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💞JOY💞My new favorite oil. Ok, bout to get a little vulnerable & share with you guys really for the first time in a post about this oily journey. One of my leaders pointed out to me the other day that I found my “why” and it never even really clicked until then: expanding our family, via IVF is my “why”, and it kinda comes full circle because after years of being “unexplained” & having no reason as to why my eggs are so crappy & we needed a donor I believe that part of the cause for me is the chemicals that I put into my body over my life; teenage years especially! If you’re not familiar with how many of the products we use daily have a negative effect on our fertility I urge you to do some research. I don’t want my daughter to have to suffer through what we did so I found it extremely important to make drastic changes in what is brought into our house. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still stuffing our faces with Oreos regularly, WE ARE NOT PERFECT, but we are more conscious of what we use to wash our clothes, our dishes, our hair, and more. On top of finding my why, I get to feed my innate need to help others. My #enneagram is 3w2 & I get giddy off of being able to help others, give advice, & support people on their journey. I’ve done it for years in the infertility community & it has been so fulfilling to be a part of. I also know the impact of #sharingyourstory — I became a mom as a direct result of sharing openly our struggles here on social media literally, it’s how our donor found us! It’s such a special and unique story and I know the power of sharing, so I’ve decided to share this journey with you all too. It may not be for you, & that is OK, but I’m stepping out of my comfort zone in the hopes that maybe I can inspire or touch someone’s life the way that mine has been. So thankful to my amazing leaders, @loganrandazzo especially for being such beacons in the oily community, always there to help guide us along the way. At this moment in time, this is my passion. Will it last forever? I don’t know (I hope so!) but I know for the last 14 or so months I have found myself truly loving this journey so I’m here to share it with you!


"A jewel of the Pacific is all I need to remind me of who I am and where I'm from. The journey I am following and why I'm doing what I am for my family's future." 🌺🌴🌺🌴 A client of ours said these pertinent words to us when they met us at a market day we held after purchasing a piece from our website. She had come from the islands to NZ for a better life for her family but was missing home terribly. Studying hard to gain a degree so she could work to support her family, she said she often felt lost in a place that wasn't like anything she grew up in. Her bracelet was something she held near and dear to her, a piece of the Pacific that reminded her of her family, her homeland and her strength as a Pasifika woman❤️🌺 This is why we do what we do. Stories like this make us so happy to know we are enabling people to connect with their roots. #danikacooperjewellery #tuifaocreations #fridayvibes #clients #sharingyourstory #blackpearl #tahitianpearls #pasifika #pacific #polynesian #strongwomen #motivation #love


Running your own label you wear sooo many hats... I am often arranging shoots for collaborations & content... & then jumping behind the camera to take the pics. In a previous life I used to do a lot of photography for indie record labels, weddings & even airline livery at one stage... I love photography & that I can do it to share my own creative passion! I do also really love working with other photographers to appreciate their talents & perspective. All just another wonderful aspect of loving what you do. Always so grateful 🖤


‼️WE NEED YOUR HELP ‼️ Our Founder @gabbitownsend has been helping spread holiday cheer to families in need in Philadelphia for 15 years through the Dear Santa Society🎄. They need our help! . Each year since 1989, the Dear Santa Society team members have collected and hand-delivered donated food and gifts to families that otherwise wouldn’t have a Christmas for their children. . ‼️WE NEED VOLUNTEER SHOPPERS‼️ to help purchase toys & warm clothing for our families (you will be reimbursed!). If you’d like to help the Dear Santa Society, send us a DM or an email to [email protected] with the subject line of “Dear Santa” 💌 . #TheDearSantaSociety #GETPR #SharingYourStory


A good place to ponder what my next episode should be about! . . . #podcastinglife #podcasts #podcast #thevegastherapist #thevegastherapistpodcast #reviews #listeners #vegastherapy #goodlife #sharingyourstory


An amazing day talking to @courtsidemoms with @wensparks73 and @kurtlevibenson. We talked, cried, laughed and made life long friendships. Thank you for showing me around beautiful Halifax. Experiences come from the amazing people you meet along the way...I am grateful for my opportunities to meet people that change lives. 🧡 #courtsidemoms #bringingchange #makingadifference #sharingyourstory #powerfulwoman


>>>>>>>>>Swipe <<<<<<<<<<< Do you ever just KNOW when God is speaking DIRECTLY to you?! . . . Whenever the enemy gets in my head and starts trying to discourage me about the purpose and plan God has for my life.... God comes out of everywhere and just speaks life back into me!! . . . . . . . . . . . 🤗Royal Impact: Creating a culture of HOPE where people are Thriving while overcoming Obstacles. ...... 🌟MIND🌟BODY🌟SOUL


Thanks for being here! I'm a lover of words, of word pictures, of being true. I've also been married for over 46 years to a most wonderful man & am a mom of 4 amazingly creative adult children. 40 years ago, during a time of encroaching darkness and fear, I met Jesus and life turned 180 degrees. A few years ago He took me on a journey of deeper healing, where I began to know the depth of the love of the Father heart of God, and that I was held there safe, always. I learned more deeply how to hear His voice.. He's always speaking! I was taken on a journey of learning how to receive, BE loved, learning how to LIVE loved. And ushered into the freedom of being whole, well, getting to BE. Many various Words are whispered as I sit with Him, as He reveals His heart and my own too.. You are so welcome to join me on my continuing journey, and I hope you share yours too, in YOUR own Words, and we can wrestle together with this gift of learning to Be, and Live Loved. Janis #wordsfromtheheart #herstory #shareyourstory #resilience #courage #healingjourney #artistsoninstagram #poetryofinstagram #dailyword #sharingyourstory #jesussaves #beloved #liveloved #youareloved


PSA: I don’t usually share this stuff on this account but this just speaks volumes and needs to be shared. Also,➡️ I started using my @findingmindy account again where I talk about mental health and my raw, messy journey to finding myself. I previously did not add people on that acct who I knew but #endingthestigma starts with #sharingyourstory.🙏🏼 #endthestigma #edsoldier #edwarrior #bebrave


🤗Royal Impact: Creating a culture of HOPE where people are Thriving while overcoming Obstacles. ...... 🌟MIND🌟BODY🌟SOUL


Sitting in bed reading this amazing book. Can't believe how much someone that you haven't even met can feel like your best friend and be so right about everything you are feeling in your head. Thank you Bryony Gordon. Thank you for just being you and being incredibly amazing to my life. I can't begin to tell you how much all of your books have helped me. Read them all more than once and this one will be no different 💜 #beautifullady #sharingyourstory #hugeappreciation #bestsellingauthor #rightlyso 💜💜💜


🤗Make it a Magnificent Monday🤗 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 🤗Royal Impact: Creating a culture of HOPE where people are Thriving while overcoming Obstacles. ...... 🌟MIND🌟BODY🌟SOUL