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Rio ❤️ at L&C Horsemanship Ranch


(Scroll through images to see photos of bike damage and injuries)Following up my ride/accident 2 days ago... I was heading in to see two of the grandkids in their Christmas show at school and making good time on Marion Road, the final stretch of the ride there. I don’t like that road at that hour as it’s just so busy, but it was the best route to the school. I was on high alert, looking for cars pulling out of shops driveways or turning across opposing lanes. I’ve run this stretch at peak hour in the past so I knew what to expect. With a good tailwind all along Marion Road I was making good time and wasn’t more than 3-4km away. It would have allowed me to cool down a bit before the performance began. Both lanes of traffic to my right were packed, mostly crawl/stop pace. Approaching Avalon St. I was aware that it would get a little tight, as the bike lane ends briefly. For the moment I had the bike lane and a clear path. Suddenly a car turned right from the southbound lane, crossed two lanes of stopped traffic and appeared in my lane 2-3 meters in front of me! I didn’t have time to react or brake or anything. I saw it and probably yelled “No!” (or something) as I broadsided the car between the passenger side doors at 29mph/46kph. IMPACT! A moment of slow motion, silence, fear, calm... then IMPACT! First the car, then the pavement. Seconds later I open my eyes to an Asian looking man to my right, he was an off-duty nurse, and a young woman on my left, an off-duty paramedic. All I can say God provides and He often works through people around us! It is truly a miracle that I came out of this accident as well as I did, considering the condition of my bike. After two frustrating nights in hospital I am now home and very grateful to be alive. I’m regaining mobility as I’m getting reacquainted with my old friends, the walker and crutches. I know something else, something good will come out of this experience. I maybe can’t see it now, but I will, it always goes that way. I am so truly grateful for my loving, patient and caring wife @liisabaun by my side through it all! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Safe and Happy New Year!


And with THAT I have 6,000 Miles, which was my goal for the YEAR! A Beautiful 35K w/Liisa Toward Work, Then Home Alone With A Flat 4K After We Split Up #GodFirst #GodIsSoGood #SoBlessed #LoveMyWife #SheIsTheBest #MyOneTrueLove #Adelaide #SouthAustralia #GiantBicycles #RideLife #LifeBehindBars #LivingTheDream #ShotsFromTheSaddle #ShutUpLegs #Strava #StravaPhoto #StravaCycling #StravaProveIt #Relive