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Different views from two of my runs this week. I love both sides of Washington but I'll admit winter on the Eastside is a little more to my taste. Downtown Chewelah in the snow & the view from the south end of Lake Washington. #pnw #pnwfall #inlandnorthwest #inlandnorthwestfall #westsideVSeastside #morningruns


Question: if you were an airplane where would you fly right now?


I did a fun @americaneagle try on in my ig stories yesterday and it’s saved to my highlights! Everything I shared is on sale!! Go check it out and let me know what you think, great Christmas ideas as well! On another note tonight’s @f45_training_coburgroad workout was SO good🙌🏼 don’t forget you can get a free week trial!! #liketkit #LTKholidaygiftguide #LTKstyletip #LTKsalealert #aexme


Sometimes you’ve just got to carve your own path. #powerthrough #whitewater #avalanchecreek


One of the bonuses to the Sun setting so early these days is that I get a couple more hours to enjoy these magical lights in my office. It’s so lovely to hear clients say, " it's so pretty in here!" when they wake up after their bodywork session. If you're struggling to find the beauty within and around you on these dark days, it's time to book a session to help you get more present in your body and your surroundings. . . . . . #winterlights #magical #healingspace #seattlemassage #massagetherapistlife #whereiwork #officedecor #lightworker #bookyourappointment #seattlelife #winteriscoming #pnwfall #relax #selfcare


The people pleaser in me RUNS whenever I want to do something that is 100% authentic to me. Because shame tells me that if it’s authentic to me then it could NEVER relate to any of you and then I’d be alone and isolated forever. When I’m reality, so many of us can relate through our authenticity. . I doubt. I make excuses. I hide. I make fun of my dreams with other people 😣😩 - I’d love to put out a persona that I’m Just this bad ass boss that is making strides in life. But to be honest the last few months I’ve given into my fear that I’m not qualified to do what it would take to actually accomplish what I want.... AGAIN🥴 - But guess what never for one second ever goes away.....The red hot desire to pursue what I believe God has put me here to do. Mentor other women though business & healthier lifestyles. - So, idk how I’m going to do it (which gives me literally the most anxiety out of everything). But It’s just so clear to me that if I just wake up and go to work I am on more pain than the pain of growth and working towards my own goals. - Cheers to failing, growing, and going after what you want even when you’re afraid❤️


Family photo 2019 ❤️ Thank you @ninjamomjenowen for snapping these sweet pics of us and for all these years! We love you!! #tenneygirls #oscar #pnwfall #favoritephotographer #beautyninja


Family photo 2019 ❤️ Thank you @ninjamomjenowen for snapping these sweet pics of us and for all these years! We love you!! #tenneygirls #oscar #pnwfall #favoritephotographer #beautyninja


Finally made it down to Abiqua Falls! Totally deserves the hype. #waterfall #pnwfall


Literally have no cool caption to go along with this photo 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 so here’s me sitting on some cool looking steps , freezing my bottom off , trying to look cool 😂 cool? Cool. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #portlandbloggers #portlandcreatives #pdxnow #portlandlifestyle #portlandlifestyle #microinfluencers #effyourbeautystandards #plusblogger #pdxmakeupartist #portlandmakeupartist #theunicornpresets #makeupdaily #blondehairgreeneyes #selflovery #myartistcommunity #visualblogger #portlanddowntown #pnwbloggerbabes #pnwbabes #deminjacket #mystylemyway #myootd #dcmartens #fallstyles #blondelob #midsizestyle #midsizefashion #pnwfall


One of my favorite unplanned shots ever. I was looking down at my wet feet, laughing. feeling grateful for couples who will brave the rain and cold with me. And I look up to see this red tree glowing in the light. I flung my camera up and snapped this shot as Alexa and James headed into their ceremony as husband and wife. What a night. THESE are the moments we live for.


“You never know what's around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you've climbed a mountain.” ~Tom Hiddleston 🍁🍂 ⛰ . I’ve been thinking about choosing a path lately and feeling anxious about choosing the wrong one for my life. Then I realized I was functioning out of a place of fear, which is so counter to what a stand for. When I started spinning on all the what if scenarios, a simple truth dropped into my consciousness: I can only make decisions based on what I know. I can only react and respond to the information presented to me at any given time. The rest I will react and respond to if and when it occurs. So, given the variables at hand, I will make a choice and go from there. This thought process gave me comfort, but it wasn’t everything I needed to get “unstuck.” So talked with a friend about how I was feeling. She had some more simple yet profound wisdom: nothing is permanent. You make a choice now. But if you want to make a different choice 3, 6 or 12 months from now, you make a different choice. Nothing is set in stone. This ties so well into the first thought that I can only react and respond to what I have right now because if the situation changes, so can I. Suddenly I felt empowered and free again. Suddenly the idea of making a mistake felt nearly impossible. Suddenly I was in the drivers seat of my own life and I couldn’t get it wrong. Sometimes simple wisdom is the best kind. . . . #chooseyourpath #simplewisdom #youcantgetitwrong #whatsaroundthecorner #choosing #lifepaths #decisions #bigdecisions #decisionsdecisions #paths #nothingispermanent #reactandrespond #manifest #fallcolors #trails #climbamountain #onestepatatime #fallleaves #autumn #transitionaltimes #bellingham #washington #pnwfall #pnwhiking


Slowing down is not easy this December but here is one thing I promised myself: I am participating in @middleyearsmonday’s Advent Illuminations (both as a subscriber and contributor) and I decided to take the time every day to really read and absorb every word of @pipwilcoxceramics’ thoughtful introductions and the beautiful essays. Rather than, you know, just skim over the emails as I do so often these days. In fact, I am making a little ritual out of it: I make a soothing cup of tea, light a candle, put on some classical music in the background (John Field is a current favorite) and simply enjoy being in the presence for at least a few calm and peaceful moments. In today’s contribution @des.haigh shares a wonderful video about the power & magic of ritual and invites us to create some rituals of our own during this often busy and overwhelming festive season, reminding us that rituals can ground us and bring a sense of connection and stillness. Perhaps this is why I love advent so much, it used to be a time filled with wonderful rituals growing up in Germany. My mom was not religious and we had a more or less agnostic upbringing, but we nonetheless took our Christmas traditions very seriously and, for example, always had an advent wreath with the four candles and at least one advent calendar, as well as an ‘advent garland’ with 24 small presents (that could thankfully be divided evenly amongst us three kids). Christmas was also the only time a year that we went to church and I loved it so much that I had butterflies in anticipation. Whether we were ‘believers’ or not, there was definitely something very magical about this time of year and our rituals played a big part in that. Because I never had children of my own many of these rituals faded into the background over the years but Advent Illuminations ( #myadvent2019) inspires me to bring back a few - like the advent wreath - and also create some of my own, like reading the essays by candlelight and soft music. ✨