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This is a very personal post so I suggest that if it is not your thing give this one a miss..... This little basket is the last piece that I will make for some time as last week I was given news regarding my health that I could possibly only describe as soul shattering. This basket for me represents the past week and my immediate future. It's wonky and wobbly, not neat at all, randomly stitched, I intentionally left some gaps in it in case I need a little light in darkness, it has a few long hanging tendrils to grasp if I need an anchor but the best part......those colours 💜💗❤️💛💙💚 They symbolise for me happiness, hope and celebration!! I wanted to explain this in some small way as you are my community with whom I feel connected to....... my tribe. I am not closing my account or walking away, just simply taking the time to do what I have to do and felt you deserve an explanation. I will be checking in from time to time so hopefully catch up on snippets from each of you. Big love and hugs, Viv XOX 💛 #basketmaking #linenstring #recycledsarisilkthread #handmade #sunshineformysoul #makeandcreate #community #tribe #takingabreak