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One two tree from Jamie Claire and outlander to Germany!!! So many great fans with love peace and harmony... This message is for you from me!!! I tell you we are 6933 <3 Omg...!!! Let's do it!!! Just 67 follower!!! So many fans all over the world keep together when it's called droughtlander. So many moments with ups and downs ... just give it to outlander! Scotland clans and landscapes ... The highlands and a mysterious rocky circle called "craighnadun"! What else do you think of when you think of Scotland? Ahhh ... I know it! The infamous fairy hills and their many stories about it. Mystical and beautiful at the same time. Be outlander I love the name Jamie! I close my eyes and see a muscular well-built red-haired scotch with deep blue eyes in front of me. Diana really did it, she took us into a world that is often so much nicer than the real world. One begins to read a tape and is immediately at Jamie claire and co. I am glad to be a part of that and have made an account that is growing and growing every day !!! And I am also happy to show you small collages and edits and to exchange! Thank u for all your love likes and comments <3 you're welcome always and forever!!! #outlandishfansarethebest #besties #outlandishfandom #jamieandclairecomunity #outlandercomunity #sassenachs #jamiefraserlovers #jamieandclaire #jammf #jamesalexandermalcolmmackenziefraser #claireelizabethbeauchamprandallfraser #samandcaitforever #samheughan #caitrionabalfe