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This post was supposed to be added much earlier today. I’ve been caught up in stories of ‘the Wild West’ that kept me from sleeping last night. Stories about a lack of collaboration and they break my heart. Truly. So I tried to take care of my spirit today and going to my happy place. Don’t ever forget that we are in this together. Every person in every nation. We are only as strong as we are united. Every last one.


So I couldn’t find them yesterday afternoon and they were down here! FaceTime-ing with Granny! Having a ball and maintaining connections. Enjoying our new space. This room may not be perfectly decorated or polished but it’s a sign of the times and a good reminder that it’s ok and can still be fun. Just do your best each day and give yourself grace. Make sure to stay close. Have you been giving yourself grace?


I had a team meeting, got hooked back onto the Network, plus got my work phone reactivated, made a soup, two loaves of bread, a banana bread and all while wearing my slippers and it’s all before noon. Thank goodness for an awesome team, a sunny day and a lot of patient people working together.


Although Jae’s energy has always been through the roof and I almost cried at the thought of being able to keep up with her if she even turned it up one more notch, she loves with that same energy and her intelligence and eagerness to learn new things is fun as anything. She is also the cheekiest thing, taking hats with pom-poms right off women’s, children’s and even tall men’s heads, or slipping a little tongue in your mouth as she rainbow leaps past your face unexpectedly and so gently with laser precision. She keeps it interesting, for sure. So as crazy as it may seem, we have been waiting for her sister Chelsea to have puppies for a long time, and she finally had two sweet boys last weekend. Their eyes aren’t even open yet. We love the life in our house since Jae joined us two years ago and can’t wait to make it double trouble around here. These are the pics of Chelsea’s two puppies. I can’t wait for Jae to teach her nephew everything she knows (minus the hat steeling 🤣).


They’re living their best lives out there. It makes all the difference to move around and release any stress buildup. Too bad for the rain but they had a little dry moment out there to play and they grabbed it. Jae did pretty well, considering balls and kids are her favourite (except for cheese). Have you been getting some outdoors time?


The world is a little upside down these days. It’s a time to adapt, and remember that we’re all in this together. People supporting people. There are a lot of stores closing these days or will be soon. I just wanted to remind you that there are people on here, real people that are trying to make a living from sales of makeup, supplements, oils, jewelry etc. If you’re going to order online anyway you could be helping a family with your purchase. If there’s a makeup or skin care item that you would like to try, please know that there’s a full love it guarantee with Younique and I’m here to help. The Younique foundation supports women who have been sexually abused as children. The sense of community in this organization is top level which was the number one reason why I joined. And the makeup itself is European Standards approved and not tested on animals. The lipstick and BB cream are the best I’ve ever tried. The 4D mascara is mind blowing! If you need anything or want more information please ask.😘


Looking longingly at all the doggos that pass... wishing I could play with my furriends again. Mike and I are 6 days overdue with this babe so we’ve been seriously isolating. Poor Oakley doesn’t get it. Every walk we go on, he sees a puppy and just wants to say hi. He misses doggy interaction. I feel bad. We’ve been trying to keep him exercised but it’s not super easy when you’re huge and not so nimble 😅. He’s a trooper I tell ya.


Decided to do abs because my arms were still killing me from the pushups I did on Sunday, and my walking is more like a hobble due to the squat action from Monday. I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m so happy and proud of myself though!! I hope you’re getting as much out of every day as you can! #kemptville #ottawaaussies #workoutathome #exerciseroutine #exerciseismedicine #quarantinelife #selfempowerment #workoutinspo #workoutcomplete #workouttips #bethechangeyouwanttosee #aussiesdoingthings #takingtimeforme #familyfriendly #ottawavegan #ottawaontario #canadianmoms #familyaffair #crunches #crunchfitness #putyourselffirst #geterdone #dontforgetyourself #getinshapegirl #thetimeisnow #workoutcomplete #workoutwednesday #march2020


Trying to figure this whole thing out and adapt. If I don’t come out of this a little more fit and a lot more creative about me-time then it will all be lost. We are enjoying incorporating exercise into our foresting. We get mom-daughter time, Jae gets to run through and maneuver in the forest sniffing all the spring smells and we get to up our squat game! I hope this is something you might want to try too. We even saw a little woodpecker.


We are so grateful for this fur ball. She’s fun and cheerful and also teaches us to relax and rest. I bought her her favourite ball (a soccer ball) which she immediately punctured but still loves and shows all her BIG gratitude for. I may need to invest in another one that works better for teeth. It’s hard to find just the right one without being able to touch it. Anyone have a soccer ball loving dog that can recommend one? Oh and my son has invented a new hockey basketball game for our yard! Hope you are all still finding the good. Hugs.


I used to love working out with my husband. We used to go to the gorgeous University of Ottawa gym 6 days a week in our early days and he was such a good trainer. He knew just what to do and we had so much fun. And man I saw results. I felt really good. We both did. And then? Life just got busy, we moved away from that gym and somehow I just stopped working out regularly. I am now seeing myself get a little thicker although I’m eating really well, and in this lockdown environment I’m kind of seeing an opening for me-time. I feel like I just need to do it! It’s a positive move, in a crazy time and I need this! I hope my Instagram friends are also finding a little time to do something positive just for you. You’re worth it. Tell me, what positive changes are you making?


Had a crap day yesterday so decided that was enough and my daughter and I went outside and played with her birthday balloons. (They’re still going strong since early March! ) Jae cooperated well with Mya’s instructions and then after we came inside Mya showed me how to edit the balloon colours! So it just goes to show that we all feel like crap sometimes but try to find your happy place. Sometimes a little help goes a long way. I had some lovely conversations with such sweet women yesterday. Thank you to @helloelisez and @kristyhf . Let’s try to lift one another out of it and guide each other to a better place. Tag some sweet women in your life!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Even without our parades and green beer at the bar, keep your Irish spirit alive everyone! What are you up to?


If you’re interested in any of the products that I’ve used most of them are on major special right now. At least 30% off. Check it out!


If you need a little colour in your life here it is. It’s still so deep and rich, and not in your face. I hope you like it. Let me know!


What’s everyone up to!? I’m sure there must be some bored kids out there and so thought of posting ideas for everyone. Marlo loves Bob Ross. He’s so encouraging and has a comforting voice. Let us know what you’re up to!









Today we went to visit with Shadows breeder and we got to meet these sweet, adorable little pups! To say I have puppy fever would be the understatement of the decade 🤣 but I'm also fairly certain my husband would murder me if I came home with a 3rd dog 🤣🤣 How CUTE are they though?! 😭 . . . . . . . . #instaaussie #best_aussies_ #aussiesofig #instaaussiefeatures #aussielovers #aussiesofinstagram #puppiesofinsta #puppiesofinstagram #mustloveaussies #showmeyourauss #wigglebuttcentral #wigglebutts #shepherdsofinstagram #karnevalspawsmeeting #aestheticdogsdaily #livelifeoffleash #buzzfeedanimals #followmeaussies #followmecaninecompanions #ottawaaussies #ottawadogs #aesthetic_photos #aestheticdogoftheday #aussiesdoingthings #aussiedailyfeatures #miniatureamericanshepherdsofinstagram


Happiest first borkday to this handsome little 😈! Swipe 👉 for more of my cuteness 😍 .... It has been an incredible first year with Shadow. He blows us away all the time with his loyalty, incredibly sweet and affectionate personality, and his intelligence. He is always ready to learn and SO eager to please his humans, and the bond that has developed between him and Pixel has been so beautiful to watch. Everyday spent with Shadow is truly a blessing and we look forward to a lifetime of adventures together ❤️ . . . . Happy birfday to my siblings 🎉 @oakley.the.miniaussie @frankietothemoon @benjiandpiper . . . . #instaaussie #best_aussies_ #aussiesofig #showmeyourauss #mustloveaussies #wigglebuttcentral #aussiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #winterpfotenfun #faschingspfotencostume #adventurousaussies #followmecaninecompanions #followmeaussies #livelifeoffleash #aestheticdogsdaily #aesthetic_photos #aestheticdogs #aestheticdogoftheday #puppiesofinstagram #aussiesdoingthings #aussiedailyfeatures #mydogiscutest #ottawaaussies #bluemerleaussie #miniaussiesofinstagram #aussiesthatexplore #hikingdogsofinsta #rawfeddogsofinstagram


These two dogs are not just any dogs. They're my very best friends. My confidants. My loyal guardians. My greatest source of happiness and pride. They provide constant love and affection to the point where most people would feel overwhelmed with their neediness. But not me. I love every single minute spent with these dogs. They love me so completely, every minute of every day. And I love them exactly the same in return ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . #instaaussiefeatures #best_aussies_ #aussiesofinstagram #aussieaddict #aussiesdoingthings #aesthetic_photos #aestheticdogs #livelifeoffleash #aestheticdogoftheday #buzzfeedanimals #kaltepawstime #aussielovers #aussiedailyfeatures #dogsofinstagram #adventurousaussies #puppiesofinsta #shepherdsofinstagram #rawfeddog #rawfeddogsofinstagram #girlsbestfriend #followmecaninecompanions #ottawaaussies #ottawadogs #wigglebuttcentral #showmeyourauss #613puppylove #dogs_of_instagram #dogmomsofinstagram #winterpfotenfun


Can't believe this handsome little 😈 turns 1 year on Feb 15th! He has been the perfect addition to our little family and we look forward to many years of adventures with our two favorite boys ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . #instaaussiefeatures #aussielovers #aussiesofinstagram #aussiedailyfeatures #aestheticdogs #aestheticdogoftheday #livelifeoffleash #buzzfeedanimals #aussieloverz #puppiesofinstagram #shepherdsofinstagram #miniamericanshepherd #followmecaninecompanions #adventurousaussies #dogsofinstagram #ottawaaussies #ottawadogs #rawfeddog #rawfeddogsofinstagram #snowdogs


This handsome little 😈 turns 1 year next month! Bringing Shadow home was one of the best decisions we've ever made. He has completed our little family and brings us so much joy daily. He is sweet and loving when you need him the most, loyal, obedient, and goofy beyond words! And the bond we've watched grow between him and Pixel has been so beautiful. They are brothers and the best of friends, and we look forward to a lifetime of adventures with our two favorite boys ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . #aussiesofinstagram #miniatureamericanshepherd #followmecaninecompanions #followmeaussies #adventurousaussies #aussiedailyfeatures #instaaussie #instaaussiefeatures #livelifeoffleash #buzzfeedanimals #puppiesofinstagram #showmeyourauss #mustloveaussies #aussielovers #bluemerleaussie #snowdogs #rawfeddog #rawfeddogsofinstagram #best_aussies_ #animalnorth #puppyoftheday #dogbestpix #dogoftheday #ottawaaussies #ottawadogs #aesthetic_photos #aestheticdogs #aestheticdogoftheday #kaltepawstime


Heckin’ ice makes it hard to run, and even harder to stop! • • Burning off some energy before another snowstorm ❄️ #aussiesofig #dogsofinstagram #dogsofig #aussiesofinstagram #australianshepherd #mydogiscutest #australianshepherdworld #ottawadogs #ottawaaussies #dogsofinstaworld #redtriaussie #winterwonderland #canadianwinter


Mom and dad bought us a treat while they were out because of how good we have been with our new baby brother!!! 🐶🐻 #supercanbullysticks #daisymay #bear #australianshepherd #aussiesofinstagram #ottawaaussies #gooddog