success right from day one. . In addition to basic vetting and care, Orville will need medics care to beat an upper respiratory infection (antibiotics, supplements, etc), as well as medical care for his back end lameness. Our plan is to get him situated in foster care, get healthy, and hit the ground running with specialist appointments (nerve specialist, ortho specialists, and PT specialists) and therapies. . He will be need A LOT of therapy (PT, massage therapy, swimming, laser therapy, etc) to try and help him recover the use of his back legs. To say he's worth it is an understatement. He leans into you and looks into your eyes like he's looking into your soul, and we simply can not deny that. . Just writing this plea is heart wrenching, but knowing later today that he could potentially be on his freedom ride home- away from certain death, is what keeps us going. *CONTINUED IN COMMENTS*


Not so bad if you have the right gear... #patagonia #arcteryx #smithoptics #flylow #sorel #darntoughsocks #orvillethedog


Morning stroll with the 3 amigos... #bogartthedog #orvillethedog #wilburthedog #massapequapreserve


Homies... #bogartthedog #orvillethedog #wilberthedog


Bo, hanging with his boys Wilber & Orville. #bogartthedog #wilberthedog #orvillethedog #dogbros