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Dark Ambient Car: @ishii.go.ricecake @ansonxu2 ------ What's probably worth mentioning in this shot is how everyone waited such a long time for me to finish my light painting. Only to end up using the photo that didn't even use any of it. You're welcome friends. #sometimeswetroll


Late Night Car: @ishii.go.ricecake at Downtown Vancouver


Night Crawler FRS Car: @ishii.go.ricecake at Vancouver, British Columbia


My new love ! It might not be a BMW or a Lexus or even a Mercedes but it sure is the car of my dreams ! Ever since I first saw it I told my self tht one day I was going to have it and tht time finally came ! With hard work and faith and never giving up staying focus and with a lot of sacrifices I can say I finally made it ! I finally got my dream car ! All on my own ! I feel blessed and I made one of many big changes in my life this year ! I hope and wish for my 2017 to keep blessing me with many more things this year not necessarily material but in general ! #thankyougod #blessedbygod #scionfrs2017 #dreamcar #hardworkpaysoff #keeppushing #myhustleneverstop #proudofmyself