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The Naked Heart


Botanical corn - Blackandwhitephotography . Day 4 of #sevendaysblackandwhite #blackandwhitephotos . . I select today @louisajoyphotography to take up the 7-days-bnw-challenge given to me by @llwydin. . No pressures, no obligation, only if you wish! Please nominate each day a newone to continue the challenge! No people, no pets, no explanations, no words, only pictures of your life. . #bnw #botanicalcorn #mcl_arts #bnw_one #jj_blackandwhite #ptk_bnw #rebel_bnw #rebel_macro #rsa_bnw #bnwmood #macromood #rsa_macro



Black & White photography Day 1 Pictures of your life. No explanations, no people, no pets, no words . #sevenblackandwhitephotos #blackandwhitephotography . One bnw photo a day for 7 days, challenged by Lois @llwydin inviting Cherie @hippie_50 to take up the challenge, no pressure or obligation. Invite someone new each day. . #bnw #blackbird #rebels_united #rebel_bnw #mcl_arts #rsa_bnw #bnw_planet #bnw_one . 🎶 Beatles: Blackbird 🎶 #lyrics_meet_lens . #artistry_vision


#rebelsunitedoct2017potd Day 26, Pumpkins/Gourds. at Groningen


“All those moments will be lost in tears in rain” Original Photo Quote - Rutger Hauer-BladeRunner at Autumn Leaf Cafe


Once Upon A Time... ✨Nicole Atkins✨ at Bay Area, San Francisco


▪️Memory Don't Leave Me▪️It's that time now Time to relent, time to gaze Time to look back and far, far away But I am fixed on "out there" A crisp winter morning Laughing shadows, fuzzy, giggling Who were they, who are they Where are they? Miles, and miles down a road There in the distance A rainy beach Shadows walking slowly away Were they holding hands They must have been I think I see their heads slowly meet A kiss? Perhaps But they are melding as billowing smoke and disappearing just as surely into the sky Like all the fading shadows of long ago A quick time march hurrying away in some forgotten metre Wait! Who is that? Was that you mother? Were you mother? I'm holding fast your neck Laundry twirling through a ship's window You are softly humming in my ear Holding me in one arm, the other sorting fabrics I am falling asleep, I don't want to sleep I want to remember, but I fell asleep wrapped around your Milk white neck, I can't remember sleep, but I so want to remember this Wrestling, giggling, am I the father or the son? Or was it one, I played with them as you played with me Who were they? I can't seem to recall their names Who was she, so pretty, so soft, so intertwining WHO WAS SHE, who was she, who...? The road is twisting, winding along a windy shore It does not lead back to me It only leads further on...away I sense there is no return I cannot grasp it, feel it, see it anymore Faded and distant, just beyond my grasp I am trapped in the unfamiliar cacophony of now I am scared, just go away, whoever you are...all of you I do not know you I want to walk the road that stretches To find them all again Please don't leave me, don't go, don't go away... Original Work & Photo